1. Ridiculous! Buildings like that need in-suite sprinklers and the attic design should be retrofitted with adequate fire walls.

  2. These cheaply made wooden frame buildings are a ticking time bomb why wasnโ€™t it made with steel reinforced poured concrete?

    1. @Rupert Periwinkle in Canada, you will pay 1 million dollar minimum for a home within Toronto and it will be comparable to a used beat up 1998 Honda civic.

    2. @Rupert Periwinkle you must be rich now. Bought a home in toronto last year for 850k. Got scammed by real estate agents because we paid 60k over price.

    3. @Hoodman educator Not rich. Still live in the house. That sucks – how’d that happen?

  3. Problems with townhouses and semi detached is that if something happens in one house, it will spread to the next one and the next one. Be careful. Sending prayers out to everyone. Stay strong

    1. Not so much in newer townhomes. Not everyone xan afford detached homes, esp now with $1M+ pricetags.

    2. @Rupert Periwinkle the concern here is not the price tag but the safety. All homes regardless of the price and size must have safety features that can stop the travelling of fire/fumes from spreading. This is extremely tragic and i do not wish this upon anyone else.

    3. @Hoodman educator Of course. I’m not contesting that. Just pointed out there’s a difference in safety features between older and newer townhomes. All homes should have standard upgraded safety features.

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