1. Pierre p only for pm simple .. ndp needs to get smart and let’s hold an election federal

    1. Nope, I voted for Ford and will vote for Trudeau in the next federal election, he won because he is a MODERATE Conservative.

  2. He won because there is no one else to vote for I don’t care for Doug Ford either so the question is who do you vote for

    1. I’m almost 40, voted in every federal and provincial election since I was 18, except this provincial election and last federal election. Canadian government on all levels is corrupt beyond repair, we need to abolish/destroy the government. There is no vote that can fix the problems we face now

  3. What I think I’m hearing is that the voter is willing to believe a politician as long as he holds out some kind of hope a future so to speak. The politician is not held accountable in the public’s eye, period! I think this is sad and shows the voter’s culpability.

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