1. The pandemic changed the world. It’s not like we can just forget it happened. The “Post-pandemic” world will not be the same as the world we knew in 2019.

    1. I live in a major US city and life is completely normal. I was even able to budget so well that I worked myself out of over $15k in debt during the shutdowns. Oddly, the shutdowns nearly worked in my favor even though my income was nearly cut in half.

  2. I’ve seen “hypocrisy” used so many times to describe how government officials act, I was pretty sure this word appeared in the constitution.

  3. I’m over 60. I have to work but my job options are limited due to my age. The job I have pays $9 per hour. It’s extremely hard to meet my expenses soI I thank God there are politicians who want to help their constituents esp during times of pandemics. The student loan postponement has been a Godsend. Today I get my 2nd covid booster shot. Thank God for Medicare. .

    1. @Jeanne 54 There are PLENTY of people with student loans over 60. The fact is the situation is far more complicated than presented here. It seems to me this boom in employment does not extend to professionals like librarians and adjunct professors who aren’t paid well and are even asked to work for nothing. See the New York Times article about this phenomena.

    2. @hopndon
      give the man credit he’s re-educating himself, he’s not sitting around doing fall.
      Iwas gonna say wasting away in margaritas, he’s probably btdt,
      He’s got gran-kids,??
      who the hell am I on about, ??

  4. I was a lifelong Republican, but I had no choice but to leave and change my registration to independent…my party had moved to far in the wrong direction for me.

    1. @JeepDan777 I was a Democrat until I was 40. Ilived in San Francisco and believed with good intentions everyone would come around… The first and last vote I cast was for Obama… I grew up and learned my lesson…🇺🇸

    2. @william H. I was GOP and now Dem. I want to vote in the primaries. I love democracy and am therefore against fascism. Hate to see the direction GOP has gone

  5. The American Enterprise Institute, is a right leaning (Not non-partisan or centrist) Washington think tank.

    1. Yup. He doesn’t care. “Rich” people can pay. They wouldn’t be “rich” if they were in debt. Like how tf is this group claiming people are rich when they are supposedly in debt? Debt is a MAJOR weight on a person’s wealth placement. Her claims literally make no sense.

  6. Apples and oranges my man, you are comparing 2 different things. Its intelligent dishonesty to sit and call ppl names, even if it is “hypocrite”. You sir have been one on multiple occasions in past months

  7. What about the poor people who owe? As soon as something helps poor people, everyone shouts, but it might help rich people too! Then the policy is scrapped and the poor are left out in the rain.

    1. Yeah I coldknt follow her argument as the entire reason for the pause in payments is becaus those who actually can’t afford the loans like the baristas are upside down in it! And THAT is the majority of the loan holders!

    2. Means testing doesn’t work yet politicians around the world keep using it. Programs are better when universal. Also less costly and help the economy grow in the end

  8. Certainly one could logically and consistently argue both:
    1. the economic impacts of the pandemic are longer-lasting (i.e. the lagging effect of employment interrupted during the height of the pandemic), warranting continued loan forgiveness, and
    2. the infection concern is now much less, warranting easing of border restrictions

    1. @Bill Lawton Watch TYT. The Young Turks. Real investigative reporting that calls out both parties.

    2. Why do you think, with only about half the nation vaccinated, and a new variant with more immune escape, that infection is less of a concern? Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.

    3. @Kaye Zbiciak I’ve been following politics for decades.
      I don’t need to watch anyone else to understand what is going on.

  9. Where did covid and all of these variants of concern come from? Outside the United States…we should be doing more to screen everyone when they want to come in.

  10. The continued forbearance student loan payments is 100% consistent with its purpose of relieving the economic pressures of the pandemic, and the now ongoing war of Russian aggression which was also listed as a reason for the continuation of the forbearance… this both sudsing of these issues is inconsistent with the actual reasons, and this reporting is very misleading. The pandemic is under control and we now have vaccines and treatment methods, so the use of title 42 is no longer necessary to prevent asylum seekers from seeking that asylum. But the economic effects are still ongoing with high inflation, and rising gas prices and medical expenses. Therefore the economic relief actually makes sense while loosening border restrictions also makes sense… Smirconish is wrong on this.

  11. This is not a “give away”. It’s a PAUSE. These borrowers, will be paying back their loans. Just a few months later. This is skewing the news.

    1. Thanks to the goverment giving out loans to anyone who wants one. Why wouldn’t they increase price?

  12. This seems extremely disingenuous. I agree that there should be a limit on loan forgiveness designed to help those who need it while still maintaining a financial responsibility on those who have higher loan balances and higher earning potential.

    That said- I am 40, in school again getting a 2 year degree from a community college. I don’t have any loans but my 2 year community college degree will end up costing me more than $15,000 – so, no, it isn’t just doctors and lawyers who have more than $10k in loans. Saying otherwise makes you look out of touch or like you’re intentionally manipulating the conversation.

    1. I agree, 10K is nothing with the cost of higher education. Kudos to you for going back to school👏

  13. Yeah this is some BS! I have a master’s Of science degree in mental health counseling, and I have debt of $115,000 dollars. My salary per year right now is $40,000. I am barely making enough money as a single mother to pay rent and car payment and every other thing that we need to live. This is ridiculous!

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