Dr. Fauci offers a clarification on Covid-19 vaccine boosters 1

Dr. Fauci offers a clarification on Covid-19 vaccine boosters


Dr. Anthony Fauci addresses public concern surrounding a possible third-dose vaccine booster. Fauci tells CNN's Jim Acosta the need is not a matter of efficacy, but rather an extension of durability of protection against coronavirus. #CNN #News


  1. Getting my 2nd shot in next week. Will get the booster when it come available. (Edit: Anti-vaxxers gonna hate, I guess…)

    1. @Mike Barry the sole reason human beings are where we are at in civilization is because we pooled together and got out of the survival of the fittest nature. The same reason ur able to watch a digital youtube video on a youtube screen and comment on it. Not viable to let ppl just die

    2. Genetics theft and sex trafficking in Cincinnati. Negative energy resulted in the wage of death.

  2. I like how you can write literally anything in a comment and it will turn political in at least 5 replies

    1. @Marty Baldwin omg no! I try and keep up with current affairs and yet I’ve missed the American election?

  3. The Shingles vaccine is so. . . difficult. . . it was hard to talk myself into the 2nd dose. But I really don’t want to get shingles so I did. The 2nd covid vaccine was a piece of cake. Felt practically nothing, small sore bump at the site of injection but really NOTHING. Now if you want to discuss the Shingles vaccine. . . horse of a very different color!

    1. The shingles vaccine and the covid vaccine are not the same and so your comparison is no good.

      That shingles vaccine you took passed all the required experiments and trials before it was considered safe for humans.

      That is not the case with the covid vaccines.
      They all were rushed through without trials.
      In other words, YOU ARE THE EXPERIMENT.

    2. @Kitty Alden Nonsense. Six people out of 7 million had the severe blood clot problem with the J&J vaccine. Your general anxiety is no excuse for randomly declaring medical scientists are lying about the number of 6. Six. Out of 7,000,000. The only lie here is the one your anxiety is telling you. There is no rational reason to disbelieve that a total of 6 people had a serious adverse reaction. There is no evidence suggesting any lie about this excellent vaccine that has already made 7 million people safe from COVID. You are just anxious, and I hope you feel better soon. Maybe as millions and millions more people take the vaccine and are safe, your anxiety will be able to evaporate. I wish you well.

    3. Only Ashton
      All these vaccines are different per dose, per person. Some have a rough time, some don’t. I have never had a flu shot, haven’t had a shingles vax, but will get my 2nd Pfizer covid shot in a few days. Some people have a rough
      recovery, some it is no rough experience at all. Everyone who can get fully vaccinated should do it. Sharing experiences is good, comparing experiences is not accurate or helpful. Telling people how things went for you is nice, but it isn’t indicative of anyyyyyone else.

    4. I am so happy to hear that the second dose is nothing compared to the shingles shot. I get my second covid shot in a couple weeks. The shingles shot was not fun. I had a busy day when I got my shingles shot, and my butt was dragging by the end. No matter what, getting the covid vaccine is better than being one of the 1 in 3 with neurological or psychiatric issues after getting infected.

    5. @Atomic 419 ummm there were trials , three phases and largest ever done in human history . Go educate urself .

  4. I received my 2nd shot of Pfizer on Friday. Afterwards I had a sore arm, was extremely fatigued for the remainder of the day, ran a 1 degree fever for a few hours on Saturday AM and had an upset stomach in the afternoon. When I got up today I was fine and when the booster becomes available I will take that too.

    1. @Brian Martinez I think you might be missing the point… I’m not sure how to state this more clearly. You said that people are being pestered, so they are not going to mask/ vaccinate, but would if they were left alone? Did I get that right, I’m honestly just trying to be clear. My point is, a child refuses to do what they know is right, out of spite. But in this case, they’re adults behaving like children. The stupid comment about how I treat my mother, is mute. And I’m not a Democrat. Just a person who was raised to realize I’m not the only one that matters.

    2. @gibbontake it Here is the thing with obedient mask. They said they don’t work now they work and wearing 3 mask is better. 2 weeks to flatten the curve and a whole year goes by. Now it’s 2 shots and booster to have a 4th of July BBQ. Rebulicans look at the 99 percent survival rate and remain optimistic. Adults are free to do whatever they want if they aren’t breaking the law. If an adult chooses to act out of spite then so be it.

    3. @Brian Martinez Every state has a lower or high population…rural, city, more live close to one another in cities, some red states that are rural and not living close to one another every time they come out of their door…and that does need to be kept in mind. Population and how close people live to one another is very different.
      I live in a 3 story apartment complex with “enclosed hallways” (like a hotel) and elevators with 100 people living here. Every time I open my apt. door their are people walking down the hallways, some with no mask and it has been horrendous the threats and people screaming and swearing at me, who have actually “spit” in my face with no mask, because I won’t get on the 6ft. wide elevator with them..or walk the other way if they are not wearing mask. 20 people have died of covid here (in apt. complex)and many got covid and I won’t get into how even more horrible nasty and mean and selfish people have been in this apt. complex since covid pandemic in US. 6 were evicted because they have “physically threatened people” and one woman here pushed me down on the cement and I got a bloody nose and bruises. So don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about..k???

  5. I don’t know many that are absolutely confident in the vaccine. Maybe it’s ptsd but I’ll be wearing a mask as long as I can.

    1. It is perfectly okay to do that. Anyone with normal cold symptoms should have the good manners to wear one too anyway covid era or not.

    2. @C. L-M, the Japanese have been walking around in public wearing masks for decades now, and they don’t seem to have any issues with it.

    1. Someone should explain how the PCR tests work in India. (and what the inventor says about them, before he [died])

  6. I had my J&J 6 weeks ago. I had heavy fatigue and a slight headache for 2 days. I took Naproxen and rested.
    I had a glass of wine the night of the shot and it felt like I had 4 glasses.
    Kind of like New Orleans shot for shot promotion

  7. I had my second shot a week ago, it was nothing, just slight soreness in my arm that went away within 2 days.

    1. Awesome! Keep us updated on your long term health and don’t forget to wear double masks to stop the spread.

  8. The sheep have taken the shot. Good luck with that. If you don’t end up fleeced, you’ll end up dead.

  9. Like the Old saying goes ” An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” !! I get my 2nd Phizer shot next week and will get a booster if needed.

  10. It is not only the vaccinated people you need to account to reach herd immunity, you also need to add up those who got Covid and healed.

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