Dr. Anthony Fauci gives final White House COVID-19 briefing | USA TODAY


  1. “We have a metric ton of Covd boosters left… please come get more boosters.. This is the last time I can recommend you go get one”

    1. Actually, COVID has a higher rate of myocarditis. Plus, myocarditis is much easier to treat when you’re otherwise healthy, not when you’re on a ventilator.

    1. @J K I don’t need to convince you that I’m a person with thoughts and feelings, I know that I’m a person and that you’re objectively wrong on that front.

    2. @Think3r I hope someday you’ll look back on this and think how stupid it was to support failed draconian government policies

    1. Did you see the last president? There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for attention including selling out the country and stealing classified documents

    2. @Bill Angelos you are, and mine, are not mutually exclusive. I’d go as far to say, every politician, especially at the national level, is a raging narcissist that can’t walk by a mirror without stopping. The problem w Fauci is he liked to pretend he was separate from all those people because he was a “man of science.” That guy is the biggest politician there is to be able to survive that long in DC. He has no right to lie to me because he thinks it was best – good thing I didn’t listen to him!

    1. If you had an understanding of how this virus works, much like the AIDS virus did, you would have your answer.

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