1. 57% of eligible voters in Ontario did not vote in June, and of the 43% who did, many voted for this lazy, stupid, dull and ignorant lazy Con-servative politician.

  1. With that decision confirming the rule of law, now Ford can do the responsible and honorable thing: testify anyway to answer why Ottawa as completely ignored by regulations and actions taken under the Ontario’s State of Emergency that was already in effect, as used in Windsor. That point is directly related to the KEY Inquiry question of: were there existing laws and regulations that could have been used to clear Ottawa.

  2. But wait… it was Ford’s invocation of, and actions taken under, the Ontario Emergency Act that helped clear Windsor. Why Ford ignored Ottawa needs to be answered… as a directly related matter to the Inquiry into: were there existing laws that could have resolved the situation in Ottawa.

  3. Well, Ford is quite the backstabber. Had he of done his job the Act wouldn’t of been needed. He was the only Conservative politician I even liked.

  4. If it was a federal issue, then why did you, a provincial official, jump in and take a stand along side Trudeau? Now you hide.

  5. Basically, Ford excused himself for really doing nothing to relieve the siege endured by Ottawa residents and leaving it for the Ontario Provincial Police to sort out, while, at the same time, he invoked the “notwithstanding clause” of the Canadian Consitution to dictate a labour contract and criminalize any strike actions. He doesn’t mind over-stepping his provincial authority when it suits his desire to suppress human rights!

  6. This is federal…pretty sure I watched ottawa mayor and Windsor mayor speak so far….pretty sure they aren’t federal

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