‘Downing Of A Flag’ Looks At The History Of The Confederate Flag In S.C.

'Downing Of A Flag' Looks At The History Of The Confederate Flag In S.C. 1


    1. @Brian Jones and they would NOT stand with you,, did you see them helping trump and his little coup? NO

    2. @Brian Jones Apparently Brian wants to be the next Ashley Babbitt. Oh well… their are less and less of you people each day .. be like your hero and go out and get your shot 😉

  1. I’m a Southern boy who had family who fought on both sides, but mainly the South’s and it was there that my family lost many souls. That said, the lost cause was always a lost cause and, in my view, should never have happened at all. Sure, I appreciate the valor of my family, but I appreciate that valor on both sides. Today, I’m totally American and want to include in my family ALL Americans as “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” I quote those words proudly and expect ALL other Americans to do likewise, as well.

    1. @Brian Jones Maryland never left the union, sport. How about those other 4 states I mentioned. Your a clown, little boy.

    2. @opal barbour No matter how you look at it…The USA Government ran by rich white Men, has never been kind to the people…It does not matter if you Native American, Female, Irish, Oriental, Middle Eastern, Mexican, or any other Nationality, but white, you were treated bad…..You could be from UK, Russia, Netherlands, or Dutch, as long as you are a white male….you fit the only criteria, of the privileged…in the USA….It has been a battle for all, to change the future of USA, for ALL THE PEOPLE…IN CONGRESS TODAY, THERE WAS THREE MAIN VOTES TAKEN..1. FOR THE PEOPLES ACT [ TO CHANGE STATE VOTING LAWS TO BE GOVERNED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ] 2. INFRASTRUCTURE BILL 1.5 [ PASSED BY SENATE, BIPARTISAN ] 3. BUDGET RECONCILIATION BILL3.5 . [ A Bill for children [ child care, schooling to start at 3 years ] two years college free..Child tax Credit Monthly..Expanded Health CARE, ON MEDICARE. CLIMATE CHANGE..Affordable Housing….Everything the young, middle and seniors need…It takes the burden from the people and put it on the Government…God Bless President Biden…..RIH/DJT

  2. 0:21 “to even comprehend what he did was evil” while sitting in front of a car with a rebel flag on the roof named “General Lee”

    1. @Brian Jones That’s because you’re as bright as a bag of hammers, and morally bankrupt…Enslaving another race as “inferior” is texted book racism…And that you fly the traitor flag shows all >loyal< Americans what you're about...

    2. @INCARNATE You’re the only one that seems to think that slavery was right. And losing by attrition takes time. You’re telling me that all those ‘better’ generals couldn’t come up with some way to turn things around? They seem like losers to me.

    3. @Brian Jones brotha my great great grandfather literally was a Confederate soldier. Let’s be realistic, the flag is a symbol of white pride. I’m a former racist myself. We dont like the thought of being controlled and told we cant fly the flag and do it bc we can

    4. @Brian Jones Even with that they lost because they had less resources than the Union did. The saying ‘An army marches on its stomach’ is more than just a saying.

  3. confederate flags, nazi flags and trump flags are the reason critical race theory needs to be taught in schools…

    1. @Nunya Business it’s been proven. People know where to find it. You’re stuck on that democrat plantation. No wonder you talk Rubbish online.

    2. @wily wascal Noble effort. Alas, far more reading effort then the pea brained Con Trolls on here will go to the trouble to read. They get their CRT talking points from Foxspews, Spewsmax and QAN talking heads. The “Do you own research” types among them who claim they don’t watch those official propaganda sources repost MEMEs made from those very “news” channels stories as their research.

    1. BIG0T. Democrats created the confederate. You’re a part of the problem. Americans should Make you illegal for hiding the truth.

    2. @UCRS6wxt5tGdw6BW_mp52w0A you can own them. Just make them illegal to produce or sell commercially.

    1. I see the Confederate battle flag as the flag for the south. I do not have a problem with any race of people. But I will always fly my flag. If someone does not like it they can look the other way the same thing I do when I see something I do not like.

  4. I’m not going to lie….
    When I see someone with this flag on a t-shirt, hat, truck or house; I immediately become scared of them and their possible beliefs and thoughts of my son’s and me.

    1. Why be afraid? Fight back with words, not violence. Ask these flagbearers what it really means to them and why. Just a suggestion.

  5. I remember how blown away I was when I learned that US Army bases have Confederate General’s names. Ridiculous.

    1. All of you tools pushing back on his comment……like wtf are you getting at?! You think confederates should still be represented and honored in the USA Today?!! What’s your point??! It’s wrong, it’s disgusting and all of your evil old ways are going down with it. Y’all sound like clowns 🤡 but hey you do you lol

    2. @Christopher Sanzo democrats created the confederate. We WILL NOT FORGET. Why you trying to HIDE the DEMOCRATS past? TOO PUSH MARXIST IDEAS. That’s why. Americans know this. BIG0T

    1. Ohhhhh, we have a CAPS locker. I just love it when a caps locker gets involved in the conversation 🍿😀🍿😀🍿

  6. Val Demings is working to end the filibuster and she’s a Goddess I hope she wins the senate Florida. Please abolish the electoral college.

  7. Southerner: “NOOOO you can’t destroy confederates monuments! Its part of our heritage”
    Me: “destroying the traitorous confederacy is part of my heritage”

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