1. Ford……THEY also worry about climate change and the serious consequences if politicians like yourself are incapable of creating jobs while reducing carbon emissions. Both are equally important.

    1. td603 td603 – really? If u are so convinced in what u are talking about, why u are hiding behind 🔢 and the letters 🔤… shame!!!

    2. Lol we must pay more taxes to solve the liberal climate change. Congrats you actually got likes for your comment

    3. Bianka K he’s a moron liberal they don’t want people to know who they really are. Can’t blame them

    4. @Shawn Marla Considering Dougie Fraud cut a whole bunch of govt departments and gave much less for the rest to work with, yet is still spending 5 billion a year more than the previous govt should tell you how bad his management skills are.

    1. @Shawn Marla Dougie Fraud cares about Dougie Fraud and his cronies. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!@

  2. People are worried about Doug and his cadre phoning them up in the middle of the night, and threatening them with death, gangster style, like he’s already been caught doing. Doug needs to resign.

    1. that was very scary, never have I ever heard of any politician phoning a citizen in the middle of the night, and say what he said…

  3. I worry about dean french and how you promised to be for the people but you engage in the exact same cronyism politics the liberals did. You’re a fraud sir.

  4. The Dean French scandal STINKS to high hell. The rich friends of the Fords and Frenches are getting richer while the little guy struggles to make it. This is what we voted for. People in glass houses should not throw stones.

  5. Last week Doug Ford. Was on TV saying Ontario has more jobs than we have people too fill them so how can you now say we are worried about unemployment. Jobs are there if you want them Unemployment in my area is zero.

    1. Wasent he referring to Alberta?

      He said that Ontario is booming too, idk knew to politics dont judge me

    2. O he is talking about Ontario. Doug Ford is having a very difficult time and making very poor decisions but I won’t go there. From day one he has hired people who are his friend , relatives or friends of friends. Trump has his entire family in thwhite house and that is called nepotism. Dominic LeBlanc apparently just is considering hiring a friend but should not go through with it. Welcome to the world of politics.

    1. He sounds nothing like our beloved Goofy.
      Please don’t insult Goofy, as Goofy has a hell of a lot more brains than Dougie Fraud.

  6. Wasn’t Dougie supposed to be hiding under a rock for the next 4 months, ordered by Scheer and the CPC? Not like he can show his face in Ontario without getting booed.

  7. Yes! Ontario NEEDS JOBS!!! And Joe Jobs General labor JOBS! Full time year round JOBS! (Stop tilting at windmills!)

  8. north korea . as if the only people with brains are the fords to run this city . its smth you only get to see in 3rd world countries when an entire familly gets to run the same city over and over .

  9. Hey people of Alberta, keep him! Alberta was destroyed by low oil prices and 40 years of doubling down on oil and not diversifying their economy b/c conservative governments sold Albertans out to big oil: Oil’s Deep State; How the Petroleum Industry Undermines Democracy and Stops Action on Global Warming — in Alberta, and in Ottawa, by Kevin Taft.

  10. People of Ontario are concerned about the corruption in our government. Looks like Drug Ford still has something to hide.

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