Dr. Fauci Hopes Covid Vaccine Distribution Will Be ‘Gaining Momentum’ After Slow Start

Dr. Fauci Hopes Covid Vaccine Distribution Will Be 'Gaining Momentum' After Slow Start 1


Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Andrea Mitchell he believes the efforts to distribute Covid-19 vaccines will be "gaining momentum" after a slower than expected start. Aired on 12/31/2020.
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Dr. Fauci Hopes Covid Vaccine Distribution Will Be 'Gaining Momentum' After Slow Start

32 Comments on "Dr. Fauci Hopes Covid Vaccine Distribution Will Be ‘Gaining Momentum’ After Slow Start"

  1. I just don’t understand why they would wait UNTIL they have a vaccine to come up with a plan to efficiently distribute & vaccinate..

    • It’s literally like making a pizza pie yet once it comes out the oven not having a box ready

    • Because they had this vaccine all along, they are losing the narrative and people are seeing their lies, that’s why they are trying to vaccinate as many as they can before this lie blows up in their face.

    • @camtoetickler bingo..there is no pandemic this is a depopulation agenda via vaccination orchestrated by these agents of satan. Massive vaccine deaths will be blamed on covid getting worse or new virus mutation. Tighter and tighter restrictions will be coming meanwhile our rights freedoms and liberties will be stripped from us. Life will never go back to normal again. Jesus christ is coming back for the rapture(this decade) dont get left behind from rapture to face great tribulation coming to earth. America will be nuked and invaded by russia and china in near future to usher in new world order. Nwo beast system led by antichrist obama and false prophet pope francis ready to take over after rapture. Fema concentration camps will be activated around the world post rapture. Refuse coming vaccine and rfid chip implant aka mark of beast at all costs

    • @Daebak
      Careful, you wouldn’t want people to think you actually believed any of that. How embarrassing

    • @Jock Young exactly. I believe whatever msnbc and cnn tell me. I trust the one owner of all these networks.

  2. Mykola Rieland | December 31, 2020 at 2:46 PM | Reply

    We are discontented because we don’t know what to do with what is and being discontented with what is, we develop the idea of what should be. So our action then is based on an idea and the approximation to that idea is action and there is conflict between what is and should be.

  3. Maurice Battle | December 31, 2020 at 2:53 PM | Reply

    That’s what she said!

  4. MSNBC And Dr Fauci make things up as needed to make the US suffer. I don’t trust this man .He’s a democrat puppet. be gone

    • He’s been is this position since Reagan, so … no

    • Fletcher Christian | December 31, 2020 at 4:24 PM | Reply

      Earn that vodka comrade!
      Please be aware folks that Russian paid trolls are spreading anti vaccination propaganda and covid misinformation. Putin wants as many Americans dead as possible and more chaos. Putin has opened troll farms in India, Ghana and Ecuador.

  5. F. Puttstycker | December 31, 2020 at 3:45 PM | Reply

    Too polite fauci! …..Sad when the great ship went down so sad…..🎶

  6. When American sense of individual independence precludes caring for others it ceases to be something for which we be should proud and becomes a handicap

    • Cool! come over clean my house and pay my bills – nope you won’t, but you’ll put a dirty rag over your face to show boat?= we’ve reached peak insanity

    • good news That’s not independence. You just asked for slavery, not help. You decided to be dirty, you don’t decide to make others clean it up. That was your independent choice.
      Your understanding of these morals are skewed.
      Plus, if you’re hinting at socialism, you need to pay into the system and only receive hello you need, not the ones you simply demand.

    • @ThePinkBinks I was making a joke – but – I neither need or want you to be responsible for 1) my health 2)my house or 3) my bills – BUT we are 10 months into this insanity and my ability to earn and function has been infringed upon. No one needs to fear a strain of the flu. Masks are being sold as an act of consideration when they are dangerous. If there is something so deadly – then the growing homeless camp down the highway would have been wiped out. They are thriving.

    • @ThePinkBinks and BTW you HAVE socialism – the money just flows up the food chain. Your central bank assured that.

    • good news So you say you’re making a joke, then you say you meant it? Okay.
      Also, what’s this “your”? I’m not American as you seem to believe so it’s not “my” government or banks etc.
      I’ve got a good understanding of what the types of socialism are and the twisted definitions about half of Americans use and I find it horrifying that all those people have an incorrect definition of these basic political words. The people who need to know right now (you), don’t know what they mean and it’s about to cause a war.
      If you can’t even agree on what the words mean with your neighbours, how do you expect to get along?
      It’s scary that you don’t understand those words enough to the point where you think your “joke” would actually make sense and that you could even claim it was a joke.
      You’re one of those people who believes that if I disagree with you on one thing, I must then believe the opposite of all you believe. It’s not true. People like that, like you, who also get the definitions of basic words wrong are causing all the trouble here because you can’t communicate. I’m sick of it.
      Then again why am I bothering when “foreigner” probably also means “enemy” in your lexicon; even when it’s officially an ally…

  7. Don the Con and Jared need to work harder to move the missing 12M doses on the black market as they only have a few days left in their grifting careers. NY AG has can have them both starting January 21st.

  8. Yeah Right he’s talking around number 45 without saying his Name it willl. Be another year and more will be Dead before that Same Number will be Vaccinated??

  9. Hardly Working | December 31, 2020 at 6:12 PM | Reply

    More like “Trump going down ramp” speed

  10. 1wildwackywoman | December 31, 2020 at 8:24 PM | Reply

    Fauci is starting to sound a lot like back in the day when PPE and testing/contract tracing…. was coming just around the corner, next week, next month….. disgraceful!

  11. That ALUMINIUM n MERCURY in the vaccine has lots of side effects over time and human body DOESN’T accept thise metals like Zinc, Gold, Magnesium

  12. Is BGates a scientist and why is 90 pct involved in this vaccine in laboratories….. ???

  13. Please DISCLOSE the facts of the leak of coronah viros in ford Derrick …. ????

  14. Why can’t you ACCEPT the india/China/Australia vaccines which are at par wif pfizer if not better and part to save the SPREAD of the virus…… ???

  15. Cut long story short, MARKETING N PROFITEERING is main objective as vaccine needs years if not decades to call a vaccine…..???? To this day, NOTHING has been said to public WHAT IS IN THAT VACCINE….???
    There is NO evidence or trials carried out in other strains and u make one vaccine for ALL STRAINS…. wtf is tis… ???

  16. No clinical trials and side effects in other countries strains and treating HUMANS AS GUINEA PIGS….????

  17. Other countries are prescribing Vit D and Vit C to patients in hospitals and panadols for fever…. FULL STOP…. ????

  18. Thank you for all your hard work Dr Fauci.

  19. richard chapman | December 31, 2020 at 11:51 PM | Reply

    Resources to administer the covid vacine is on the horizon of January 20, 2021!
    The shambles of the self indulgent TRUMP fiasco can depart on that date!

  20. Thank Trump for that because he had no plan to do anything about getting this done he is a failure big time

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