Dr. Ebony Hilton: ‘Covid-19 Is Not Tired Of Us’ | MSNBC


  1. Dr. Hilton could teach me about anesthesiology or anything else. Beautiful and smart is a very nice combination.

    1. You’re vaccinated and you’re upset because we chose not to get vaccinated 😂😂😂😂😂 do you even see the irony in that statement?!?!??? If you were confident in your vaccine you wouldn’t care about my personal decision not to get one

  2. Well This something people should read … Why is it that no one is talking anymore about India in mainstream media??? Well it seems that the narrative is not good anymore. 97% decrease on case due to what?? !vermect!n

  3. No. The doctor is getting it wrong. I’m a UK citizen and although she is right that it is the younger demographic who are suffering more from the Delta version the reason that is because here in the UK the roll out of the vaccine is being done by age so the majority of over 50’s have now had their second dose and the younger age groups have either had their first dose in the last month or so ( don’t forget we are doing a 8-12 week gap between vaccines) while booking for the 18-20 age group has just recently opened up. So get both doses and you are better protected against the delta variant.

  4. It’s all about choice. I got the 2 jabs and still try to be cautious. Whether any one else does or not is none of my business.

    1. Look up the Greek alphabet. Then see if the names of the variants make more sense. BTW, Greek letters are commonly used in the sciences for a variety of reasons.

  5. I fear that Joe will be unable to make his Fourth of July goals concerning vaccinations. Republicans will seize on this as a failure of his administration. Those who haven’t done so I need to get out there and get vaccinated to help Joe meet his goals.

  6. some have referenced dr hilton in ways which try to congratulate her appearance to them, as if that is going to prevent americas freedoms and responsibilities from advancing democracys interests and defending the truth of american obligations. they span well beyond the doctors position, be in with the lying ford flopped press or as co captain within americas range of enthusiasms, presently engaged with the doctor and the nena and the lustina, on our rest and relaxation cruise.

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