Dow Drops 800 At Open, Extending Worst Week Since Financial Crisis | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Dow Drops 800 At Open, Extending Worst Week Since Financial Crisis | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


The stock market cratered again on Friday, marking the seventh day of a massive sell-off sparked by rising fears about the coronavirus epidemic. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged by 800 points at the opening bell, with the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq each falling by 3 percent. Aired on 2/28/20.
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Dow Drops 800 At Open, Extending Worst Week Since Financial Crisis | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

81 Comments on "Dow Drops 800 At Open, Extending Worst Week Since Financial Crisis | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. Not gonna tax cut our way out of this one. Good thing we have leadership that understands the complexities of these things…Oh wait.

  2. surely you joke, mein failüre | February 28, 2020 at 10:37 AM | Reply

    Well, for sure it doesn’t help when that Mango Mussolini tries to say it’s no big deal, nothing to worry about, then puts an anti-science nutball in charge of virus response. Jeez. That’s like putting the Amish in charge of NASA.

  3. Why do Republicans always tank the stock market in their last year as President?

    • @NDFOOTBALL because Notre Dame sucks

    • Mark McPherson | February 28, 2020 at 5:38 PM | Reply

      There are 2 well known inverse strategies for market swings, if the swings are deep enough, & you accept the risk. ” Pump & Dump”, & the inverse, Dump & pump. This is the latter. The decoy is that all of this is reaction to global just in time manufacturing shortfalls, fears, & real losses in transportation, retail, hotels, cruise & travel industry. Even without this event, The real, longterm consideration, following South Carolina Kluster Phugg on the Stage, is there may actually be a confirmed Socialist / Communist stooge pushed forward for trueley ignorant Leftist voters to consider for the Presidentail election in November. Wall Street are the high priests of Capitalism, & they want Marxist Goof to run the country into the ground? Take profits While ye can lad. While ye can.

    • The Toasted Hippies | February 28, 2020 at 6:18 PM | Reply

      @El Jay “Obama did nothing as president except divide the nation” Just the same as you.

    • The Toasted Hippies | February 28, 2020 at 6:20 PM | Reply

      @Shawn Corbin “Shhh, these shills won’t accept the TRUTH.” Neither will you.

    • The Toasted Hippies | February 28, 2020 at 6:24 PM | Reply

      @some guy “there is literally not enough gold on the planet to equal the u.s. currency in circulation” Besides, there is no practical use for gold that would explain it’s value. It’s value comes because people like shiny things.

  4. Wow… Rich people are having a bad week of making loads of money!

    • Wisconsin Farmer | February 28, 2020 at 10:46 AM | Reply

      They were already tipped off and prepared.

    • Hope there see how we poor people feel when there stealing from me (us)

    • you KNOW Trimp is a puppet to the jews and putine . . why else are all the cuts made in Government causing harm to Americans and strengthen “is real” and russia, among other Fascist states around the planet?? (please stop conflating jews and Jewish(Hebrew) people, they are different peoples !!)

  5. Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones | February 28, 2020 at 10:41 AM | Reply

    Just another bankruptcy on Trump’s list.

    • @Tod Naples also let’s be honest here. This is a Republican administration. A lot of these people dont care about the value of science until it hits them in the face. If trump gets reelected we will be saying the same thing if there ends up being some weather catastrophe.

    • @Vincent S Dude there have been weather catastrophes since the beginning of humanity. But i’m going to stop talking about these depressing topics, and go enjoy the day while I still can. I shall pray for your health. Peace.

    • @Tod Naples science is science. Whether its studying disease or weather. You pick and choose which you care about, that’s called cognitive dissonance.

    • As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crisis from President DT (lisa Simpson) what funny is that their going to be women vice president candidate

    • El Jay wow. You are really out there defending trump in every comment thread. Are you a bot, or just a loser?

  6. haven’t had a republican crash the stock market this bad since the last republican crashed the stock market

    • @New Blue 2 and communists are better at that?

    • @Tod Naples i wasnt a fan of.obama but at least he had qualified people working for him. Trump hires the best people.but then they become never trumperz to.him when they go against his stupid ideas. He has so many positions in the white housethat are yet to be filled or.filled with interim staffers. When you dont have a complete team it makes it hard to react to emergencies such as this. Makes sense?

    • @New Blue 2 Obama destroyed the economy and Trump was helping it but then the coronavirus just stomped on that work hard

    • @El Jay you mean #TRUMPVIRUS

    • The Toasted Hippies | February 28, 2020 at 6:28 PM | Reply

      @El Jay” rump created a greatest economy the world has ever seen and lowest unemployment rate the US has ever seen.” No, he didn’t.

  7. Trump: My Sharpie will fix the stock market.🙄.. 😁😂

  8. Anything to hurt that MUTT just like you did to hurt OBAMA? ANYTHING, ANYTHING TO HURT THAT RADIATION COLORED MUTT! ANTHING?

  9. The 1% are going to buy all of this up.. ride the wave.

  10. wait I thought this was the best economy EVER!!!! lmfao!!!

    • @Lucky Dog That’s where the big benifts at baby, accidentally walked in to D.H.S and told them i was poor and they gave me $ 200 a month as long as I stay poor! Ohhhh! Those wonderful benifts and help with lights, rent, food, medical, transportation, drive with no insurance long as you dont get pulled over! THOSE WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL LOVELY BENIFTS? I WOULDN’T TRADE PLACES WITH A PERSON MAKING $100,K A YEAR after tax 60,00 then you could be out of a job at any time! Oohhhh those WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL FREE, FREE,…FREE, FREE,, .. FREE FREE BENIFITS AND THEY FREE

    • @Memphis Tn lol

    • So you find it funny that a deadly infection is disrupting the economy? You’re ridiculing Trump’s economy at the expense of those who died from an infection?

  11. MAGA? LMAO

    • Christopher Fair | February 28, 2020 at 10:58 PM | Reply


    • Big Al Are you happy about thousands of Kurdish deaths caused by Trumps Middle East withdraw?

    • @Owen Hope huh? That’s your best talking point? Democrats weaponizing a worldwide infection to blame Trump and his economy. Explain to the masses how Trump is responsible for an infection that started in CHINA.

      You’d ridicule Trump’s economy but would vote to put a socialist in the White House. That’s how stupid the Left has become. You think a progressive or socialist can do a better job with the economy than Trump? LMAO 😂😂😂😂

    • @Owen Hope ……………suddenly you’re silent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Big Al I don’t want Bernie as president. That’s where you’re wrong

  12. The market is corrupt, it is run by AI algorithms. What goes up feeds on each other, what goes down follows each other. When it was up, it made lots of paper money. Had nothing to do with building a company.

  13. Trump: We have the Greatest Economy.
    Virus: Hold my corona.

    • @Walt Schmidt yep, that is because the Obama recovery was nice slow and gentle…some other things trump has that Obama did not have….Trump has a lower GDP, trump has created less jobs, trump wiped out all gains for 2018, and he has already lost all gains for this year so far 😉 WAY TO GO TRUMP…BIG WINS IN THE LOSER DEPT

    • @Dale Hartley WRONG as USUAL.

    • El Jay it’s okay, little guy… you’ll get to tell a joke one day.

    • David Smith you’re totally right. All those folks are pretend dead. Man, you’re good.

  14. Fell from the wall, all the King’s horses and all the king’s men…

  15. Ah. Trump’s gonna get his rate cuts again.

  16. Gotta sell my stocks so I can afford a Coronavirus test:(

  17. Where’s your stock market gone Donald you were quick enough to claim the record highs how are you gonna sort this mighty mouth

    • The Toasted Hippies | February 28, 2020 at 6:16 PM | Reply

      @Cute Little Suzie “TDS has your rationale thinking going a bit amok moron.” Yours, too, commie!

    • Obama inherited an economic depression from a Republican president & dealt with ebola too but he managed to bring the market up. On the other hand, Trump can’t keep the growing economy the way it was handed down to him by Obama. What a loser!

    • Could you imagine what America would be like if Trump were to inherit Bush’s economic depression?

      That’s the reason why they always elect the Democratic president after 8 years. The Republicans in Congress know they need someone to clean up their mess. America cannot stand 10 years of a Republican as president, let alone 12.

      If Trump were to be president for life like he wanted, we did not have to think of a way to get rid of him, his supporters would burn him alive for us, literally.

      If they’re capable of murdering their father or drive a car through the crowd, they are capable of the most heinous thing you could think of. Trump is quite lucky.

    • jade Facts. Hoover came after Coolidge, a staunchly conservative economist, and the economy instantly plunged. FDR, a Democrat, saved us. It’s a trend

  18. oh, and by the way, people are going to get sick and die.

  19. BREAKING NEWS: the rich are not as rich as they were last week. Must be time for another tax cut to help them out.

  20. tRump inherited a very healthy economy from Obama and he will leave a disastrous situation to his successor. Who is surprised ?

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