Dozens of Students Fainted During Religious Exercise at Oberlin High | TVJ News – Oct 26 2022


    1. KAREN D DUNKLEY. Yes; you are right: primitive indoctrination by ridiculous fools. We are passing our mind diseases down to our children. In a civilized country, the school administration would have questions to answer from rational enquirers.

  1. The children was possess by demons you can even see it just the way they behave on the road. More powerful teachers like this teacher is needed in schools to deliver these children.

    1. SMH
      That teacher should be teaching the students what she is certified to teach, instead of teaching the student to worship the “God” of the slave masters and colonizers

    2. @coz2 j coz? coz? Weh yuh a try fi talk sense fah? But anyway. Yuh hol’ on in deh breddah. There is no way the fools are going to triumph over the enlightened. Disgraceful.

    3. ​@coz2 j The slave masters and colonizers are the ones that made the education system, why do you think most people that go to school/college only become employees and are barely ready for life? The system only teaches you what they want you to know, by brainwashing you and turning you all into just worker ants that can’t think for themselves. God is needed in all aspects of our life, nothing can go on safely without him, we are here to unite with God, not to live for human creations.

  2. It’s simple: Ministry of Education should have had students go for medical evaluation same day. Ministry of Health go to school same day and investigate environment (air quality, water testing etc.) Report back findings.
    Well, if results inconclusive then you have a problem only God can solve.
    Side note. Students in these time are highly disturbed and the issues are compounding enormously since 2020

    1. @fyah manaz I mean… that’s like saying to be careful of all people because of a few. You know, like how SOME people in overseas people have all Jamaicans at arm length because of things other Jamaicans did. I CERTAINLY don’t think that “religion” is the answer but… bad example.

  3. A serious portal open in Jamaica…. Ask the prime minister wah gwan wid Jamaica, him know what’s going on in Jamaica that’s all mi ago seh

    1. Only who have eyes to see, can see that the gate is open inna Jamaica, we know a who open it.. The Body of Christ in JA. have to interceed and close the gate..

  4. A toxicology test must be done on each child! ASAP. Even if it possibly was a supernatural event (which also needs attention), rule nothing out! Ask them if they were given anything to eat or drink, candy… prior. We never know if anything was laced with drugs or sprayed in the air by some wannabe thug in that room! Rule nothing out!

  5. It’s simple. People need to know the Power of God exists. This is nothing new. Someone prayed and demons manifested. They just needed more missionaries or believers to assist with the session. That was powerful. People need deliverance. Jamaica need deliverance.

    1. @k 30 that’s more like it. Please think critically. This religious non sense is holding us back as a nation

  6. Once in 4th form I ran a study on my class I pretended to faint but before put all the student name that would follow me name on list and like clock work all of them did it. I created the list base on how deeply religious the guys were n the family they grew up in. If ppl want something to be tru it ago tru 😄

  7. From I saw the clip with the church sister I sense it was some kind of demonic attack. I would really love to hear from the teacher(s) who spoke because this will give us an insight as what to lead to the chain reaction from the students. Only persons who are charged by the power of God face these situations. I’m really happy that church sista neva go up a school because some wud have all knid a tings fi say. Parents need fi send dem out to church so they can be delivered.

  8. the church lady is right we are living in the last days and he already said it’s going to put up on All Flesh in the last days your sons and daughters shall prophesy the children are feeling something but attack is there too

  9. God is coming for jamacia theirs to much evil doing going on sweep 🧹 away the evil.🙏🏿❤️🔥🇯🇲🎯💯

  10. It’s obvious the spirit of God had descended on some of those students! Joel 2: 28_29 says, ” In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh……..your songs & daughters shall prophesy….pour out my spirit.
    The presence of the Lord was evident. After all that’s going on in Jamaica, saints have been praying & God is showing up! PERIOD!!


  11. Mass hysteria.Epidemic hysteria or mass hysteria refers to apparently contagious dissociative phenomena that take place in large groups of people or institutions under conditions of anxiety. Typically, they are described as taking place in schools, where episodes of illness or fainting appear to spread rapidly throughout the school.

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