Doug Ford went to his cottage despite urging residents to stay away from seasonal homes

Ontario Premier Doug Ford explains he visited his seasonal home despite spending weeks urging others not to head to cottage country.

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  1. Yet no one questions blackface like that…even though Doug ford shouldn’t preach and then do the opposite

    1. His own admission was to check on the property. I.e, theft or damage. Trudeau went for a playtime visit with his wife and kids.

    2. @Damon Tsekos never will, because Trudeau keeps being a hypocrite on all fronts, and when caught in action he always shifts blame to Canadians.

    3. @Damon Tsekos it was never used you pathetic liberal apologist… How many of Trudeau’s handouts do you qualify for?

  2. Yet Trudeau does the same thing and where is the comparison, instead we have a news report that singles him out. And Trudeau stayed with his family. What a sad news report. Ford was checking on his interests for safety, not going to relax like the prime minister did.

    1. Let’s not forget fludeau’s cottage getting 18.5 million in renovations, courtesy of the tax payers.

  3. He was there for a few hours to check plumbing issues that could have cost thousands in repairs.
    Trudeau went to his cottage for EASTER and crossed a provincial border blockade to do so.

  4. I don’t have a problem with that , he answered the question without lying and went back home and did this alone .

  5. What criticisms?
    He DROVE by himself to a cottage.
    Where is the risk in contracting or spreading Covid?

    1. U make a fair point, however he signed up to be what… a “LEADER”. . “LEADERS” lead by example. This reporting is petty, but the dude signed up for the job as a leader.. U can’t expect the public to be happy when the dude slashed long term care funding only to have Covid wipe out a community of folks that he was entrusted to protect, then have him disrespect is own orders.

      As for Trudeau.. cause I know he is gonna be in your response.. He is a corrupt ineffective leader, but has at least been better than our Southern Neighbours leader who instructed to inject disinfectant, but wasn’t willing to do the same. Being a human atm is bizarre, and it’s showing that humans are dysfunctional messes despite how we tell ourselves we are ‘NOT” animals & are more evolved. Current times suggest humans are not more evolved. LOL

  6. And no body asks old two faced do as I say not as I do Trudeau
    This should be the liberal official policy. Do as we say not as we do. We are just so much smarter than you.

  7. Kudos to Ford for answering all questions, including this stupid one from this instigator.

  8. Dont sweat it doug. Keep up the great job. OH While you’re resting get our guns back and run for PM.

  9. What? You didn’t even make yourself
    a coffee? Up and back in a few hours.
    Credits to you. Hope we can do the
    Same. If I ever have a cabin or cottage.
    I can’t even afford rent let alone a house.
    Must be nice . We can always dream.

  10. he went for an hour to check on his cottage to make sure it was ok after winter? Karen plz

  11. Couldn’t care less when Trudeau did it, don’t care when Ford does it. Just quit being so dramatic and get back into parliament to do your job.

  12. Cynthia Mulligan is a die-hard anti-Ford reporter. Look back at her interviews. I know hard hitting journalism is important but she always goes to the lowest common denominator.

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