Dr. Fauci asked if he feels 'free' under Biden. Hear his response 1

Dr. Fauci asked if he feels ‘free’ under Biden. Hear his response


During a White House press briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci told reporters that he feels liberated to speak freely and honestly about the coronavirus pandemic and the science behind it under the Biden administration.

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    1. @MrRocktex1978 As of right now, all of the current trends in daily cases, daily and cumulative deaths, lack of available care in hospitals, lack of supplies, lack of vaccine distribution infrastructure ARE ALL ON TRUMP.

    2. @MrRocktex1978 problems and adversaries and attacks will occur. That’s the world we live in. It’s how you respond to those adverse situations. And because Trump was the one in charge of the response, he almost ruined our country

    3. @zev bronshteyn apologies, that was meant to be directed at MrRocktex n trump. I was actually agreeing with n supporting ur comment…my bad:)

  1. It’s so refreshing to see a person behind that podium actually giving out information and not lying about everything. Long overdue.

    1. @Boo Boo Trump also said it was going to just disappear! He Lied…about basically everything, ever. I wouldn’t doubt that every word that ever came out of his mouth was a lie. Try again.

    2. “If the LAST President, was never a LAWYER, never a Mayor, never a Senator and by over night becomes the PRESIDENT??..how does one expect him to run the country in good conduct and trenspaircy

    3. At least Fauci can tell all of us the truth and nothing but the truth without retaliation ,the same goes when all of us visit our medical professionals we want the truth PERIOD.

    1. @Jack Soxman hay, I didn’t say nothing about the boarder. Let me ease your fears, Bidens “path to citizenship ” is long (5 year wait on day 1) and they have to pay extra taxes the whole time. The gov. Gets what they want $$$$.You get what you want, eaven less people will get through the system. And the immigrants get what they want. Hope

    2. Not that insane… but, I am elated to see a clean, fresh Administration begin working for their constituents so swiftly

    1. @Steve Aubin No wonder about it! The audience doesn’t cheer for you, by pissing them off. Giving names like fake news media and other bs!

    2. @Nicole Thornsbury or talk about crowd sizes,1, to stroke somebodys ego,and 2,because they had no coherent policy to talk about

    3. @Steam fish White rice im hoping the impeachment trial remedies that,spineless gop cowards need to do the right thing

    1. @Turd Ferguson Give trumputin… NOTHING….. when he got in front of the press it was lies, bullshit, misinformation, insults, conspiracy theories etc……..

    2. @Di Iyke Clearly you’re not accustomed to people falsely attacking the press. This was a standard press briefing.

    3. @Turd Ferguson It’s better to stay quiet than putting yourself in front of the press everyday and just spewed lies and garbage like Trump. So he gets no credit for that.

  2. When she said “Moments ago the President released…”
    Am I the only one who reflexively gasped “OMG! What’s he done now?!? … Oh… Wait … (whew…)”

    1. I should imagine a good many Americans are suffering from a range of symptoms of PTSD..For 4 years you have had to sit on the edge of your chair..Your nervous systems on high alert..It will take time for you systems to adapt to a safer and calmer reality..

    1. So refreshing. Liberal morons going to sleep while still no healthcare. People laughing at the people who don’t have healthcare. Or no stimulus checks. Or the wars keep going.
      So refreshing. Maybe if you paid attention to what is going on (that means turn off cable media), and bought a clue you’d no better.

    2. @Steam fish White rice why? People got healthcare? Stimulus checks that were promised immediately? Wars ending? That makes people happy?

    3. @A D I felt the same way 4 years ago when trump won the election lol
      But the one thing I didn’t think about was hurting anyone!

  3. You mean to tell me i clicked this video just to hear him say: “Hell YEAH i feel free as a bird!” What a let down .

    Honestly its so good to see him smiling.

    1. The Dr.also lost all the wrinkles from his forehead, that DONALD TRUMP inflict on him..he even looks younger..

  4. The fact that reporters and the interviewees are engaging in dialogue, laughing together, and the reporters are allowed to ask questions without being shunned is confirmation we are moving in the right direction.

    1. I always cringed when Trump would disrespect a member of the news media who are only doing their job! At first I thought- why so defensive- but Trumps true colors soon became apparent and they certainly weren’t red,white and blue!

    2. I kept hearing the phrase ‘circle back’ referring to going back to an earlier point or question. Kayleigh McEnany used to shut down efforts to circle back, and would go so far as to tell people, “I’ve already covered that and I’m not going to discuss it further.” Her job was to dispense bs not to allow a free discussion of issues.

    3. @Jay Dobbins To be fair, it’s only the arrogant selfish ones that act that way. Especially for both sides. That’s why I’m hoping things change for the better.

    4. @Motivated Vergil I agree, the republican party as a whole isn’t bad, its the trumptards that go along with everything he says that make it look bad. Republicans are good people too

  5. Strangest thing: this actually made me emotional to see everyone at a WH press conference in a better mood and speaking about finally taking COVID seriously

    1. It would be strange NOT to feel this way… That was one of the most genuine laughs I’ve seen from Dr. Fauci in a long time.

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