Dr. Fauci Breaks Down Possible Timeline For Child Vaccines

Dr. Fauci explains how and when the Covid vaccine will likely be approved for children under 12 years old. 
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    1. @Denise Skinner yes, and SARS and H1N1, EBOLI..THESE CONSPIRACY LOONS CALL EVERYTHING ANYTHING FOR 15 minutes of Fame. Put your Trust and Faith in GOD above

    2. @Maggie Hubbard Exactly! Why are we hoarding when the variants are coming from other countries who don’t have enough!

  1. Dr. Fauci never ceases to amaze me with his amazing foresight of what’s going to happen in the future. It’s as if it was ALL preplanned.

    1. They planned for the stupidity of the US population? That’s the only thing that’s gone wrong here. You’re right about plans. There were plans. You appear to have thrown them out the window along with any common sense many of them had!

    2. @Bar Reynolds Nothing they have said about this pandemic has been correct though. They are absolutely not going by science. They are going by fear. Telling us most people will die if we don’t go into lockdown, if we don’t wear double masks. Telling us if not every single person gets the vaccine we are all doomed. Nothing they have said adds up and doing every single thing they have told us to do has not helped at all. I wore a mask, I stayed home and I still got Covid. So did other people I know. It’s time to start living again, to start ignoring these idiots that work for the government. Instead, listen to your doctor.

    1. @Chris Delgado Just because you don’t understand something does not mean it is untrue. You don’t understand Kirchhoff’s law either but your computer still works.

    2. @Cappy You completely missed the point. If this virus was so deadly as they say it is, they wouldn’t be putting hundreds of kids in the same school where they’re bound to get covid

  2. “One thing is for sure: Vaccinated people can get infected, and they can transmit to other vaccinated people,” Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday. “Vax-on-vax transmission has happened.”

    1. If you hit your head on something, you will be rushed to a vaccinated doctor in a mask. If you think that doctor is stupid, or evil, commit now to staying home if you get sick or hurt.

    2. We also have under reported cases of vaccinated people ended up in the hospital and on ventilators My question is it from the covid or from the vaccine that weekend their immune system for them to get covid . I run into more and more people are getting sick after the vaccine🤷‍♀️

    3. @decuk oppe If you go on the odyssey channel you’ll be able to see a German group of scientists finding some kind of blood abnormormalty now from vaccinated time time will tell. After all the fda has approved many of medicine ect throughout the years that got people killed. I believe within the next 3 to 10 years we will see a bunch of rare new cancers coming

    4. Vax on vax is happening but at a extremely low rate. An unvaccinated person using no precautions (no mask, no distancing, prolonged contact) has a nearly 100% chance of being infected when exposed. A vaccinated person with the same conditions is just 5%. This is why 98% of all hospitalizations are of the unvaccinated.

    5. So doesn’t taht make vaccine-passports meaningless? I mean you’re just as likely to become infected from a vaxxed person as an unvaxxed person. Or is it just a power/control thing?

  3. My entire town is gonna be in quarantine my Monday, they reopened everything for football season -_- woo

    Edit:American Football

  4. Absolutely you will be in for a surge in cases since so few of you follow protocols, and public health measures are pitiable.

  5. I had a friend who was pregnant and told me she would wait to vaccinate it. I tried to tell her do before the baby will have natural immunity. Stupid choice. RIP GRACE. Wish we had a life time together. I’ll take of Mom. Go with God.

  6. Woman “My body, my choice.”
    Pro-lifer “Not so fast.”

    Face-masked woman” My body, my choice.”
    Pro-lifer “Not so fast.”

    1. @Mike Cook perhaps you would enjoy being forced to reproduce. Women do not. Anyone forced to become pregnant against their will and forced to carry that pregnancy to term is not a free person. Read John Irving’s book The Cider House Rules. It’s been awhile since the US was like that. That’s where Texas is headed.. not everyone is as free as you are.. perhaps DNA should be collected at birth so men can support their children. Find a solution that isn’t judgmental.

    2. Oh stfu this isn’t about you wanting to murder dark babies! This shot is poison, fauci funded the virus. If children aren’t vulnerable to the virus is there any benign reason to subject them to medical experimentation? Can you think of a maligned one?

    3. @Zig Zag 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️The left is really reachin. Remember minorities are too poor to move due to oppression so your statement is racist and biased toward the privileged white male who has the means to move to a new state

    1. EXACTLY!!!! Why are the people we pay to protect PUBLIC HEALTH allowing this dangerous practice to persist? Those with prior immunity have a 26% greater chance of having a bad reaction from the vaccine, and we still don’t know the effect of A.D.E.

    2. @jan van ruth They ONLY “follow the money” of those selling herbal supplements & health products. They NEVER follow the money of Fauci, Gates, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Gilead Sciences, Inc, Johnson&Johnson, not to mention Microsoft, Google, Facebook, & Twitter.

    3. @Becky Johnson they should not only follow the money from those selling the herbal supplements & heath products but also seize it and put the sellers in jail.

  7. “Albert Bourla is a Greek veterinarian and the chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company.” -Wikipedia

  8. Post the long-term safety data for the vaccine. I’ll wait … (and no, “studying” something is not safety data)

  9. Yep!! Every high placed ppl have warnings for the ppl, dems or repub it doesn’t matter!!
    Its now ppl Vs “not ppl”.
    They have all lost their credibility!!

  10. The same company that’s giving u the shot also research to see if their vaccine is the cause of death or any adverse side effects. Do u think they’ll come out on television and say this many died and this many is being treated for permanent side effects. That’s bad for business!

  11. If they say kids under 12 can be vaccinated by the end of September/ beginning of October I’ll be the first in line!

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