Dr. Fauci: The CDC Hasn’t Changed, The Virus Has Changed 1

Dr. Fauci: The CDC Hasn’t Changed, The Virus Has Changed


Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, joins Morning Joe to discuss new masking guidance from the CDC as a result of the rise of the highly-contagious delta variant taking hold in parts of the U.S.

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Dr. Fauci: The CDC Hasn’t Changed, The Virus Has Changed


  1. “If you’re not vaccinated you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were”. Biden learning to not mince words.

    1. @Deborah Emielita Under normal circumstances, these vaccine trials would have been pulled months ago because of the adverse events that have been recorded in multiple countries. The CDC are doing their best to slow walk it, just the same as Public Health England but people can see it in their own friendship circles, Bell’s Palsy, Guillian Barre, Myocarditis, deaths from blood cloths and the list goes on. And this is merely in the first few months, nothing is known about the longer term effects so in my view, the Big Pharma owned FDA and CDC approval means jack all to me.

    2. @Teenah Weenah Yeah but the breakthrough cases in the US are being slow walked by the media and CDC. Other countries like Britain and Israel there has been a huge explosion in cases amongst the vaccinated which has corresponded with vaccine uptake. It is also not true to say that the vaccine will completely protect you, currently more people in the UK who are passing away from covid are vaccinated.

    3. @dani hesslinger The full FDA approval for vaccines may not come through until early 2022 – that’s one helluva poker game.

    4. @Paul Wesley Lewis well whatever that’s all overblown in social media on you tube and such in my opinion I disagree that 2 in six million for the astra Zeneca vaccine brain clot that issue will not prevent its full approval because that is treatable completely so it’s got a warning so doctors can treat it if it occurs in such a small rate. As for the other items they are all also caused by poor diet (heart conditions are) no one ever cares their junk food could be the equal cause it’s easier to blame it on a vaccine.

      As far as bells patsy, which is an autoimmune disease, I agree one should not get any vaccines for autoimmune conditions at all as those need to be specifically tested before it would be safe to take a vaccine so if one checks with their doctor before they get a vaccine most of those issues would be preventable. I don’t think a few testimonial cases blown up in the media are worth worrying about and those are not happening MORE frequently than would be the case without the vaccine. The causes have not been established for them so speculation is running amok. There are people, dying from coronavirus including small children that’s much more critical to me. If I felt that way about “big Pharma” I’ld never take any any any medication nor ever go to hospital or doctor care because that’s the first thing they will do is prescribe medication that you obviously don’t trust. Vaccines have been more studied than most new medications so if you think it’s all company profits don’t even take ANY medications don’t go to a doctor ever as it’s all the same system. It’s totally hypocritical to seek hospital care when you won’t get a vaccine for the big pharma logic that’s NOT very smart nor consistent. If anytime vaxers did that then hey it would be fine my insurance rates won’t go up if the unvaccinated never go for medical care!!! Don’t go for medical care it’s all big pharma for that too!

  2. 100 years when I look into history. So have a study on what destroyed America. It will say ignorance and self-righteousness. A plague of stupid.

    1. @teeceee Ninety three Forgive me for not taking advice from anyone that is easily fooled by lies, propaganda and conspiracy theories. The reason for me thinking that lowly of you? Simple. You seem to think that bruno alves is correct. Q.E.D.

    2. @PDVism where’s the lie? Bruno is right though

      I think lowly of you not just because you’re the exact kind of stupid that the federal government successfully targets with your propaganda, but also because you’re trying to infect other people with your wet brain style of thinking.

      Propaganda is when media giants collaborate to push a deliberately false yet consistent narrative to deceive the people. Congrats pal, the propaganda worked so well on you that you think those who question it are really the ones sharing propaganda.

      Pot meet a very stupid kettle.

    1. Maybe use it as a sedative? Or play it on your phone when you see someone come towards you to enforce social distancing.

    1. @Jaybutter only small groups were anti vax, intelligent people remember basic science and health

    2. @Chris Sanders some rich liberals believed that fraud
      Wakefield and his lies about vaccines and autism

    3. @Jason Wahengbam the problem they become reservoirs of disease, like they are for gun deaths and child pregnancy

    4. @Alvin Yakatori 600k dead
      Long term effects, younger and younger people getting
      Who to trust real scientists or a internet failed troll

    5. @Jaybutter Democrats were never anti-vax. Have always been pro-choice. And Progressives have always been against Big Pharma’s control and the lack of medicare for all.
      Corporate Dems are just as corrupt as Republicans in a lot of ways and under the thumb of Big Pharma.

  3. _“The best species aren’t those who are the strongest nor the smartest, but those who can adapt to change.”_ – Charles Darwin

    1. Is the Chinese Corona virus vaccine working or not? So why get it if it’s not working and we have to go back to wearing masks again because of Biden‘s and Democrats vaccination failure

    2. @David R. Stone you mean the virus trump purposely released thinking it would hurt only blue states

    3. @David R. Stone only a trump supporter would fail basic biology and health so spectacularly

  4. 400 Years ago Paracelsus said;
    “You have entirely deserted the path indicated by Nature and built up artificial system, which is fit for nothing but to swindle the Public and Pray Upon The Pockets Of The Sick”.

    1. I can accept the science that vaccines WORK, THEY DO, and they flatten the death curve in an immediate way……less people die , and die horribly….
      but as you say, Nature has a PATH and a moving path……Fauci should understand that ALL OF THIS is still MOVING…..

  5. The vaccinated with Covid are to the unvaccinated reminds me of the Spanish Conquistadors with their smallpox were to the Aztecs. Did not affect the Conquistadors, but decimated the Aztecs.

  6. You would think that mask-wearing and social distancing was like getting your teeth pulled.Totally pathetic.

    1. And the same snowflakes who are constantly crying about something as insignificant as getting a shot (which they already get many of) or wearing a mask are the same who think they’re impressing people when they claim they’re going to start a civil war so they can have their fascist authoritarian dictatorship. Yeah, you break out into tears over wearing a mask, I don’t see you being willing to take a bullet for an orange loser.

  7. I work in caregiving, so from the moment the vaccine came out we were told specifics, that the vaccine DID NOT stop you from contracting and spreading the virus, it did not protect others from you, it protected you from getting very sick or death, which created many problems for companies to form any policy changes around vaccination for awhile. The problem there was that if vaccinated you could spread the virus unknowingly since you wouldn’t show symptoms in the same way an unvaccinated person would. Now that changed in learning more about how the vaccine was performing, because it showed in some tests to actually maybe be stopping the spread which was unexpected, and they jumped the gun on early info that has not held up to further scrutiny. Israel in their most recent studies of this estimates that the Pfizer vaccine is at most 40% effective at stopping spread aka 60% of vaccinated individuals can/will transmit the virus unknowingly, kind of like those Texas Dems that just made the news not being able to board a plane because they all were carrying around COVID, though vaccinated and showing no symptoms. Not saying “variant” language is BS, but it was BS on the part of the CDC to on very little info say the vaccine did something that they never purported it could do from the start, which was do anything about halting the virus in its tracks from going from person to person. We actually have new headlines right now telling people why a vaccinated person should wear a mask? I thought that was common knowledge 6 months ago, and this looks like damage control, yeah blame a variant for the fact that you made claims that were actually not widely supported by any rigorous research as to making it seem like vaccinated individuals could not carry and transmit the virus while never knowing it when that has always been the case.

    1. My friend got the vaccine exactly less than 2 months later she’s in isolation because she caught the virus tell me how that makes any sense

    2. This is deeply frustrating. They should not have given the all clear until they knew beyond reasonable doubt that it stopped the spread. Shame on the CDC.

  8. I like Biden’s response to the reporter. “If you’re not vaccinated right now, you’re not as smart as I thought you were.”

  9. I wish Meghan McCain would walk this show & not Fox. She’s become such a disappointment in her ability to understand the need for the cdc to respond to a changing virus.

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