Dr. Fauci Testifies That No One Told Virus Task Force To Do Less Testing | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 -Interestingly enough that is negated, by the fact that over 200,000 people have lost their lives, many people now have astronomical healthcare bills, over 30 million people are unemployed, and the US is rated, worse, in their handling of the Pandemic out of all 1st world countries.

    2. @marini11 Truth is what people like you call drivel. You think the death toll from Wuhan virus is bad, wait until the rioter, looters and arsonists, who have been doing so with impunity, come to your town or city. You can thank your Democrat leaders. As for Wuhan Virus, blame China. The CCP let people travel outside of China but were prohibted from traveling in and around China. talk about irresponsible. But just keep voting “Democrat” …coronavirus will be the least of your problems.

    3. @Stan Kowalski I live in DC, there are no riots or looters, the protests are peaceful, I even took my family to Lafayette square, we social distanced and wore masks. And the leader of the country right now is Trump and I do blame him for minimizing the risks of Covid, not setting good examples, not wearing a mask, proposing less testing, pushing Lysol as a possible cure, etc. Oh and there’s also the issue of the lost money in the estimulus package that now they’re saying they won’t tell us who got it. All this under the Republican presidency.

    4. You my friend are being deceived, lied too and taken advantage of by the Media and your Democratic Group…. Sorry but true!

  1. All jokes aside, if there’s anybody else who lies more than trump I would like to know? Really I would.🤔

    1. @88Gibson LesPaul come at me bro. I got a nice double barrel 12 gauge I got from my grandpa who fought REAL fascists

  2. Yes we know he didn’t tell the task force to slow testing because he doesn’t talk to the task force. He told “his” people to slow down testing.

    1. Oh, he’s slowing it down.
      He said “HIS PEOPLE”. Not people like Dr Fauci. More like SQUISHNER.
      An example. Squish sent Bulk Blister Packs of Regular Dollar Store, Not-sterilized Q-Tips as testing swabs here in Washington. Which was part of the only 40% of what was promised as testing supplies.
      Worthless for testing.
      And I’d say that would slow testing down. And who knows whats going on elsewhere.

  3. “Slow down testing.” Why is he testing his staff then? Or does he mean he only wants to slow down testing for people who can not affect him?

    1. @Paul Yes he did. Just as plain as the statement about injecting disinfectant.You must be living in some sci fi alternate universe or have your head solidly wedged inside your rectum!

    2. @David Gainey what’s common sense then? Let’s say you start feeling a crushing pain in your chest while drinking with your buddies, but it goes away. You mean you don’t go to the hospital to have it checked for a heart attack? What? You think if you slow down on the drinking it won’t happen again? Explain to me how that isn’t some backwards thinking!

  4. I want the president to have to face someone who lost their children/family to this virus because treatment wasn’t started immediately due to not getting a test and tell them this to their face! THIS IS SERIOUS! People are dying!!

    1. @Julia Sutton President Trump does not have to earn the respect of anyone. Rather, it is the duty of patriotic Americans to respect and support their President. Your words reveal that you are not a patriotic American, possibly because you believe the lies spread by the Dems and Fake News. Please learn to be a patriotic American and support President Trump in these difficult times. Thank you.

  5. “Slow down testing”….also known as changing the subject from the BLM gassing, which was changing the subject from the pandemic.

    1. orphan 200 – yes, that assumes a US population of 300 million. There might be a portion of the population (maybe 10%) who already have some immunity as they’ve already had the virus and survived so if we knew who they were then we could speed things up a bit.

    2. @Duncan McNeill You know today they came out and said those ppl who had it may only be protected for 2-3 months.I saw one girl on the news that had it in March and then got it again.Yikes that is not good news.

    3. orphan 200 – as I understand it, the duration of post-infection immunity is likely to be years rather than months – but there might be some unfortunate people who don’t produce antibodies.

    4. i was telling my wife, heck no… we’re not taking that vaccine right away, not for 6 months, till i make sure, ppl are not growing a 3rd limb

  6. it’s looking more and more like it was a bad idea to put the health of millions in the hands of a psychopath

    1. You are right. Especially the anti-American murderers who sent medical manufacturing to China. That was nice of Barrack wasn’t it?

    2. Ya think? I can’t even fathom how anyone thought it was a good idea in 2016. All he did was talk about dismantling healthcare but he didn’t replace it with anything.

    3. What could possibly go wrong with having an anti-science, narcissistic, psychopathic, moronic grifter in charge of any country? Who knew that governing could be so difficult??

    4. @Thomas Tamir what are you babbling about? if that would have been an issue your liar in charge has had more than 3 years to turn that around or instead stockpile and be prepared, but he was to busy tweeting to the sheep in his base and cosy up to all dictators in the world!

  7. Kayleigh: The president was just making a joke.
    t’rump later that day: No I wasn’t joking. I never joke.
    America: Then why do we keep laughing at you? 🤔😄😅
    t’rump: Kayleigh, they’re being mean to me again!! 😫
    America: 😎

    1. Donald Trump is a poor, very sick man. But since he is sick in the brain, he doesn’t know.

    2. @Wonder Wonderful yes it is because people will still vote for him. If anyone really cared that Trump was destroying America he wouldn’t be in office so let him have at it.

    3. @Christy Ann how is voting going to help with what they are doing at polling sites(long lines and limits)?

  8. Problem is he’s using this as red meat for the media to only talk about this for three days and not talk about his tax returns, inept judges being out in for life, pay for play, not releasing names of companies who got the handouts, Bolton book and justice department firings.

    1. I’ve seen other pundits bring that up. He distracts from his shortcomings by throwing out even more terrible shortcomings. Who does that?

  9. Trump’s 🔺 spike: Asymptomic Trump 🎺 spreading the 🐞 virus 🎃 to his supporters . Testing not needed. 🔭 Masks 😷 not needed !

    1. @Ellen Peba Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua Yehovah is King and his reign is forever and forever. Be on the right side of history !

    2. @Kaleb1057 In the US government, Trump reigns SUPREME, but I don’t bow to him, silly boy. I have Only One SUPREME King: One God, Three Persons…do you know Him, Kaleb?

    3. @Ellen Peba If so, don’t put your hand in the fire for Trump. He is only interested in his own fortune. Not in the welfare of the people. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and the Father and the Holy Spirit and it hurts to see how Christians are fooled by this man. The blindness of the gentiles. Triumph in truth – The truth will set you free.
      The Eternal God YHVH bless you.

  10. Trump early on: “Everybody that wants a test can get one” Trump now: Slow down the testing “

    1. Go get tested and you’ll wish you didn’t! If you even have a slight fever your whole family will me marked and quarantined… That’s why its free……

  11. The reason is because a lot of stimulus money went to bunker boy’s buddies instead of where it should have went, there was little to no over site where a lot of that money went

    1. well when we learn the old ways and live like bushman money is not necesery…it is an idea, bad idea but we are stuck with it for a while…we will learn or die trying to get more of it but destroying trees and stuff we do need….

    2. @Nenad Vujakovic I’m already a bushman I’m mearly stating a fact, if ya wanna learn there are books that show pictures of wild greens there are rabbits and there are roots such as yellow root, ginsing and blood root maybe before bunker boy goes you should get one

    1. @Jeffrey BartonTrump denies it was a joke. Fauci said Trump lied…. loud and clear in front of God and everyone…

    2. @Everblue Freediving he said he hasn’t slowed down testing. Period. If it was a lie we didn’t believe it but ok then he’s a liar. Pfft y’all been saying that from day one

    3. @Jeffrey Barton fyi, I am not a Democrat, never was… lol… so there’s Trump’s lie, and the admission you were lied to, but you are unchanged, unwilling to act on better info because you are now confronted w cognitive dissonance. How many times does he get to lie and steal before you call him a liar and a thief? Or is it just too hard to over-ride your feelings even though they are wrongful?

    4. @Everblue Freediving yeah yeah yeah. Anyone can claim anything especially when your name appears to be some kind of waterworld characters name

    5. @Jeffrey Barton lol… its actually the name of my business everbluefreediving.com you could’ve just checked out my channel… but research and facts mean being ok w new info and being capable of making descisions. I guess thats not something you like to do.

    1. Little Dr. Fauci needs to obey President Trump or he will be FIRED. Doctors like him need to know that President Trump, who is a genius with an IQ of 156, is in TOTAL CONTROL.

  12. PSA: If you know anybody who still trusts the US president (or even takes him seriously) I’d be worried about their mental health.

    1. @Thomas Tamir omg!! This isn’t about political parties, Please take care of yourself and your family.

    2. FFSK, this comment section is way out of hand, American people, stop hating on each other, start taking care of each other, it’s not that difficult. Regardless of who you vote for. Stop calling each other mentally ill, stupid etc. Start caring about each other’s welfare. Life is so hard right now for Everyone!

  13. I’m a Republican and I’m voting for Biden . my party makes me sick these days , blinded and so full of hate. . y’all know what trumps been doing is criminal.

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