Dr. Fauci Reacts To Attacks By Right-Wing Media And Trump Echo Chamber 1

Dr. Fauci Reacts To Attacks By Right-Wing Media And Trump Echo Chamber


Dr. Anthony Fauci talks with Rachel Maddow about the contrast between the pressure and criticism he received from AIDS activists and the smear campaign by the Trump-loyal media and politicians, which he characterizes as anti-science.
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  1. “Where did the virus come from? We don’t know. Are UFOs real? We don’t know. Why do we keep getting hacked by Russia? We don’t know.” Most embarrassing time in the history of humanity. Congratulations on your contributions.

    1. There is ZERO proof of any hacks. You’re zombies. No screen shots. No evidence of any sort. For over a month you would think they would provide some kind of visual evidence so people would be able to avoid a hack in the future. No safety protocols for the public. They provide nothing. Their propaganda doesn’t even use common sense. The Puppet Masters are getting paid and the poor are paying for it. Congratulations on being brain dead

    1. @J David Hopkins I still can’t believe 74 million people voted for that train wreck of a man in 2020… Thanks for the laughs, have a great day! ^^

    2. @Donna Monticello Some people (doctors) did try to step forward to promote and search for early treatment but they were discouraged for their efforts. Because of this it was hard to investigate further if they were in fact correct or not. I am still not sure what to think but now there things to be a few more open discussions. But the truth is because this disease was mixed with politics it is hard to know what to think.

    3. @Drought Tolerant Not sure what’s new here. It is already well known the NIAID gave out grants to EcoHeatlh which did research at the Wuhan lab.

  2. Just imagine if Fauci agreed with Trump about the use of disinfectant to fight the virus. We would all be squeaky clean by now.

    1. @renato pereira, dude I watched the full interview as it happened. He suggested using internal disinfect.

  3. we are in deep trouble with the currently ill informed electorate. We have become our own enemy.

    1. @Richy – Check out Chris Wallace. I believe he is the most objective journalist in the media. Search and ye shall find.

    2. @Theo Lamp that’s why the foxers call him a leftist. They hate all journalists. They love far right extremist opinion hosts like Hannity and Carlson.

    3. @Theo Lamp Or just read the emails and see the truth for yourself? MSNBC is making it seem like Fauci contradicting himself and outright lying makes him a victim.

    4. 34% of voters support MAGA. They won’t win anything. They’re just a loud minority of imbeciles.

  4. I think they should also hire mental health professionals seems to me that there’s lots of mentaly ill people in our Country that believes lies.

    1. Literally. Have to be mentally ill to not see that there is something wrong and they always lying to us.

    2. @Brittany Gonzalez The mentally ill and the uneducated are SOOOO easily duped by cons like Trump.

  5. This might be a good time to drop the politics and do some old fashion reporting on the virus origin.

  6. Don’t feel bad for someone that chose to work for that traitor.. got the parting gift Trump gives everyone that works for him.

  7. Everyone should be attacking him I’m both sides he held a year of our life hastad because this false claims there’s no way he should still have a job today

  8. When the priority becomes power over wisdom, facts become the enemy and the wise are persecuted. This a documented pattern dating back to 5th Century BCE Greece. It’s nothing new. But when it happens in your country, and in your time, it always feels shocking in a new way.

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