Doug Ford: Stephen Lecce has done a ‘stellar job’ as education minister


  1. Reminds me of Bush telling the Homeland Security chief he did “a hell of a job” with Hurricane Katrina. Where’s the “Mission Accomplished” banner Doug? Hahahaha. Hopefully they and government lawyers learn a lesson in democracy.

  2. Him working around the clock and yielding such bad results shows that he is in fact, incompetent, Working long hours doesn’t prove that you are capable,

  3. Yes, we know these kids need to be in school! How much time and money did Lecce waste by fighting to stop these workers from striking instead of continuing negotiations?

  4. Really impressive Dougie could say this with a straight face and not laughing. Not sure if Dougie actually believes this, or if he is just the world’s greatest liar.

  5. With my rich partner who only went to private school, and with myself never having completed a college degree, we know what’s best for our education system 😂

    1. Eww, plenty of intelligent folk never go to post-secondary, many billionaires are drop outs. Post-secondary CAN be massively influential, but plenty of folks come out with 0 real world experience.

  6. Give QP workers a fair raise. Not the Astronomical 10% you gave yourselves, but a fair decent wage. Doug Ford in Steven leches ignorant behaviour will be the downfall of both of them.

  7. You guys are just too darn scared of how the unions came together, you can never stand alone if you want meaningful change from a dictatorship government.

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