Dr. Fauci on Responding to Rep. Jim Jordan's Contentious Statements at COVID Hearing | MSNBC 1

Dr. Fauci on Responding to Rep. Jim Jordan’s Contentious Statements at COVID Hearing | MSNBC


Dr. Anthony Fauci addresses Rep. Jim Jordan’s contentious COVID-19 hearing remarks, and discusses the ongoing vaccine rollout in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dr. Fauci on Responding to Rep. Jim Jordan's Contentious Statements at COVID Hearing | MSNBC


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    2. he sure put jordan the pervert in his place for a tired old man anybody would be tired of trumpian propaganda i know i’m feeling tired of the stupidity of trump supporters garbage

    3. @Lynne Anderson news networks use news organizations to promote propaganda state control media that is communism

  1. We really have shown this countries enemies our weak link… Biological weapons… Very little effort and we are wrecked… Sad really

    1. No masks or social distancing here in MS for a month now and there has been NO INCREASE IN INFECTION RATES.

    2. Now we’re attacking ourselves with poison vaxxs. Thank God I have HCQ and zinc. Stopped worrying about this over a yr ago.

  2. After listening to Jordan, Gaetz, and Green, it is comforting to hear a person speak lucidly, succinctly and with the general purpose of increasing our understanding of a topic instead of ‘muddying the water’. There should be penalties for a representative who are willing to accept people being gunned down by heavily armed misanthropes, and then deliberately confuse the public about health policy when they have no qualifications to rest their ideas on. I’m so mad I could spit, ….on them!

    1. No masks or social distancing here in MS for a month now and there has been NO INCREASE IN INFECTION RATES.

    2. Gun control is a violation of human rights. So are tyrannical covid lockdowns. Fauci is an enemy of the people.

    3. @Dixie Normis … aNd wE NEveR rEAlLy LaNdEd 0n tHe M0oN !!! I aM lIKE a sMarT GuY. a StABle gEni0Us.

    1. @Demetria Karnavas NIH funded the lab, NIH “investigated” the lab leak, Dr. Fauci – member of NIH. This is equivalent to letting chauvin investigate his own case and finding himself innocent.

    2. @Chris Corrado It is a truth universally acknowledged that a little Trump troll, in possession of a brain is in want of more brain. Rest assured of my undivided pity.

    3. @Lee Smith What an ignorant thing to say. Have you ever heard of the reasoning, behind it? Because of the shortage of masks, in the beginning, it was more important the medical workers had them. But, go ahead and keep making ignorant, pointless comments…you sound like a poor loser. Lots of anger…

    4. @Thomas ButlerTrump trolls share a strange “financial” dilemma: No matter if they make a few thousand or countless millions a year, none can afford manners…So, dear Youtuber, next time, when you finished writing your comment, put down the toilet seat, when you leave the bathroom, will you? You know, it’s okay to become
      c i v i l i s e d

    1. Fauci is a government employee. He’s supposed to answer questions. Especially in a congressional hearing

    2. Why shouldn’t he answer? I think most people would like to know when our overlords would allow us to return to normal.

    1. An example to look at, to see how a united country with sensible people can do things. No balking about personal liberty. Majority sees and acknowlegde the need for drastic action. It took some effort, but results show.

  3. The roll that Jim Jordan played in what happened in the boys locker room at Ohio State needs to be investigated !

  4. Jordan’s behavior is the reason why Karen’s and Kens feel emboldened to what they do. There’s a way to be direct without being disrespectful and Jordan crossed that line.

    1. You people are so pathetic. You want people to like that fat orange blob of a failure so badly….even though he was never approved of in office. Not at anytime in his presidency. He never even made it to 50%. It’s hilarious that you think the likes on youtube which is made up of bots, russian and chinese trolls, and conspiracy toting q quacks like yourself means something? Go read a book.

    2. @Off the Deck you people should get off of social media its frying your tiny tiny little sheep brains.

    3. @Ashlynne Shain and yet youtube has the need to prioritize “authoritative” content creators in their algorithms because they are just so right all the time. You go instantly to the Orangeman bad card. How many more rent free months you going to allow that blowhard to live in your head? If you honestly think Trump was the ONLY problem with our politics then you are either a moron or a niave child.

  5. Fauci has to be exhausted of all this too. I wonder when he has time to be a husband, dad, grandpa….

    1. If you put any other seasoned epidemiologist on TV with this guy his lies would be exposed. But all the news network won’t do that. They’re complicit in this scam.

  6. What exactly happened in that boys locker room? I’m sure Jim Jordan knows very well what role he played in that shenanigans

    1. If you put any other seasoned Epidemiologist on TV he would expose Faucis failures and lies. But they won’t do that. Washington Post Josh Rogin reported on it.

  7. Can we start getting some second opinions from other epidemiologists? Usually in the medical field it’s good to have multiple opinions.

    1. Whatever you do, don’t listen to that old fart Michael Osterholm. Sunetra Gupta and Martin Kulldorff are much, much better.

    2. @Lp78Ch Ossterholm is a nut. We would all be shut in our homes if we listen to him. I’m talking about someone other than these TV doctors. These TV doctors all get money from the NIH and Faucis NIAID institute.

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