1. Dr. Fauci looks like Anderson’s uncle (the hairline is uncanny!) 😆 (Sorry, we could all use a little levity wherever we can find it these days…)

    1. We found in the past when humans moved to new contents they discovered and suffered new illnesses native to that land. So yea go right on ahead to a whole different planet you’ll be safe I’m sure.

  2. Just label everyone a protester, there’s your vaccine. Have you heard in the media one protester getting or spreading the virus? Of course this absurd. Europeans are entering the second faze.

  3. That first parent question is on EVERY parents mind right now! (Because of my health I have to homeschool) but that is the million dollar question for most families right now. Especially single parents that have a younger child at home that can’t care for themselves if mom or dad has to work that day. This pandemic is a complete nightmare!

    1. If you a single parent and have no one to help out. Here’s an idea if you have held down a job for a long time and can trust a co work that works opposite shifts as you ask them for help you might either have to spend some money or they might ask you to watch there kids but thats the point is it working together helping each other out.

    2. It’s a political scam the Democrats got this going they needed something to destroy our economy and they came up with this there in cahoots with the Chinese to vote for Biden is a vote for China we better hope to God that doesn’t happen because we are destroyed after that well, higher taxes and you won’t be able to do anything regulated to death

    3. @Michael Wachendorf I’m not a single mom, but I was for 9 years… And not all situations give that trust or time options. And I have worked… I served 16 years in the Army and have a college degree… What sacrifice have you given to your country! But now I have Cancer… So before you get up on your high horse… Realize, not all people are in a situation where those options are available!

    4. @Paul Demeester our country is already destroyed… We need more than a change in president to fix the hell hole we are now in!

    5. Marian Pizeno More than a change in presidency who would that be Trump is the best president this country has ever had he’s just not allowed to leave because we have a two party system and the Democrats can’t do anything right they don’t do anything except try to get him out of office whatever happened to running the country which was what they were hired to do

  4. The pandemic is too bad to have the election but not bad enough to keep schools closed.

    1. *_Fox & Friends video about Twitter defends censoring Trump, not Iran leader, Trump defends suggestion on election delay, dems unleash attack on Trump election comment _**_https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn9QR7y8yr532fsUNMq-2Aw_**_ . Do watch it guys._*

    1. Your only depressed because your house isn’t a happy house yourself can change that by changing the way your thinking. If your depressed because your bored well id rather be bored and healthy then entertained for a short period of time and extremely ill later.

  5. Going into this pandemic I had 7 employees . Now me and my wife are back to doing everything. We worked 8 years every day before we could even hire one extra person . This is terrible for me and millions other just like
    Me . God bless America

    1. @cat videos uh no i would like a national tracing program, national testing programs,. for the CDC guidelines to be returned, fauci to be in a more powerful position, and oh yes! trump’s removal.

    2. I am sorry for your hardship. I hope things get better and can turn around…
      I will tell you what I have told many others… the only way out of this is through…. and I know it isnt much comfort…. but it was advice given to me when I went throigh my first brain surgery and wanted to give up…. and it has helped me through some tough days when pain gets the best of me…. remembering that there has to be an end if I can just get through this period….
      Good luck

    3. Walmart is the brick and motor store of the NWO. Amazon is the web store of the NWO. Small businesses they are destroying. Maybe post office is in on it too. I ordered some foam from a small business and a month later I still hadn’t gotten it. Order thru Amazon. 4 days. They have the fall of the USA all figured out and CNN is their biggest helper.

    4. @Angela Fisher You are right, the only way is through this. But that does not mean ignore the problem and not tackle them. The equivalent would be if the doctor ignored your condition and pretend it does not exist or pretend that you don`t need a surgery. When there is a problem, it should get fixed, not pretend that it does not exist, which happened with this administration. If he had taken steps recommended to prevent the spread, this poor guy could have had his business open by now with confident clients and have a somewhat of a normal life.

  6. We have handled this virus in a way that say “let the weak and elderly die”They dont help our economy anyways.Sound evil to me

    1. Cal Aylmer jeesh😳 didn’t mean to upset ya maybe you should take a break from the internet 😣

    2. You can say it’s apples and oranges but I’m just demonstrating how we already make decisions in everyday life to choose freedom and quality of life over absolute 100% safety at all costs. It’s a cost/benefit analysis and at some point we’re going to have to make that decision, do we keep everything shut down forever because of 80 year olds and people with diabetes?

    3. @UC9WTeEaChXPejKGuhhzs_2Q Look globally.The most powerful country in the world is struggling the most.We became the most powerful country because we do whts right.We aren’t right now

    4. @Bonaoa Aoaiia do you have any idea how lame that video is at this point? Try finding something original.

    5. @this was missing on youtube so i posted it
      The fact tht u dnt see whts going on,truly makes me feel bad for u
      Dont affect you till grandma dies

  7. Thank you for thoughtful questions and answers. Sadly, answers, at this point are just not very satisfying. We have a long journey before we can let our guard down.

  8. I’m 100% sure i had this virus back at Christmas, and when i finally recovered from the fever and coughing that caused me to tear all my stomach muscles
    I then had strength to get myself to the doctors after 9 days of hell and 3 days to wait to get in to see doctor.
    I was not tested, as Doctors were not clued up on this virus

    Anyway my point is, why weren’t doctors educated upon first deaths
    and why don’t we have in place to re-test existing sufferers on a weekly basis, To make sure they are not now carriers.
    or have a dormant viruz that may come back worse when the body is run down.

  9. I’m wondering how they will know how long immunity from a vaccine will last since it hasn’t even been a year since they started the study.

    1. Exactly. They don’t but they’re going to push it anyway. ‘Chip’ping away at America under the Gates Fauci regime .

  10. We need to go back to lockdown its just gonna get worst espacially school time we’re doing horrble and other nations are doing a better job like New Zealand for example

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