Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton: 'There Are More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death' 1

Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton: ‘There Are More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death’


Covid cases continue to rise across the country, prompting the Center for Disease Control to advise both vaccinated and unvaccinated Americans to mask up in counties with high transmission rates. But despite the rising cases and hospitalizations, Dr. Anthony Fauci says he doesn’t see a looming lockdown while anticipating things will get worse before they get better. Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton and MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Kavita Patel join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the latest CDC guidance.

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Dr. Ebony Jade Hilton: 'There Are More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death'


  1. The Conman promised COVID would “magically disappear in 15 days” and many believed him. The reality is much different than the grift.😅

    1. LMAO! Trump’s fault! OMG – yeah – President Brain Spiders McBooger Eater is doing such a great job at mismanaging the Chinese created bioweapon? GTFO! Life under Trump/Russia is better than life under biden/ccp

    2. @Jim River no it doesn’t. The smallest hole on a mask is 1000 times bigger than a virus particle.

    3. @Wisconsin Man US life expectancy has dropped by over a year. 600K deaths in US….not that bad??? 🤯. What if a city with 600K people were wiped off the map by Islamists, would you still say: not that big a deal?

    1. @J B I don’t know if my honorable discharge from the United States Army National Guard fits with your liberal indoctrination?🤔

  2. I went to a sports arena concert in Austin the other night. Everyone was in a mask. 6 months ago there would not have been many masks. I think people are acting more responsible in general. Hope more people get vaccinated.

    1. Have you seen pix from Blues on the Green in Austin??? No one is wearing masks and they are packed like sardines the closer you get to the stage. People are under the impression they are fine outdoors, regardless of how close you are and shouting and singing and jostling. Austin is due a major surge. *Just now on twitter: BREAKING: Austin health officials say the city has now crossed into Stage 5 risk for COVID-19 spread.

    2. The comments from the MAGA (Manipulated American Gullible Aholes) & the like, as usual, is very entertaining. They hate FACTS (Facts Always Confuse Trump Supporters) & that alone shows their education has apparently failed and their parents.

    3. Because Austin has a much higher percentage of people who can think than the rest of Texas. A blue island in a red sea

  3. Our “lockdowns” didn’t work because they were a joke not because travel restrictions and lockdowns don’t work. It’s like we take no evidence into account unless it happend in the USA 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  4. Remember if you had Corona virus in the last year Your not fully protected you can get Delta varient and YOU CAN GET COVID TWICE

    1. The far right is *finally* starting to figure out that having their voter base die off isn’t a good plan.

  5. If vaccinated people can transmit this virus, like an unvaccinated person..wearing a mask is necessary in EVERY setting.

    1. @james wheeler Sure, when it makes sense, in close quarters. But wearing a mask while walking around the neighborhood alone is silly.

    2. @dozzer009 I’m responding to Sonja Kracke who said “EVERY setting.” And it wasn’t too long ago that here in Los Angeles we were required to wear masks when walking alone through the neighborhood. So you’re wrong.

    3. They didn’t say a vaccinated person can transmit the virus like an unvaccinated person. They were talking about the rare breakthrough cases where a vaccinated person gets covid. If you get covid, whether you’re vaccinated or not, you can infect others. But there’s no one size fits all approach to this (or there doesn’t need to be). If you’re in a highly vaccinated area and you’re vaccinated yourself, then a mask doesn’t accomplish much. If you’re in a low vaccination area or have unvaccinated or at risk people in your family, then you might want to wear a mask to avoid unknowingly infecting somebody with an infection that you didn’t know you had.

  6. 1:27 “out of all the measures we’ve had, travel restrictions and lock downs have had the least effect on stopping this virus…” That is because they have never been implemented soon enough and thoroughly enough in the US. Countries as diverse as China and New Zealand are proof that a “go early and go hard” strategy can work. But it requires leadership and a certain degree of social cohesiveness. Outcomes reveal that both of these attributes are sadly lacking in the US. American exceptionalism indeed.

  7. “There Are More Consequences To Covid-19 Than Just Death” … That’s what SO many of the anti-vax nutters don’t comprehend. Trying to explain it to them is hopeless.

  8. You did not have lockdowns to the extent that they would have made a difference. Internally, there were virtually no state-to-state restrictions. Flying was curtailed but not ground transit. Canada set up inter-provincial barriers and mandatory COVID quarantine periods for those who did travel. The 4 maritime provinces had 9,900 cases and 146 deaths in a population of 2.5 million (roughly the size of N. & S. Dakota and Wyoming) Those states had 300,000 cases and nearly 4,000 deaths. So lockdowns DO work … you just never tried.

  9. ,14 day complete lock down ,for everyone in every country,it’s just impossible but it’s are only shot ,justsayn.

  10. To the Long Haulers . . . You have not been forgotten . . . Hoping and praying for medical remedies for you soon.

  11. 26 year old in Texas. Got Covid, had diabetes, the inherited kind. 4 months on respirator…..rest of life on supplemental oxygen as lungs are so badly damaged. Death is not the only result.

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