Dr. Fauci Says Fully Vaccinated Only Need Masks In 'Concentrated' Areas 1

Dr. Fauci Says Fully Vaccinated Only Need Masks In ‘Concentrated’ Areas


Dr. Anthony Fauci explains where, why and how long fully vaccinated people need to continue wearing masks and social distancing.
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  1. A group of smart people!! I’m sure all the Qrepublicans are watching tuckum s lies tonight!

    1. @TheBase1aransas you are easily impressed. You supported Putin’s TR45H. Have fun in the gas lines.

  2. Its over Facui…your time is done…nobody is listening to you anymore. How this dude has any credibility anymore after being wrong so many times is unreal

    1. I would trust him over Putin’s TR45H anyday. The warning on the bleach label is there for a reason: you.

    2. @Bald Eagle Goes Caw Caw aww look it’s the inc3l Nazi who threatened me with sexual violence. How’s the ED?

    3. @Bald Eagle Goes Caw Caw I screenshot your threats of violence and send them to the bureau. Enjoy!

    4. I am reminded of a Yogi Berraism on an upscale restaurant: “Nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.”

  3. I will be more careful and put my mask on, even if there are few people I don t know. Sometimes even outside. The light surgical mask.

  4. Why didn’t they invite Dr. Ralph Baric on the panel? He’s knows THE MOST about coronaviruses. In fact, he might tell us stuff that we don’t even know about.

  5. I’m staying on the fence. Look at those puppets sitting 6-6-6 feet apart Pretending they believe it does something in reality all it does is prove that they are slaves and they are too ignorant to listen to unless you want a good laugh.

    1. Dr Fart see I s a jack stain. I have never for one minute wore a mask outside so him suddenly allowing it is a joke

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