Dr. Deborah Birx Says Thousands of U.S. Covid Deaths Were Preventable | MSNBC 1

Dr. Deborah Birx Says Thousands of U.S. Covid Deaths Were Preventable | MSNBC


Dr. Deborah Birx said that more than 400,000 Covid-19 deaths could have been mitigated, or decreased substantially. MSNBC’s medical contributor Dr. Kavita Patel explains that Birx’s statement is validated in other studies, but a little too late for those affected to hear.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dr. Deborah Birx Says Thousands of U.S. Covid Deaths Were Preventable | MSNBC


    1. @William H
      Nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans both are in on this, politics is a cult for the peasants to be distracted.

    2. @Ask Me Anything
      Television is a weapon. It casts spells with broad-casts on people’s casting couches, while watching channels and to be programed. The media / mediums and all are satanists. In God We Trust isn’t the god we think of.

    3. @Immortal Arts
      Hegalian Dialectic – MK-ULTRA – Smith Mundt Act which was dumbed down years ago. Media is complicit and run and owned by the Bankers. This is the Fifth age, 5G technology – Technocrats.

    4. @tenebrous soul No debes insultar a una persona por el idioma.
      Ellas te cancelarán desde la izquierda jajaja
      *Vermin supremo*

  1. No kidding, Birx and you sat there letting it happen without saying a GD word! You’re to blame too.

    1. @Debate Me! There was no surge. the total number of people who died in 2020 3,187,086 in 2019 2,954,838 in 2018 2,839,205. For a country of 325-330 million during this time. This is no surge

    2. @dragonsangel7777 At some point, you still gotta speak out. I mean, so what? It would have sucked and she probably would have lost her job but she would have done the right thing. CNN or some other news outlet would have hired her as a consultant.

    3. @Chris Davis If you made 800,000 a year and was threatened with being demoted to 8.00 and hour you would fold like everyone else. Do the math, there is a huge difference between being paid 8.00 an hour and 416.00 dollars an hour. And if you agreed to work for Trump you are already a lost cause!

  2. Lol. Says the Dr. who told American’s not to gather with loved ones over the Holidays. Meanwhile, she did.

    1. @4M4 she did – I agree 100% BUT the gathering thing WAS fake news. Nobody ever said not to gather with people INSIDE your household. That’s absurd.

    2. Because the pandemic is a hoax and they all know it. The virus scam is being pushed to usher us into the great reset and force everyone to take the bioweapon vaccines and use digital ‘track your entire life’ IDs.

    3. And you believe the lies Fox feeds you? Their favorite “It has been reported” and where did that report come from?
      Hannity, Carlson or the drunk judge an hour before. And you swallow whole.

    4. @Commander In THIEF Beijing Biden wait, why did trump go along with it and hurry up the vaccines ? He’s part of it?!

    5. @4M4 yes because democrats love the science…. The party that okays castrating three year olds because they said they were a girl one time

    1. Absolutely!!

      The Hippocratic Oath is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians. It is one of the most widely known of Greek medical texts. In its original form, it requires a new physician to swear, by a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards. The oath is the earliest expression of medical ethics in the Western world, establishing several principles of medical ethics which remain of paramount significance today. These include the principles of medical confidentiality and non-maleficence. As the seminal articulation of certain principles that continue to guide and inform medical practice, the ancient text is of more than historic and symbolic value. Swearing a modified form of the oath remains a rite of passage for medical graduates in many countries, and is a requirement enshrined in legal statutes of various jurisdictions, such that violations of the oath may carry criminal or other liability beyond the oath’s symbolic nature.

    2. @Jeremy Irons We are all victims. Including her, and every health care professional. But yes, the general public has behaved like dumbasses. Can’t get people to follow basic hygiene they were taught in grade school. You proud of that?

    3. @Saint Gremy Ah, another armchair epidemiologist. You say much and understand little. But that’s what happens to media zombies.

    4. @Fernando Chaves you literally are a complete fraud. ive sen you commenting all over youtube, you do nothing but lie at your convenience to spread hatred and fear. youre paid to spread lies. ive seen you. youre a fraud!

    1. @Crimdor Are you saying that she opposed the lockdowns, and linked the hundreds of thousands of deaths to the closures?

    2. not a gripe but the fire department isn’t there to save your house or stuff, they are there to put out the fire and keep it from spreading. that’s why when you see firefighter videos they don’t look like they are in a huge hurry. as long as its not spreading or people are in danger they’ll let your place burn to the ground and not care

    3. @Say My Name Sorry, mouth breathing knuckle draggers tend to drool, so I consider the source.
      Your spot at the bottom of the barrel is safe, Bubba.

    1. If she had that type of ethic and spine she would have been run out if the NIH as soon as she walked in. That place is a cesspool of “perverse incentives” and bad science.

    2. Every day thousands of people leave lesser paying jobs because they disagree with management. Too late ‘Dr’ B.

  3. Wow I would never get over that guilt. Especially on my deathbed….I wonder how she feels, truly. Doctors sign an oath. She needs to lose her license for one thing. She could easily be sued by a class action lawsuit possibly. How horrifying for anyone with a soul to know they could have prevented SO MANY DEATHS. All because she had no courage to stand up for what’s right.

    1. @Say My Name so all those COVID deaths mean nothing ? Trumps Yemen genocide where thousands of children have died means nothing ? Im also anti abortion. Let’s be consistent at least

    2. @Trend Setter nope you can’t handle the facts. Trump helped turn Yemen into the world’s biggest abortion clinic

    3. @lunabranwen oh yeah…first falsey said that there was no threat of the virus getting out of China. Then when it did… masks weren’t really a help… a sense of security. Then he changes later to wearing masks…. and now two…lol. what’s next three masks.

    4. @lunabranwen The pandemic was here and in full swing for several months before Trump, the CDC, and key members of Congress told us to go out and party with Chinese tourists during their new year celebrations here in 2020. Nobody even knew there was anything to downplay during that time. Trump’s, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s and Fauci’s statements had zero bearing on the pandemic or its severity.

  4. And this is coming from the person who told us not to spend time with our families on Thanksgiving but she went to her family anyway

    1. @Admiral General Aladeen Gump gave you permission to put you and you family at risk while he and his wife secretly got vaccinated.

    2. @Joshua Carroll Not one attributed to the vaccine itself. It does not have a 100% efficacy rate – no vaccine does.

  5. Well you should have spoken out earlier. All individuals who stayed quiet should be thrown behind bars for manslaughter.

    1. @UmmYeahOk You realize your entire statement is a blatant lie right? It’s absolutely pathetic the mental gymnastics and lies liberals spew to try to fit their narrative.

    2. @dwreal she could have, but it was in her best interests to keep her mouth shut. She was being… …selfish. She kept her job for as long as she did because she tried her best to ignore the ignorance. Remember when Trump discussed about looking into whether or not injecting bleach could be a solution? The look on her face? You could tell even then how bad her situation was. She absolutely could not be the one to tell the Emperor that he was naked. Fauci could though.

    3. @backpackingonline Reagan brought in Fauci. He actually had been offered the position several times before 1984, but always declined until then. There is no elaborate conspiracy. The global Illuminati did not put him there. He actually was qualified. This was during a very strange period when people earned jobs/positions based off their qualifications and not just because they knew someone.

    4. For your information have tryed every which way to relay information news outlets presidents ,prime ministers to include Margaret Merkel but she’s no longer in the red.

  6. There were daily briefings where she had the ear of the entire US population and said nothing. She carries a lot of the blame in my book.

    1. @Mike Barry lol… Your comment on backward superstitious natives is rich, mostly because I am not the one calling nature a “mother”.
      Be blessed, my friend, and know that cursing people with death is not really effective.

    2. @Gina Cosby Oh really? I’ve got all these voodoo dolls, eyes of newt and bat wings and now
      I can’t use them? Oh the pain! But don’t worry, there are hordes of witch doctors and many gullible Fox fans here. I can unload everything, no problem.

  7. Yet she just stood there and said nothing …. what a disgrace of a person , to have a chance to save many and not do nothing .

    1. @Allen C. if you look it up, Dr. Fauci continually backs Birx up, saying that she had to work with Trump and that she was in a pretty impossible situation.

    2. This was my first reaction.. Not only did she say nothing she praised trump on how he read & understood the data.. Trump , his sycophantic administration & Dr Birx are all culpable for every single unnecessary death & they should all be held accountable

  8. Didn’t see her much but sitting in a chair in the briefings with no bell to ring. And at other briefings and never heard her have a plan nor excitement to sound the danger button

  9. The average American is impervious to facts and data…we have the reasoning skills of a fifth grade student…so we are vulnerable to any source that wants to harm or divide us.

    1. True. I would have used a different word besides impervious but yeah. Even with a good knowledge of research methods and statistics, we are still susceptible to manipulated and cherry picked data. It leaves one believing nothing, which is also not good. News is nonsense. When they do report the truth it is not believed.

    2. Timothy, these people are very evil. Birx, Fauci, this tv station and those representing it. My gosh, don’t people see the flip-flopping they do, the controversy, the lies. They are connected to the evil,murdering Bill Gates. Look it up. While you’re at it, look up Lockstep and The GA Guide Stones.

    3. A wise person said,
      ” If you send the brightest and best off to War you will be left with a Nation of Idiots ”
      Prophecy fulfilled.

  10. The only thing needed for evil to thrive, is for good people, to do nothing! That is not the exact quote, but it’s close. She did nothing, and she knew it was wrong, she has blood on her hands!

  11. She still dares to come out and say something like that? What does she want? Our trust back? Are you kidding? Just go away, you pathetic woman, go far far away from public eye. Just give us a break, ok?

    1. Fred from Scooby-Do and Hank Venture wore a kerchief better than you and they are cartoon characters.

    2. @Jack Bravo I’m sorry. I thought this was the adult channel? I didn’t know I landed on the Nickelodeon ( mentally challenged) channel.

    1. I TOTALLY agree with you!!! She said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! She let THAT MORON FRUMP to say whatever and she STOOD THERE!! I DON’T want to HEAR ANYTHING she has to SAY!! NOTHING!!!

    2. Does anyone think that if
      Doctor Birx had jumped up
      and told trump that his ideas
      were idiotic, it would have made
      Americans listen to her and change
      the trajectory of the virus? Trump
      and his followers weren’t even
      listening to Doctor Fauci or medical

    3. Oi! I see a fellow Brighton fan. Am I the only person who wishes dunk had more appearances? I though he was a solid player and decently fun to watch.

  12. Yes, don’t send Covid patients to nursing homes. I want CDC investigated for giving so obviously flawed advice and governors following it and then continuing to follow is after the CDC refunded the advice. Common sense and compassion beers and are lacking in these governor offices.

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