1. Can you imagine what those masks look like at the end of the day. You might as well be strapping a dish sponge to your kids face. So silly.

    1. @Mark Angry? I giggle every morning to see hoe many brilliant health experts have died from unnecessary COVID illness. It’s running about 2200, or 550 Benghazs a day. Those are better than global ground war numbers. The conversations they have with nurses are hysterical:
      What’s wrong with me???

      You have Covid.

      But that’s not reeeal!

      Cool. Can I get you a cab ride home?

      Okay. I’ll get the vaccine.

      It’s too late.

      You got any of those cool fridge jou Rogan talked about”

    2. @James Guy Photography Is that why your comments are so filled with anger & hatred, as can be seen in your above comments?

    3. @James Guy Photography There you go, again, with that “2200” figure! Again, with an average age of over 80, and with an avg of four serious underlying health issues. There will probably be a few gunshot victims that they report as a covid death, as well.

  2. Remote learning has been around for decades. But it only works for families and individuals who are willing to put in the work. People today are used to near instant gratification and dont really know what a true human connection is.

  3. The greatest challenge of this world is knowing enough about a subject to think you are right, but not knowing enough about the subject to know you are wrong…

    1. @ColoWyo Watchman I get my information from numerous *credible* sources. The one you proposed is one of the least credible sources there is. If that is the only place it can be found, that alone is reason for doubt. There would be numerous actual *credible* sources for a story that big if it were real.

    2. @J K Dr. Fauci is a top-notch Infectious Disease Specialist that has worked for several decades doing the same job that he is currently doing with a phenomenal success rate and outstanding reputation among fellow healthcare professionals. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information but you might want to rethink your sources.

    1. Remember when ilhan Omar married her own brother?
      Remember when fauci lied to Congress under oath about gain of function research funded by the NIH at the Wuhan Institute of Virology
      Ya know the research adding the spike protein to bat SARS
      Ya know the thing they call COVID-19
      Remember when after OBiden ruined the entire country Afghanistan, he celebrated by drone bombing 12 children in the “new” Afghanistan?
      Remember when Milley committed treason?
      Remember when vaccine mandates were conspiracy theories?
      Remember when OBiden didn’t actually win?
      Remember when we weren’t inundated by fascist tyrannical communist OBiden regime bots?
      Let’s go Brandon!!!!
      we’re coming for ya
      Ya illiberal fascist tyrannical OBiden regime bots
      We will get you all
      Better run and hide

    1. You are the one that flunked because you believe Fouci. No county did well fool. This had everything to do with our dictatorial government and not our nation’s people.

    1. @Susan C they were wearing them all over the world and even china said wear them since the beginning. He literally went against all the science at the time.

    1. Wrong. They may have fewer deaths, but not none. There may be fewer negative effects, but not none. This disease kills and maims a greater percentage of those infected, than polio did. So the hesitancy to be vaccinated is due to political disinformation.

    2. Facts keep masks optional for vaccinated kids cmon there’s a time and place for everything and now is not it to keep the masks on. We’ve done this 2 years it’s got to go and stay that way

    1. @New Profile, So What? nah just continue lying about trump for the libtards to get riled up more. It’s funny they still think he’s going to jail 🤣

    2. @Kyle Sawkon, imagine thinking that with all of his crimes that he doesn’t deserve to be in jail…. not that a country as corrupt as the US will jail a former president….

  4. did people forget that kids in schools pass viruses and disease more than anything? i remember in the 1980’s that was taught to us in school

    1. Crazy right. My school went masks optional on Friday and I am very much hoping it stays that way. So tired of wearing a stupid mask

  5. Ok, in the beginning of pandemic, I heard masks may not be necessary… then it was masks are necessary, then cloth masks are ok to wear, then cloth masks are not ok to wear, so get the N95 or KN95 masks & wear those…

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