Doug Ford making a "significant misstep" with COVID-19 flip-flopping, warns Nanos | TREND LINE 1

Doug Ford making a “significant misstep” with COVID-19 flip-flopping, warns Nanos | TREND LINE's Rachel Aiello and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discuss how flip-flopping pandemic rules from Ont. Premier Doug Ford undermines confidence in more than just the government of the day.

Also, with news that the federal government will help with the pandemic in Ontario, Nik explains why it might be a move that the Liberals won't let residents of the province forget.

Finally, Canada's first federal female finance minister tabled the 2021 budget. Nik weighs in on how some of the policies in the document could potentially affect federal politics for decades to come.

Hours after this podcast was recorded, Ford held his first press conference in days, admitting his government 'got it wrong.'

Watch it here:

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    1. @Shawn Dowdall I’ve tried that, and it’s futile. They will not let you in to get it and will threaten to call the cops.

    2. @Blowin Kk I guess we do different kinds of fishing. I just throw my canoe in the lake or bum fish off the shore. I also use spoons and crank baits. Maybe you can adapt somehow? Hope you figure something out, cheers.

  1. Can’t go visit family and friends at their house, but it’s ok to go into a complete strangers house to perform a maintenance service makes absolutely no sense at all

  2. A healthy happy society is a healthy happy society that thrives and grows, if you want to destroy a healthy happy society, bring pain and suffering, the health authorities with willing partners in the government are destroying lives, businesses, careers, mental health and physical health, ‘bravo for destroying lives to save lives!!!’…BRAVO!

  3. The active case count in Ontario dropped by 955 in today’s report, the sixth-highest single-day decline recorded for the entire pandemic. The April peak has almost certainly been passed, meaning Ford and company’s proclamations last week were entirely superfluous.

  4. I guess he should have stuck with his wrong position. Doug Ford isn’t going to resign, he is going to continue to be the premier through what will hopefully be the balance of this crisis. If changing his mind hurts him in the next election, he can leave knowing he did the right thing when he made a mistake.

  5. Ford is doing a great job. He has a hard job and has a lot of things to consider. It isn’t easy navigating your way around an unpredictable virus like covid-19 and it’s variant. He stays! The ingratitude coming from his critics right now is astonishing. Especially during this tough time. You want someone to blame? Blame the idiots breaking quarantine!!

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