Dozens killed after train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine hit by rocket | USA TODAY

A train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine being used to evacuate citizens was hit in a rocket attack.

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Thousands of people were waiting at a train station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on Friday when a rocket strike killed dozens, including children, and possibly injured hundreds more, Ukrainian officials said.

At least 39 people were killed and between 87 and 300 people were injured, regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said in a Telegram post. Ukrainian officials earlier estimated about 30 people had been killed in the attack.

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  1. The fragments of a rocket, that had been blow up in Kramatorsk showed, that was Tochka-U (Armed Forces of Ukraine uses it only), Russians use Escanders (it’s easy to understand which one is which by the wings of the missiles).
    The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit its own cities again. Ukraine is not just a Nazi, and now officially a terrorist state.

    1. ​@Cars and ChrisAny point of view that doubts the truthfulness of the words about Russia’s guilt is pro-Kremlin for you? You should go to the supermarket and buy yourself critical thinking.

    2. @Klesh13 xD Russian troops discussed killing Ukrainian civilians in radio transmissions intercepted by Germany, source says

  2. Which side did the rocket come from? Compare the location of the missile’s tail fall and the location of the explosion on the map. (The tail of the rocket does not reach the explosion site).

    1. @Lennart Le They are delivered in the way the targeteers weaponeer them. If it was actually delivered at 90 degrees then the payload portion would not be recognizable.

    2. The warhead always travels further as the tail is much heavier, comprised of the engine and fuel tank.

  3. My truth. A missile with a cluster warhead always separates the tail in front of the target, which is stupidly heavier than the warhead and is the first to fall to the ground under the action of gravity behind the warhead. By drawing a line between the tail and the affected area (station), we get the direction from which the rocket was flying. This is the Southwest. The armed forces of Ukraine are stationed there. The bombing was carried out by the Ukrainian military.

    1. @Lennart Le А по Донецку выпускать “Точку-У” ВСУ было не глупо?

    2. Its WEIRD how theres no satellite footage provided. I know the Russians have it, why wont US release it? But yeah, this rocket is only in service in ukraine.

    3. Also, if this missile was used to deliver cluster munitions, why is the news showing vids of one large single explosion?

  4. This is Tochka-U – an ancient missile long since decommissioned in Russia. These are used only by the Ukrainian forces.
    Furthermore, the Russians would have never put the inscription ‘Za detey’ (‘For the children’) on a missile that is allegedly intended to be launched against a civilian target.
    This barbaric attack is either the result of an error committed by an inexperienced Ukrainian crew, or a Ukrainian missile malfunction in flight, or – which is the worst – a yet another deliberate attempt at blaming Russia for all sorts of inconceivable crimes.
    The Russian retribution will come faster than you think.

    1. @Bryan Dimery the fight in Mariupol is for all intents and purposes over. The Russian army has mostly left the city and is being transferred north to participate in the destruction of the Ukrainian forces in Donbass. The remnants of the ‘Azov’ Nazi regiment (‘no, there are no Nazis in Ukraine’) are now confined within the ‘Azovstal’ industrial complex. As there are no civilians in this area for them to hide behind, the Nazis are being pounded by heavy artillery including the 240 mm mortars, while their escape is prevented mostly by the military police.
      Of course they can fight back for some time, but this does not make and difference now. As I understand it, surrendering is not an option for them, as in Russia many of them will be facing life sentences for their crimes committed in these 8 years.

    2. @ElectricBiker there are NO ‘Tochka’s *in service* in Russia. The last one was decommissioned in 2019. They could be stationed at storage depots, but using them in combat or excercises is prohibited because the weapon is deemed unsafe (the operational life of missiles is expired according to the Russian service standards). A decree signed by the Minister of Defence is necessary to reverse the decommissioning decision, but, as we speak, no conditions are met for such a decree to appear.

    3. @ElectricBiker you are free to believe whatever you choose, of course. The harder will be the blow when the truth finally reaches you (which is inevitable).
      I don’t know what the Russian propaganda has to say on the subject, for I always disregard *everything* coming from the state-controlled channels, be it the Russian or that of any other country.
      My sources have proven themselves to be much more credible than the aforementioned ones.

  5. The missile used in attack on Kramatorsk Railway Station is a Tochka-U with a Cluster Munitions warhead. If look at the tail, droped from the rocket, you can realize it was launched from Ukraine controlled territory (just draw the line from the tail dropped and the crater)
    These same missile type was used on other Donbass Civillians in attack on Donetsk City on 14th March.
    23 Civillians died.

    If you’re intrested in truth you may check the map, the rocket tail location and the rocket itself, except other facts.

    The TRAJECTORY says that it was launched from Pavlograd or somewhere near, to the WEST, where Ukrainian forces are and no Russian troops 100miles around

    1. @Arteger Nexus do you have a ruler? Or you need to be an EXPERT to understand basic geometry and math? If so I can’t help you man

  6. Ukraine fired an outdated Tochka-U missile at the evacuating people of Kramatorsk. This was done in order to blame Russia for this tragedy, because only in Ukraine this type of ammunition is in service. Over the past month, Ukraine fired such missiles at Donbass more than 20 times. One of the missiles in the center of Donetsk claimed more than 20 lives. Bring the truth about the Nazis to the leadership of Ukraine, because they kill their own people for provocations.

    1. i knew it. I knew i wasnt the only one who thought Zelensky fired this missile on his own people or a rogue nazi Ukrainian soldier did.

  7. Notice 0:06 Seconds .. the grass is too perfect without any skid marks or splash damage in the surrounding area .. If something that size and that heavy makes an impact against the ground it will bounce and skid a bit .. It was PLACED there, it DID NOT FALL into that spot .. THIS WAS STAGED ..
    Fragments also would have splash and hit surrounding cars which if you notice in the background .. NO DAMAGE DONE TO THE CAR .. And they would have blocked off the scene, and not allow people to park in area where a rocket piece just landed. This suggest the cars was there when the rocket made impact, yet no splash damage from fragments hit the car .. The area looks to clean, perfect and staged ..

    1. I agree, this looks oddly staged. The train station itself is untouched, no windows blown out. It looks entirely set up

    2. Hell yeah!! The street signs look clean, no damage or burn marks .. The light poles look clean and again NO burn marks and no damage …
      The white paint on the building looks perfectly clean .. No burn marks, no dust from debris, damage or anything .. That must be some SPECIAL paint to look that good a bomb has gone off so close to it ..

  8. Mind Begs the Question:
    To support & aid an Apartheid State

  9. Nothing surprise, we can see this all dead body everydays in mideast for decades, even today

  10. Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. (Job 4:8)
    – Repent. Jesus is coming soon.

  11. The tail part of the rocket shown on the video, disconnects on the late stage of the trajectory of the rocket. So if one plot the line from the explosion place throughout the rocket tail landing place – the line will direct further to the area where this rocket was launched from. The tail part of the rocket is laying to the south-west of the railway station. Sorry guys I want to dissapoint you there are only Ukrainian forces in that direction.

    1. @Ivanator denial doesn’t stop reality. Everyone knows this was a Ukranian missile.

      They prob realised its better to target civilian an blame Russia than to target Russian troops. More gains to be made with the propaganda.

  12. You can go on google or bing maps, find the tail fin site, find the impact site and trace a straight line for the maximum range of tochka-u(120 KM) and figure out that it was launched from the Ukrainian controlled territory and it’s not even close.

  13. I done believe it until i see the rocket incoming from a cctv everything is so clean no dust or nuthing even the grass

  14. First, kick off usa from this misery then negociate a solution with Ukraine and Russia, two europeans countries.

  15. Question to everyone after the Bucha, and was the Russia who was blamed for the crime, even if the Russia did that, you think they will do the same thing again, after the world got eye on them ?

    You know, when you are about to lose the war, the best option is to play the victim!

    Why would Russia type for the children’s on the rocket?

    Also Russia doesn’t use Tochka-U rockets.

    There is many things people doesn’t know what the hell is going on, the only thing people see in news- that Russia shot and killed civilians without any evidence, and by default people will believe that lie, its easy to say that because Russia is the one who invaded, so its much easier to blame them for everything, sorry for my bad English grammar 🙂

    Please I need your answers!

  16. Well, let’s deal with the incident of a missile hitting the city of
    Kramatorsk. The tail of the missile is clearly visible on the video, and
    this is Tochka-U, which is in service with the Ukrainian armed forces,
    all Russian missiles are more modern. From the point of impact of the
    rocket tail and directly from the point of explosion of the warhead, a
    straight line is built and this line leads to the South-West, that is,
    to the area where the Ukrainian army is still located. At the same time,
    these Tochka-U missiles have a strictly limited range. Based on this,
    it turns out that the Ukrainian troops attacked the city still under
    their control to terrorize and intimidate the civilian population. And
    to raise the hype around it for blaming the Russian military, of course.
    At the same time, they did it this time so clumsily and mediocrely that
    it simply does not fit in the head. Previously, when they used mortars
    for such provocations, at least it was extremely difficult to trace the
    point from which they fired in order to expose them. The Kiev regime
    will stop at nothing and will repeat and repeat such provocations, in
    which the civilian population will die from artillery fire.

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