Dr. Fauci Calls New CDC Mask Guidelines A 'Step Toward Normality' 1

Dr. Fauci Calls New CDC Mask Guidelines A ‘Step Toward Normality’


Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the new mask guidelines put out by the Centers for Disease Control that fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks indoors. He addresses how vaccine effectiveness played into the decision and what the next steps in vaccinating younger Americans may be.
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  1. Science over politics any day every day. We shouldn’t be in this position at all. My Aunt and Uncle died from Covid also my Son and Daughter in Law was hospitalized. Believe what you want but i got good grades in science class.

    1. @Paul Wilson says the people who literally can’t let him go and still follow him around like the little sheeple they are.

    2. Eight members of the New York Yankees have tested positive for Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated. Among them was shortstop Gleyber Torres, who was not only vaccinated but had Covid-19 already as well.

    1. Covid won’t disappear as long as there people who aren’t vaccinated, like small pox. Small pox had
      it’s share of anti-vaxers. The same with polio. Some people are still stuck in the Dark Ages.

    2. @Mike Barry that’s bs!! What was the cure for the biggest killer The Spanish flu? I’ll wait.

    3. @Mike Barry Yeah, all these people are crazy to not get a zero safety data, zero liability, experimental booster shot!
      Just lie down and be big pharma’s beech and live that submissive lab rat life you’ve always dreamed about. Those people with regular immune systems are complete Luddites bro!

  2. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, what a miracle, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    1. Well of course. Right now I have one of those magnetic bottle openers there. It’s very convenient

  3. It’s nice to see the pandemic itself and mask mandates that started under Trump are now being eliminated under Biden, proving yet again that we made the right choice.

  4. As Rachel Maddow intoned a lot of people are going to have to rewire themselves. A near year and a half of non stop Covid-19 fearmongering has pretty much irreparably demoralized and reconditioned people.

  5. I’m so sick of this glory hound. Him and his twenty show a day. He knew about this. Give it a few months and the truth will come out. Let’s take our country back. Fauci has no right to tell us what to do

  6. CDC says to use PCR CT of 28 to calculate vaccine “breakthrough cases” guaranteeing an undercount. But 40 CT is still okay for “covid” cases in unvaccinated!
    Ha ha. How obvious can this get?

  7. *Dr. Fauci:* Any PCR-positive with a CT over 35 is “just dead nucleotides, PERIOD.” – TWiV # 641
    *ALSO Dr. Fauci:* Let’s keep testing everyone with the PCR-positive cutoff at 40 CT, guaranteeing massive false-positives!

  8. Dr. Fauci offshored the gain of function experiments from Dr. Ralph Baric UNC CHAPEL HILL, to Dr. Shi Zhengli WUHAN P4 LAB, where the “leak” occured unleashing a chimera pandemic on the world… just as Dr. Fauci predicted in a infamous speech in 2017. This criminal should be tried at Nuremberg 2.0 & face the gallows!

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