Dr. Fauci speaks after confirming first Omicron case in California | COVID-19 in the U.S.

Dr. Anthony Fauci provides an update on the COVID-19 situation in the U.S. after confirming their first case of the Omicron variant.

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  1. “I still have no idea what to do but lock downs and wear 3 masks!! Funding that Covid gain of function is making sure I still have a job!” Dr. I AM THE SCIENCE

    1. Seeing how you can’t even spell ‘sham’, I bet you’re the kind genius that does his ‘ReSeArCh’, are you?

    1. Congrats. You just disliked a video AND wrote about it. I bet you’re proud of what you’ve just accomplished today.

    2. @anonymous me Look who just showed up with his 6-month-old troll account to give the weakest comeback ever. Hope you don’t do that for a living.

  2. So far we haven’t heard about the booster which as recommended by CDC to 6 months after mRNA or 2 months after AZ from NACI.

  3. What a weasel. He shouldn’t be in this position with the accusations he has against him. Hes being protected.

    1. How come your Lord and Saviour Trump didn’t fire and arrest him when he had the power to do so, stable genius?

    2. @Carlos Laroux lol your TDS is bursting at the seams dude. No one ever mentioned Trump here. You need to get over it. Criticizing Fraudci doesn’t make you a “Trump supporter”. You must be a troll, no one could possibly be that vapid and daft.

  4. Right in time for YouTube to completely remove the Like/Dislike ratio from their entire platform. 😉
    You ready folks?

  5. what would you do if you found out someone you know cuts out the vocal chords of puppies and then tortures them? how about if they did drug experiments on children snatched from poor parents by the state?

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