Doug Ford’s ‘cautious plan’ will see COVID-19 restrictions lifted for those who are vaccinated

Premier Doug Ford says Ontario's reopening strategy is a 'cautious plan' allowing them to monitor its impacts on the province.

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    1. @William Bell and SK. the science denying west are in lockdowns while eastern canada is wide open due to our high vax rates

  1. I can’t believe we had to go through COVID…I hope all of you guys stay safe and hope you have the best year ever!

    1. I like how you derive pleasure from the deaths of other human beings. It speaks wonders about your psyche. :]

  2. And if they have had STDs the number of citizenship, and whether or not they are a Canadian citizen or something else

    1. @Jumbo Me The experts got the science and numbers wrong ( on purpose ) …example …from manufacture ,,,vax does not stop transmission …from manufacture drops below 50% (m coin flip ) after six months

    2. @Jumbo Me Hi troll! still spewing your condescension and mockery? divide and conquer?
      Nice try but we got you spotted.

    1. @Jumbo Me Shame you don’t do your home work …you would know vax does not stop transmission .and you sound silly

    2. @Daniel Arcadia lol says the anti vaxer who has been shunned from society, Ill be at The keg tonight while you cry on YouTube all night lol

    1. You do know 2 Weeks to flatten the curve would only work if everyone wore masks and socially distanced right?

    2. @vwgames49 If the terms for “returning to normalcy” is to have every single person in the province mask and socially distance, we will never return to normal. You realize they’re setting impossible standards, right?

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