Dr. Emanuel And Dr. Pernell Answer Your Questions On COVID And Vaccines | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Dr. Emanuel And Dr. Pernell Answer Your Questions On COVID And Vaccines | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Dr. Zeke Emanuel and Dr. Chris Pernell join Andrea Mitchell to answer viewer questions about vaccine hesitancy among people of color, genomic sequencing, and the vaccine's effectiveness for older adults. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Dr. Emanuel And Dr. Pernell Answer Your Questions On COVID And Vaccines | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. How was it wasted ? It takes time to get a vaccine . And Biden wanted the FDA to delay the vaccine when trump was president . Biden is a liar and a conman . He hates black people and his slurs and gaffs get covered up by the media and his press secretary doesn’t answer questions and the media have gone softball on him

  1. Got my first jab here in Britain today. I’m absolutely fine, though some radioactive superpowers would have been welcome.

  2. President Biden mentioned mobile units, to go to the elderly and those in rural areas. I’m glad someone has a plan.

    1. Maybe you should take a tour of a local hospital and meet everyone involved and get the facts in person. No need to wear a mask. After all, it’s completely over blown. I assume this experience will show you if it’s fake or not. Remember, no need to protect yourself …

    2. I have no intention of changing your mind.
      You are free to make your own decisions and your own mistakes.
      I can’t fix stupid, nor is it my responsibility to fix stupid.
      The MO DumbAszez that die of COVID, the BETTA!
      Live free, die free.

  3. “Hi, I’m new here. My name is Rush.”
    “Hey, name’s Jeffrey. Jeffrey Epstein.”
    “Looks like we’re gonna be bunk mates. Boy. It is HOT down here.”

  4. Even In death the democrats show evil and hatred . Not to someone who is bad or nasty but purely because they had a different point of view and different political leaning .

    1. In his later years, Rush Limbaugh had to stop going to the beach.
      People kept trying to roll him into the surf…
      Fat A-Hole!

    1. I fully expected Democratic leadership to take immediate competent action on COVID-19.
      It should be expected of all leaders.
      It positively has nothing to do with “the gods”.
      We should be complaining that it needs to “go even faster”.
      EVERYTHING (health, social, financial) is going to limp along until this virus is beaten.

  5. Are they REAL doctors, or REAL doctor like in “Dr. Jill Biden”. There is a lot of misinformation going around, MSNBC.


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