Dr. Fauci: Hospitals Becoming Overrun Due To COVID Is A Tragedy 1

Dr. Fauci: Hospitals Becoming Overrun Due To COVID Is A Tragedy


COVID-19 booster shots, in terms of why they are necessary while the vaccines do work, are explained by Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci also addresses hospitals being overrun due to COVID-19, telling Joy Reid, ‘What you're seeing is entirely predictable, if you don't get people vaccinated, and yet entirely preventable by vaccine.’
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  1. Why do we have wars? Why do we care about land? Were talking about human beings dying because of land gain or from politics.

    1. You are a child. Religion is the issue. Do you know what a Sunni Muslim is? Have you read the Quran/Koran?

    2. @Abe Sapien Many were on the brink of death. Most are not healthy. And it’s still Fauci’s bioweapon.

    3. @Abe Sapien well there’s heart disease, diabetes and cancer that claimed 3.7 million ppl just last year in this history alone

    1. If you mean the question about Evangelicals and masks then you’re right, it wasn’t answered. I suspect he dodged the actual question because the answer is ‘Trump politicised them and idiots blindly followed his lead’ because that would be focused on instead of the health message he’s trying to illustrate.

    1. Unfortunately, the unvaccinated fools filling our ICUs & Emergency Departments STILL don’t understand how this is all their fault; how we had a small window of opportunity which the trumpturds & GOP politicians/murderers slammed it SHUT for ALL of US.

    2. You get the vaccine if you already had Covid because we don’t know how long the antibodies last, especially if you got Covid prior to Delta. You don’t want to ASSUME you get lifetime immunity, because it might not be true.

    3. @Lisa Ortiz we signed up to get it as soon as there was availability for our age group back in May, we should be safe until January but the spouse had a bad reaction (co-morbidities) so he probably can’t get the third shot, I will have to get it in his place to keep Covid from getting to him since we have the blessing of him working remote away from exposure.

      But neither of us had Covid prior to the shot, and I will continue making his life comfortable as a bubble boy for as long as I have to, I won’t lose the most precious person in my life thanks to other people’s selfishness.

    1. @T. R. Campbell
      Really? Palantir, Blackrock, Blackstone, Vanguard Group, Salesforce, etc? I don’t want any Pfizer jab, thanks, dude. You can have mine, enjoy.
      I don’t want a Tesla or a rocket either. I can’t afford a MOAB or even a Hummer. These companies LIVE off of Government Contracts. I have no say in their involvement in this Republic, yet they pay the politicians for their compliance and force them to submit to their agendas.

    2. @Octavius Chan
      Uh, right, that’s what I said. They masquerade as Corporations, but they are the Government.
      And if ole Epstein had nothing to do with some of this control, like deep, dark, ugly stuff on his “friends” at the Honey Pot House, my name is Davy Jones.

    3. Governments are fronts for corporations. Yes, follow the money and where does it end up? To private central banking corporations in every country to international private banking conglomerates like the World Bank, IMF, and the Bank of International Settlements. Lastly, into the control of certain families like the Rothschilds and Warburgs to the best of my knowledge. There’s likely many secret top bankers and banking families that hardly anyone knows about and yet they basically “own” the world while producing no real value or work whatsoever. It is completely parasitic and theft at a global level.

  2. In a country like the US is unbelievable that only 51% get fully vaccinated versus 600% of vaccine doses in storage.

    1. You get the never been tried not approved FDA vaccine. Im good. Your protected right? Your chance of dying is incredibly low according to Dr. Fraud Fauci. But if it’s so safe and effective why a booster shot on eight months????

    2. @Demetri jackson Because of the puerile who refuse to take the vaccine, wear a mask and social distance. It has allowed the virus to mutate. This is why we have to get a different flu shot every year. Covid isn’t the flu, it’s more deadly and more transmissible. At the moment, the virus is strong enough to get past the virus. A booster may prevent that. Regardless, it does seem to increase the likelihood of survival and possibly less chances of long term damage. Yes. A lot of people have survived, but their lungs are damaged. Immunocompromised people already have weak immune systems. What gets me is these people refusing the vaccine because isn’t only emergency authorization are willing to take the Regeneron treatment and it’s only emergency authorized. Just it because Trump said it was good and the vaccine was questionable? Odd, Trump prided himself in rushing the vaccine until it wasnt ready in time for the elections. He lost the electron, it was announced it was ready a day later and all the sudden the vaccine might not be so good???? It was good it Trump win, but since Biden won nah???

  3. Do U.S. parents resist routinely resist innoculations for newborn babies. Does resistance begin from the outset and continue in later life?

  4. The booster shots are not for “all Americans,” they are for those who are fully vaccinated with either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine.

    1. I had J&J and recently tested positive… It did what it said it would do.. Very mild symptoms. Tired basically. So I hope that helps.

    2. World Health Organization is asking rich countries NOT to give booster shots because poor countries are still short on vaccines

      Rich countries are unwilling to share their vaccines.
      So it isn’t about stopping COVID,nor about saving lives.

      All about greed and control.

    3. @s g Not true – not saying that Thailand is poor, but the US has shipped millions of doses there already.

    4. @AliensAnonymous You got your second shot already of j&j? Im not surprised about you testing positive tho, as long as it keeps your symptoms mild, thats all that matters.


  6. I have this question . – of all the Covid deaths how many of those had a regular flu shot . I’ve had both the Covid and flu shots .

    1. Well, when you look at the countries with the highest rate of flu shot those are also the countries with the highest covid death rate.

      Now maybe people will say yeah but an older population is going to have more shots and also more covid deaths. But countries with older populations and low flu uptake don’t make the list.

  7. As an educator I am mixed on the issue on masks. As Gov. Desantis (of FL)stated, it should be up to the parents to decide. Because I am finding that some students are pulling down/off the mask just to breathe in the classroom…especially at the elementary grade level (6th grade from my experience). A few even stated they felt hot while wearing the masks in the classroom.

  8. U. Cal. San Francisco Grand Rounds (2nd speaker): “If Florida was a country, it would lead the world in transmissibility of COVID-19. If Florida was a country, the U.S. State Department would issue an advisory would telling other Americans not to go there.”

  9. This man looks more exhausted every time I see him..it has to be absolutely draining to have to explain over and over again science to people who will never get it..hang in there Dr. Fauci..we appreciate you

  10. I am afraid that Biden is on his last breath. He can not be a vibrant image of a man of sound mind and body too much longer . So, who’s next?

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