Dr. Fauci: People Want To Say We’re Done With COVID. But COVID’s Not Done With Us

Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses worrying scenes like packed college football stadiums at recent games with apparently very few people wearing masks, and the rise of new variants spurred by those who refuse to get the free COVID-19 vaccine.
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    1. Been saying this for a while…. Now we have a fking corona LAMBDA LAMBDA LAMBDA variant? Impossible! The nerds will not be the last standing… They lack MEN!!!

  1. Most if the people I know just accepted that this is the next cold or flu and it will be here forever it’s not unlikely by any means

  2. fauci : “as for naming covid variants, we’ll soon exhaust the greek alphabet… we plan to use chinese characters… there are ten of thousands of them, and they also had variants… that should be enough to name most of the future covid variants” 🙂

    1. anti-vax, trumper, anti-chinese : “that’s not acceptable… unpatriotic… too difficult to learn”
      fauci : “your choice : vaccination or… feeling ultra-dumb every day, unable to read names of covid variants” 🙂

    2. It would be most appropriate to name the variants after Fauci and each of his cohorts who funded the mad scientist’s destruction of the human race.

    1. @Michael Braun Thanks for the info. Regardless, The whole business needs to be mocked. These virus/vaccine lunatics need to be arrested. Looks like that’s all they have been doing for decades – stick their heads in a petri dish. They are likely responsible for foisting the latest pandemic on the world. Gain-of-function research was switched from a North Carolina lab to Wuhan China, to skirt the ban here in the US.
      Note that effective treatments for covid were immediately trashed/demonized. Credible doctors, describing their success with patients, were censored from leftist controlled media platforms. It’s still happening. Ivermectin – case in point. The dark media is calling it horse medicine, ignoring the reality that the product is also prescribed for human use. The vaccine lunatics have an agenda and it’s not about public health.

    2. @N Henderson I know the US created the virus, just like it created 911 (per 1968, with contrived “brain death” in the healthy, for depopulation via organ$ harvesting).

    3. @Simon Paine you know what the best option is stop believing anything and everything they tell you on the MSM

  3. “People want to say we’re done with the New World Order…but the New World Order is NOT done with you”

    This is only just beginning. Get right with God.

    1. I have no reason to beLIEve that “God” exists, but I know the NWO exists. Those wanting to bring the NWO beLIEve in “God” however, or even worse, beLIEve they are “God”. They want us all to beLIEve in their collective delusions and psychopathology.

    2. @S Drake Just because you say “conspiracy theory” doesn’t make it fake. You have to do your own research and truly investigate without bias. I’m tired of people just labeling everything a conspiracy, that they don’t like, or have no knowledge of.
      There are literally thousands of books, and lectures from researchers from all over the world, on the N e w W o r l d O r d e r.

    1. @Polarcupcheck They’re already getting jab number 4 ready in Israel. Just imagine how healthy you’ll be when you’ve got a gallon of “harmless” modified mRNA and PEG in your system. So healthy!

    2. @robotron17 Well, the liposome and mRNA combo is just for inflammation. The PEG is for my anaphylactic shock. I might pack my own epinephrine, so I can go multiple rounds of it.

    3. These experts they keep telling me I should be listening to always turn out to be Hollywood entertainers, Biden, globalist interest groups, and the billionaires.

  4. Wasn’t Fauci just caught lying to congress under oath about the Wuhan ‘gain of function’ funds? Difficult to believe anything this man says.

    1. Go back and watch the Newsmax special on WHAT FAUI DID during Aids… HE is doing the VERY SAME THING NOW only 10 Times Worse… that Lady should be fired for false information

  5. Facui lied 🤥 and your still talking to him your credibility for a news organization just went out the window 👎🏾

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