Dr. Fauci testifies before House Energy and Commerce Committee | USA TODAY


  1. did you see that guy take his mask off touch the inside and then put it on afterwards touching mics and paper work

  2. Thanks for the evidence of egregious medical malpractice that appears to be criminal. It’s up to the doctors to tell the truth not to engage in some political stunt. There are huge flaws in the epidemiological data and evidence of manslaughter in the nursing homes that will likely be ruled mass murder.
    There are limits to leaving unsaid the outstanding flaws and the continual attempts to criminalize HCQ prophylaxis and the use of dexamethasone.
    Fauci and Redfield are taking weekly phone instructions from W.H.O. – a criminal organization. The WHO Dir has terrorist background. The main financing is from Gates who is known primarily for his unethical business models and poisonous vaccine experiments.
    This hearing comprises damning evidence of malpractice – which is criminal, considering that Fauci financed the GOF efforts at the Wuhan facility.
    They’re finished these sadistic crooked doctors.

  3. I refuse to watch.. OMG!
    5 and a half hours?!
    At minute 0:02
    I feel like saying..
    “Take that diaper off you’re head right now and put it back on you’re sister!”
    Quote from the movie:
    *”Raising Arizona”*
    Not only that..
    If Jesus was born with a mask on His face, we all would be born that way!
    We are born in God’s image!
    BTW I know, *For a FACT* my mother didn’t birth me with a mask on my face in 1972.
    Yup. The Year of the RAT!
    (whispering): Something really stinks around here and it *certainly isn’t* the limburger cheese at the local deli. πŸ§€β™¨οΈ
    The plot thickens.. πŸ“šπŸ‘€
    Michigan, USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  4. 1:00 🧐 correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t fauci state a few weeks back that a vaccine wasn’t a good idea because they don’t know how long the protection from it will last? I can no longer find that video but I’m pretty sure I didn’t dream it.

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