1. @vinceklortho Constitutional rights were stepped on in both cases so for me I don’t see a difference but you might be one of those that thinks governments can pick and choose when rights are to be respected.

    1. @Snowpiercer Ah I see, thanks for clarifying. But in this case, the unions are sticking together because of Ford’s use of the NWS clause. Unfortunately yes, parents and children are most affected by this. But imo this is on the Ford government, as his flippant use of the NWS clause has forced the unions to do this. The ball is in Ford’s court right now

    2. @Snowpiercer You get certified teachers who specialize in dealing with autistic children with a proper salary. Right now schools are so desperate, they are forced to hire anyone with college experience. Educators have a bachelor degree in education. However if you pay someone less than minimum wage, you’re not getting the cream of the crop. (I say less than minimum wage since teachers work on grading, preps and projects on their own time… and yes even through the summer).
      Paying them a max of 35 – 65k a year to be “on call” 27/7 is unreasonable and leads to burnouts. But that’s just my opinion seeing what my wife goes through.

    3. @Jake Bond exactly, they are also teachers aids who work with autistic children. Due to some autistic behaviors, most teachers aids are assaulted more than police officers.

    1. @Todd Pick What a hateful person you must be to blatantly disregard peoples feelings by highlighting the truth.

    2. @Todd Pick
      Apparently there’s been enough cuts that you failed basic spelling and comprehension in school. Voted for these crooks didn’t you?

    3. How can test scores have fallen? He wasted all of those billions of tax payers dollars trying to force kids into online learning BEFORE the pandemic. You mean online learning doesn’t work? 😂 🤣

    4. @Todd Pick It doesn’t matter what’s real and what isn’t in their world, they just say it and it becomes reality to them, just like how they think there are 72 genders etc.

  1. 131 days is also the amount of days Parliament had sittings this year.
    I bet Ford’s annual pay increases, pension and benefit package and that that of his cabinet… and all of the Federal gov’t as well is way better than CUPE workers. Lets cut their salaries, yearly pay increases, and change their defined benefits package

    1. It’s so unbalanced it’s not even fathomable. Politicians vote on their own compensation levels. Apparently politicians aren’t able to grasp the concept of “conflict of interest”.

    1. @Todd Pick they got $39 a month last year. Their pensions they pay half, their sick days are 11 paid, the rest is short term disability which they also pay into, you forgot the 4 years they got 0% what were the inflation rates then?

    2. @CarlJack LMFAO any private sector worker getting an indexed pension? no…huh. any private sector worker get 11 paid sick days per year? no…huh! Its almost like monetizing valuation on those things puts their direct compensation well above private sector equivalency and MORE than covers inflationary hikes to COL DERP!!!! Take your sub 70 IQ CUPE talking points and shove em.

    3. @Todd Pick if you’re not happy with your job then that’s your problem. That indexed pension you mentioned…you realize that educational support staff pay into that..right? And yes there are many private sector jobs that pay well and give their employees a great benefit package. You don’t work for one of those companies then become a custodian or EA there are many vacancies. No one is stopping you. And since your IQ is 71 you will excel.

    4. @CarlJack If you want more money get another job…see how this works lmfao…Ya you realize ME the TAXPAYER matches it and its INDEXED no one else gets that you muppet lol.

      Name a single private sector job that has a matching indexed pension and pays 1/3 more than market wage for labour…I challenge you to do that lol..

      I agree that having a Sub 70 IQ like yours makes you perfect to sweep a floor or babysit a kid but that doesnt denote well for them actually needing that massive pay increase lmfao!! WOOOOOO!

    5. ​@Todd Pick we’ve lost 11% in total wages over the last 10 years and with inflation at 7% an offer of 1.5/2.5 is a joke.

  2. The fact that this is even possible in Canada is scary. They need to repeal the ability for governments to take away ppls rights on a whim.

    1. @brain food tv It can’t be repealed, the not withstanding clause was put in so that Quebec would join the other provinces in forming what would become Canada. The not withstanding clause was initially intended so Quebec could opt out of putting up English signage. Quebec would never allow for that to happen

    2. @Dave Smith The fact that this is even possible in Canada is scary. They need to repeal the ability for unions to to hurt kids on purpose and mercilessly on a whim.

    3. @Phoenix Hinds Ya I agree 100%. No question about that. If I was in states Id be in jail about 100 times already. Cops are super chill and rightly so. Im a great person now with no addictions. Now if I was in Merica, Id be fucked up and a recidivist.

    1. Being a teacher isn’t a “get rich quick” industry…too many morons under the umbrella of the union who ABUSE CHILDREN supporting pedophiles and trafficking… If you hate your job obviously you’re in the wrong industry…go flip burgers for a while then you can complain.

    1. @Snowpiercer I’ll take a crack at it. I assume that @Todd Pick was trying to say that the union has a monopoly on their services which is….untrue? I’m not really sure what your trying to say here but there’s plenty of custodians and ECEs that work outside of the school board. I don’t really understand how that has anything to do with CUPE’s right to strike.

    2. @Thomas George So then why did my son’s school….who has no CUPE members announce they would go to online learning in support of the CUPE strike? BTW, there is about a dozen schools in my area with no CUPE members that’s announced the same. What does the CUPE strike have to do with the teachers union if certain schools are unaffected by CUPEs strike actions? The union may not have a monopoly but it appears they still have influence on schools outside of their jurisdiction through the teachers union. And we wonder why Ford threatened fines of illegal strike actions. It may not be an illegal strike action, per day but it’s definitely treading the line. Could it be the teachers union is looking to strengthen any future strike positions of their own by aligning with CUPE? Sure seems like a possibility to me. Pretty sure those kind of backdoor deals cross lines of legality

    3. @Rob – but if they strike in the summer when no one notices, it’s an empty strike and once again their only bargaining power is meaningless. A strike is a peaceful protest. The whole purpose of a strike is to cause disruption, it’s supposed to suck for everyone involved and force the employer to come back to the table and bargain reasonably. Like what is (hopefully) happening now.

  3. “Yeah, we might be underpaying CUPE members, but if we give them what they’re worth, we might also have to pay teachers, garbage collectors, and nurses what they’re worth!” – Doug Ford 2022

    1. Sorry but healthcare workers (non nurses) make the same or less than CUPE members and they’re not allowed to strike. And they actually worked the last 2 years…..

    2. @Caitlin Brown if you where following the nurses Cupe is standing with the strikers… so is every other union in ontario… its why Ford is back tracking, he tried being a bully, only the whole school yard stood up to him.

    3. @Todd Pick you realize CUPE supports healthcare workers as well. In Ontario CUPE covers more healthcare workers than they do education workers( nearly twice as much) and they were all in solitary with the education workers. Because an injustice to workers anywhere, is and injustice to workers EVERYWHERE

    4. as if any public sector employees in an y province are underpaid. We need to slash non frontline employees in healthcare and education. Many useless positions that have mushroomed the last 20 years. Unions peddle frontline workers to the front every time negotiations have to take place in order to protect the throngs of parasites who do nothing.

      p.s. the pandemic was a 2 year paid, unaccountable vacations for many of these educator parasites.

    1. @mckricks1 I mean you don’t bother me, I’ll allow you to keep responding here, feel free to reply again, I won’t listen though, haha.

    2. Maybe the teachers should do the same? I mean… They are always saying they are striking for the children and yet the major sticking point in negotiations is always pay increases and benefits

  4. Take back the strike we saw coming and we’ll take back the legislation we passed that would never hold up in court about making it illegal for you to strike. 2022 what a time to be alive

    1. Unfortunatly the Notwithstanding Clause would stand up in Court but with other Unions supporting the school workers democracy prevailed.

  5. he speaks like a Dad does in front of his kids when he comes home with a new boat and no plans on how his kids are going through college.

  6. This is so embarrassing. He can’t say that he has always supported workers rights to collective bargaining AND criticize their strike action. The right to strike is the only piece of the collective bargaining process that offers unions any sort of bargaining power. Without it, worker’s rights to collective bargaining are meaningless.

    1. Of course he can. The same way he can say he’s for keeping kids in class even though just before the pandemic he tried to force them into earning 1/4 of their credits online.

    2. @Thomas George Firefighters don’t strike, yet still achieve updates/changes to their collective agreements. Sure they may get behind by a year or two but it gets done. For example.

    3. @ECO DALFIN You’re correct, but firefighters and other essential unionized workplaces have other processes than those that are available to CUPE. When there’s a debate over a term in a new collective agreement, it goes to arbitration. The arbitrator hears both the union and managements arguments, then rules on what the term should be. That option doesn’t exist for CUPE because they don’t qualify as essential workers. So, while you’re right about firefighters options, CUPE’s only bargaining chip (as it is with ALL non-essential worker unions in this country) is the ability to strike. Hope that explains it a bit more.

  7. “If only CUPE would stop striking and take our offer, Just think of the students!”
    Yeah forgot about the underpaid teachers just go back to teaching the students would ya?

    1. “A person working as an Elementary School Teacher in Ontario typically earns around 96,500 CAD per year. Salaries range from 50,200 CAD (lowest) to 148,000 CAD (highest).” For nine to ten months work. How exactly is that underpaid? That’s as much as firefighters, who work a 42hr work week, twelve months of the year not to mention the inherent risks and health impacts associated with shift work…
      Don’t know if you have kids but I’m not impressed by the willingness of teachers to use our children as hostages/bargaining chips.
      Just my opinion

  8. He should be in jail for this gross abuse of power entrusted to him. Imagine thinking he can abuse his power to take away people’s rights. Someone like this is UNFIT TO LEAD.

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