Doug Ford to young people: Stop partying, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over

'You're hurting people': Ont. Premier Doug Ford warned young people in the province to stop going to parties amid a uptick in COVID-19 cases.

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  1. Making masks mandatory 4 months into a pandemic? Let’s not forget Theresa Tam on January 26th, β€œThe risk to Canadians is very low.”

    1. Richard Finch so information cant change. we know more about this now. facts change and the reactions must change too

    2. Oleg Gagarin no she has been working with infectious disease control in Canada for decades. She was a part of the team fro the Ebola and SARS outbreak. She is an expert. This virus is new and as research has been on going more is learned each day about it. We now know that there are benefits to wearing masks. They protect everyone from getting the virus when social distancing is impossible. They are not perfect but have some protection.

    3. SARS-Coronavirus was made by bio-engineers in the lab. Nature did not start this, the NWO did.

  2. Very soon Canada will see age profiling against 40 and under as high risk customers. Full PPE and temperature scans required.

  3. Bars, lcbo and beerstores are considered essential…. now you tell the younger citizens to stop partying!

  4. He should’ve also added “If you come to party, we’ll come over here to fire it up—with flamethrowers”

    1. I use a flamethrower to light my reefers! Beers all day, another dead soldier…when is this tyranny going to end?

    1. @- if you are that scared YOU should live on the island alone. Although im not gonna lie that sounds awesome.

  5. CORVID photo opportunity with construction tractors in the background.
    Welcome to Ontario Hollywood.
    The Doug Fraud show!

  6. Walking through a mine field while being sniped at . You are venerable to this invisible enemy .

    1. There is virus on the FOOD at Loblaws, they have armed police making sure you are in a space suit, then the cashiers must sanitize the rubber runway top and bottom completely between every single customer. And they call ME crazy!!!

  7. the more young ppl party and spread covid the faster we get rid of all the old dinos that have steered the working class to the slaughter.

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