Dr. Bright: U.S. Could Face Its 'Darkest Winter' If Not Prepared For Coronavirus | MSNBC 1

Dr. Bright: U.S. Could Face Its ‘Darkest Winter’ If Not Prepared For Coronavirus | MSNBC


Dr. Rick Bright, a former vaccine official who was removed from his position, warned about the United States' readiness to handle the coronavirus outbreak and said the country was "not prepared as we could have been." Aired on 5/14/2020.
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Dr. Bright: U.S. Could Face Its 'Darkest Winter' If Not Prepared For Coronavirus | MSNBC


    1. 5 15 20 Hey Heidi January, Agree, the elderly @ highest risk. Prayers to all. You too stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    2. Heidi thank you for your kind words and thoughts. Please ignore any haters. Perhaps you could pray for them also

    3. I couldn’t imagine dying alone with no one to hold my hand, without my family being unable to see me because of social distancing.

  1. We are living through the darkest times in modern human history,
    and we have a president who is taking us even further into the darkness with his incompetence and ignorance,
    instead of guiding us out of it with courage and wisdom.

    1. Trump is incompetent.

      Trump’s actions remind me of those politicians in Indiana. Pence must have coached Trump in how to take control of the people as they did in Indiana. I had quit my job due to harassment, intimidation and bodily harm. Looks to me, Trump, his administrative and republicans act as some type of mafia gangster within our government. It’s hard to sue the city, said an indicted politician. It’s a conflict of interest, people know people and are loyal to people in high government positions. They offer pay, higher salary, a job, anything that gets the favor done. I see, the same here with Trump. You can’t touch him, maybe, it’s the Russian mafia intimidation or threats or murder, something, but, this machine has to be broken down, fast.

      This needs heavy, quick investigation. If, you think Trump is acting alone, you’re mistaken. He has relationship with other countries. Look into other leaders and how they treat their people.

    2. @foosgoalie
      Tell us about the serpent moles gutting the Trump administration in detail, flyboy… We’re waiting

    3. The Blue Arrow he’s looting the country while doctors suffer and people die … it will catch up w trump … just believe

    1. @btsangel but no one knows if plasma would work. I wonder how many people in the whitehouse wouldn’t mind having him in a coma?

    2. the plasma of the recovered persons do work in both China and the US practice.I think antibodies generated by humans will clean the virus better than chemicals found so far.But the plasma is scarce and cannot be mass produced.

    3. @btsangel Citations please? Plus have they tried it on a person in there mid 70s with heart conditions?

    4. @btsangel Although promising, convalescent plasma has not yet been shown to be safe and effective as a treatment for COVID-19. Therefore, it is important to study the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 convalescent plasma in clinical trials.

    1. Hey, not only of every TV. I tune in on every online platform to waste my popcorn on him. Still, I do feel bad for the American people. Greetings from Europe. Hope America will be great again without the orange buffoon.

    1. @karin backstrom
      How long you been running with Hillarys Russian collusion lie with Michelle Obamas knob?

    2. 5 14 20 Hey@José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes, I completely forgot he left the plant when he, Breitart, was pretty young; 43 years old. Enlarged heart & longterm arteriole hardening. His condition may have been exacerbated by internalized anger. Stay safe, keep calm, & be well. v

    3. @karin backstrom
      L 0 L… **Whew**… Ok, remember when Hillary rigged the 2016 election using the same msnbc serpent brainwashing disinformants that are on there now…i watched the serpent witch do it… So did you, plain as day but you lost your soul to the demon for all the quality u lack and now your a slave to evil, brimstone casket bait

    4. @qassandraable
      Na… I fish for demon people online and you’re flapping in my bucket like a played out Gaga bimbo…
      Goo goo ga?
      Gaga goo?

  2. Dr. Brigh has been giving unwavered, data-driven, science-based ánswers to all the questions. Huge, huge respect from Denmark!!

    1. 5 14 20 Hey@Richard Alan Eccleston, I’m having issues & your other response doesn’t show on this thread. Agree, the peace & quiet, lovely. Family/friends good to have. Also, upsetting that Justice is discrediting Schiff’s work; the new distraction, “Obamagate”. When this all settles, drump & his bootlickers are going to make Nikon look like an angel; of course he was a crook though! v

    2. Thank you to Ms. @Virginia Tyree for having extended patience. This anonymous social media setting can often be quite surreal, so it’s always a refreshing change of pace to see your sensible words. As i mentioned, i’m supposed to be wandering off elsewhere, being a bookworm studying the St.Paul letters. But my klutzy lack of diplomacy above was a valuable reminder to me that….

    3. … I really do need to be more single-minded about pursuing that silent library rat lifestyle more, and spending less time on the socializing i was doing above. Once again i apologize for myself speaking up when i should not have.
      At least ending on a brighter note, here’s a nice song “Happy Trails to you, until we meet again” –> https://youtu.be/hgw_yprN_-w?t=58 (Clip: Roy Rogers and Dale Evansl 1,6M views)

    4. 5 14 20 Hey again@Richard Alan Eccleston , Paul’s letters, sounds fascinating. It seems if you’re able to read/write Greek, Hebrew, & Latin, the text from long ago would help you understand the information. Be kind to yourself. Engaging in these comment-threads are a good escape. It may help with insights & appreciation of your studies. Occasionally, there are human interactions (such as ours) that just clic, even though we don’t know each other in real life. Agree, Happy Trails, one of my favorites; it’s such a happy song. v

    1. For all his integrity and scientific knowledge, his reputation will inevitably be smeared by Orange Orange.

  3. We need to have guys like this giving briefs on pandemics, NOT TRUMP’s crazy lunatic nonsensical ramblings…

    1. @Samuel Clemons wow you aren’t a rocket scientist are you…your comment alone just shows how ignorant you really are…you would vote for trump even after he has taken a loved one from you because he failed to react to this pandemic off the hop…that is not ignorance that is just down right stupidity…I hope you don’t have children!!!

    2. @Cliff Medina Who would want to destroy President Obama’s great economy??

      tRump: “Hold my Beer”.

    3. @Cliff Medina ummm yeh right….and the whole world went along with it???
      ‘Greatest economy’ that can’t support its people financially, medically, basic food etc …yet other countries with much smaller economies are looking after its people in those areas.

  4. It’s good to see someone like this speaking out, be nice to see more speaking out about what’s going on. Because trump acting like it’s all over.

    1. @Glock Coley That is, without doubt the most intelligent comment I’ve read from a Trump supporter this week.

    2. Sadly, Heather, Trump will do whatever he can to besmirch this man, just like he has done with anyone else who exposes his incompetence and corruption.

  5. In the meanwhile Trump crosses his arms, pouts, and that means: “Can I at least have a comic book? You’re so nasty to me always! You need to be a lot more nicer to me now! I hate it when you’re not nice to me!”

    1. copycat2000sg perhaps you should watch the hearing. It centers around the alternative treatment. Everything is there.

    2. copycat2000sg The bottom line is many states are police states. Governors have shown us how much they love this crisis. From free state to police state in three months…

    3. Quittin’ Quarantino the governors’ effort is wasted by saving people lives as these people are saying the governors love this crisis. How ungrateful n ignorance of the people. It reflects their intellectual level. In fact people are still not practicing safe distancing, wearing a mask / stay at home when sick.

  6. “Dr. Bright: U.S. Could Face Its ‘Darkest Winter’ If Not Prepared For Coronavirus” **and** the U.S. can **not** be prepared if our President Trump is re-elected on November 3rd. as evident by the White House having recently become an outbreak hotspot with our President being the head of that household. An incompetent head of household is automatically an incompetent leader.

    1. @Over It , I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, Overit, and others reading this, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

    2. @Kevin Salamanca , I am simply wonderfully hungry and hope you, Kevin, and others whom I’ve greeted here, also have a healthy appetite too. So how are you ?

  7. I’m watching his testimony live and am appalled at how republicans on this committee continue to politicize the issue. In the context of SCOTUS considering congressional oversight of the executive, this literally screams that trump has to go and that our democracy is in peril. Americans are dying as we speak and the gop is working around the clock to guarantee that they have MORE opportunity to deceive and endanger us all so their power over our lives is allowed to continue. If this doesn’t frighten you, you’re ALREADY dead!

    1. @Gar Sm First off, Trump did not fire him. He does not deal with the firing of someone on the lower end staff, nor the guy mowing the lawn. He doesn’t even know the guy. And the tests he whines about were slow to get out because we are a large nation with lots of people…so the fewer test we had were used for those in the most need= hospital staff and the like. But everyday I see the tests are getting more and more available to the public. So it’s just like ventilators, we were overwhelmed and then the problem gets resolved. But the liberals use everything to bash Trump over…like if they snapped their fingers and demanded 1 billion ventilators, we better have them right now or”Trump doesn’t care about the poor people” crap that comes out. One day it’s ventilators, the next it’s test, tomorrow will be some other whine about something. It’s being worked on already…get over it.

    2. @Gar Sm He’s a fired worker …happens all the time in all departments. Only in the partisan atmosphere would he get a voice. He’s a nobody, He offers nothing that is not already being addressed weeks ago. I’m betting the two of you would love to share a soy drink together( no plastic straws remember)

    3. @mark price Yeah, he ‘s a nobody. Just happens to be an expert on infectious diseases. Far better to listen to someone thinks drinking bleach is a good idea – or people who thnk ‘freedom of speech’ is waving guns around and flouting rules to prevent the spread of a virus. Why listen to experts when you can change facts with a Sharpie?

    4. @Gar Sm He is part of the “doctors” who have been getting it wrong from day one. They did nothing to stop it from entering the country( but Trump stopped in coming from China). He did nothing to warn about the shortages of PPE/ventilators etc , yet now he is some knda of “expert” telling us about the things he should have done 3 months ago. He offers nothing of substance. Just a fired disgruntled loser.

  8. I so glad that Dr. Bright is ‘fighting back’ against the ‘Orange Blight’ that is Donald J Trump.

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