Dr. Bernice King Responds To GOP Quoting Her Father Dr. Martin Luther King 1

Dr. Bernice King Responds To GOP Quoting Her Father Dr. Martin Luther King


Republicans quoting Dr. Martin Luther King’s ‘content of their character’ speech excerpt out of context is slammed by his daughter Dr. Bernice King, CEO of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Dr. Bernice King tells Joy Reid, ‘Do not take excerpts from my father. Study him holistically… For people to misappropriate him this way is beyond insulting.’
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    1. The flood gates are now open. The truth will spill out in flood like proportions a quick flowing river of truth. Chaney pulled the lever for the truthfulness to flow.
      Hawley and his Ike will be washed away with the flow of truth. Time for republicans to get real and be rid of trump and his parasites 🦠 followers from the party.

    2. the democrats, with a 200 year tradition of slavery and racism (including FOUNDING the KKK), are the ones to listen to, eh?

    3. I expected his face to turn green and his head to spin around on his shoulders as those words left his lips.

    1. meanwhile, the democrats, who were the ONLY slave owners in America, FOUNDED the KKK, fought against the 13th, 14th, 15th amendments, enacted Jim Crow and segregation, and filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act are worthy of praise… got it.

    2. Uhhhh, except that MLK was AGAINST Identity politics! Unlike the current DNC, who specifically judge EVERYBODY by their skin color!

    3. @Moe Zura stay on topic 🙄🙄🙄 we are talking about people using Dr King name to push foolishness 🙄🙄🙄

    4. @Keiarria M so then stop doing it.😘
      I was perfectly on point. The point I made was that people who revere the democrat party have NO ROOM to talk when it comes to race, given that party’s history and present stance on race. Chantel Sutton didn’t even support her statement like I did. She simply made a baseless, ignorant remark. I am not a republican, and actually dislike them, but I haven’t heard any republicans disrespect MLK. But I’ve heard plenty of democrats disrespect him (and more)… He was killed by a democrat, you know. A nice bunch of folks, those democrats… especially the motivated ones.
      I’d recommend you watch the movie “Uncle Tom”. Its a documentary about the democrat party’s history with black people, from slavery to the BS they’re pulling nowadays… Its available on Amazon video. You just might learn something… maybe A LOT.💓

  1. When is Josh Hawley going to be arrested for supporting an insurrection? And McCarthy, McConnell, et al.

    1. @Nazeer S; That would be a Party Coast to Coast! Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen, from the looks of things we might as well have left Barr in his position, because we will be getting the same activity out of that office.

    2. Typical trumpsupporter negating the danger those morons posed to democracy and thousands of American citizens who were unfortunate enough to be in d.c. that day. You’re a cwrd @John Joy

  2. Hawley you Blackburn, Cruz should sit this one out, you won’t convince anybody that you really care anyway especially if it’s about Truth.

  3. Republicans been doing this for at least a decade. They’re are disingenuous at the very least or completely out of touch.

    1. You said it plain and clear “disingenuous” it’s attempt con job; that Josh Hawley needs accountability. Far as I’m concerned he helped the Insurrection!

    2. @Will Martinez; They don’t even care, they all supported the “birther issue” promoted by drumpf!

  4. The republicans have been exploiting the Generic Language in the Amendments to the United States Constitution and the United States Constitution for a long time and it is no surprise that they tried to exploit a General Statement made by Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. The GOP are not fit to wipe Bernice King’s shoes. It’s sick that they would troll America with Dr King’s words. READ the rest of that paragraph alone! Read it out loud! I dare you, GOP!

    2. The GQP and the MAGA Cult are worshipping an infant who espouses ignorance and stupidity as virtues.

    3. All political party have corruption within. Must circumvent corruption by re register as no party voters and no party candidates.

    4. @IcedシCoffee I agree that our union was made to be operated in trust by citizens and not by partisans who pledge allegiance to party over our union. That said, the corruption is in the individuals [who bend their personal principals to the priorities of the party].

  5. Amen Sister King amen, let them know who your father was. Tell them to stop using your father’s words to promote their evils.

  6. Yes Hawley, Mc Carthy. King was right. You should be judged by your character, more precisely, the absolute lack of it.

    1. She’s also frighteningly ignorant. Recently, she said that “they’ll” go after swift first because Marxist socialists, and I quote, “They do not allow women to dress or sing or be onstage or to entertain or the type of music she would have”. Not only is her sentence structure appalling, she clearly doesn’t know anything about socialism or Marx. Just like the rest of the GOP-they rage against CRT but can’t define it.

    2. @Ali F Blackburn put a target on Taylor’s back for any magat who wants to prove their “patriotism”. Imagine if they have their way, they don’t care that she’s just a singer they’ll do anything for their “leaders”

    1. @Moe Zura and today Republicans defending and embracing those characteristics. They even think we should monuments and statues to celebrate them. But ok.

    2. @oscarowski do your “black friends” know you’re canvassing for the party of the KKK? if I did vote it wouldn’t be for the Communist slavers of the democrat party. But apparently, you’ve got no problem voting for the party of those despicable traditions… says a lot about you and your political allies… maybe you and your ANTIFA/BLM buddies will set fire to the local police precinct this weekend. if you get into any trouble, the democrats will post your bail.

    3. @Wesley Fulton I’m not a republican nor do I support them, but please, tell me: What exactly are the republicans doing that is racist? I’ve not heard a single one say they want to celebrate racist democrats.

    4. @Wesley Fulton I know we’re arguing – because that’s the way things are “supposed to be”, right? the government WANTS everyone arguing…
      But in ALL SERIOUSNESS I wanted to reach out and see if we can get through this in a friendly manner.
      I don’t know you and I don’t know your background or your politics. I LOATHE politics. I don’t vote, and haven’t voted for decades because I’ve felt the system is CORRUPT (which we are now FINALLY seeing evidence of!!!) But I follow politics so I know what’s going on.
      All that being said, I’d like to recommend the movie “Uncle Tom”. It’s on Amazon. It’s about race and the democrat party. Many people find it eye opening. I knew the history of all the topics they discuss in the movie, but it is well-put together, and I found it an amazing documentary. I’d also recommend that after you watch it, fact check it. And by that I don’t mean go to a “fact checker”, but investigate the things they say and the claims they make. I think you’ll be surprised at what you find. I cried pretty much the whole movie because it was like watching a movie about the holocaust. What the democrat party has done to black people (and actually the nation as a whole) is of the most despicable EVIL you will ever hear about. EVERYONE is a POLITICAL TOOL to them. They don’t really care about anyone. They just say things in such a way that they are the ONLY ONES who care about you. Listen to their rhetoric… If you disagree with them (even if it’s “climate change”), you’re a racist. Please… They need to be destroyed. They are the worst kind of people. I hope your day goes well, and that we might have an amicable chat.

    5. @Moe Zura we actually agree half way. The Democrats AND the Republicans are horrible. I am a Black man living in America and the things that America have done to Black people in this country is criminal. I don’t need to watch a movie to understand that. I live in truth everyday. Right now and for the last 30 years the Republicans have done nothing for this country. The Democrats aren’t all that great either. If you and I are to have an amicable discussion it had to be based in fact. Idgaf about Republicans or Democrats. But right now I am watching behavior from Republicans that is criminal and some of them should be in jail already.

    1. They are not ignorant. They are evil. They know exactly what that quote means but they are purposefully changing the context to fit the perpetuation of their political and racist agenda

  7. Yes. Let’s judge public figures by their character.
    Starting with donald the trump–whose character is that of the worst possible political swamp creature.
    Then continue with judging the character of every politician and public figure who supports donald the trump.
    Your “character” is that of a snake oil proselytizer for the cult of donald.

  8. but yet the GOP judges black and brown people by the color of their skin….is that what Jesus would do?

    1. @Francisco Diaz @james bellar he was probably one of those that was hanging of the capital wall… we might need to report him to the Fed’s

  9. Josh Hawley quoting Dr. King … I guess that quoting Heinrich Himmler doesn’t resonate with enough Black voters.

    1. please, if there is a party in America that parallels the Nazis its the democrats.
      Now they are sending people door-to-door for vaccinations, the FBI sent out a tweet to turn in any friends or family members you have that are white males or own Legos, they most obviously rigged the last election (and just about every other one in the past), and they are asking the phone companies to turn over their customers’ texts from their cell phones to the government.
      As for the black voters… the democrats have NO ROOM to talk when it comes to race. The democrat party FOUNDED the KKK, opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments (most democrats don’t even know what they are for), instituted Jim Crow and segregation (there’s your “institutional racism”, pal), and filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act… Plus, the democrats LOVE to talk about slavery – well, ALL the slave owners were democrats… so, think, and LEARN your history, before you shoot your mouth off trying to take a cheap jab at a (from what I’ve seen so far) respectable guy. I don’t vote, and haven’t for years, but Missouri is really happy to have Hawley. And I don’t mind him so much. He’s a million times better than Claire McCaskill, who appropriated tens of millions of our dollars for herself and her friends. (Flew herself and friends around on a private plane with our money). He’s one of the FEW politicians who is actually trying to clean up the government instead of becoming a Swamp dweller, like your democrat heroes and 90% of the republicans.
      Have a nice day.

    2. @Moe Zura If more of the United States doesn’t vaccinate, you will all be international pariahs. No one will want you visiting their countries, spreading your diseases and your anti-social behaviors.
      By the way, everything that you posted is complete hooey.I wonder what else you can be conned into believing?

  10. It’s about time someone addressed the fake concerns that the republicans have regarding teaching the effects of racism. How dare they pretend to care one fig about what MILK stood for.

    1. Hawley is a total hypocritical liar, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is a disgrace. These are the types of Republicans that wish to return the South to the antebellum era. Justice John Roberts maintained in a horrible ruling that he thought the South had grown up. The South has regressed rather than left their bigotry against progress in race relations but have shown they are willing to reintroduce Jim Crow laws to keep voter suppression and general disenfranchisement to be the current goal of the now Republican version of the Dixicrats seen throughout the South after the Civil War. Maybe the Supreme Court should revisit this issue in the interest of fairness to all citizens who have suffered under the disctimitorty rule since the beginning of the Founding of our Nation.

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