Dr. Fauci: The Covid-19 Pandemic ‘Isn’t Over Yet’ 1

Dr. Fauci: The Covid-19 Pandemic ‘Isn’t Over Yet’


Dr. Anthony Fauci urges all Americans to get their Covid-19 vaccine to stop the spread of potential variants and to allow the country to fully reopen. He also reacts to the publication of his emails during the early months of the coronavirus crisis.
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  1. You have the nerve to show this and act like everything is normal after his emails came out?

    1. @david bouy So is this channel (MSNBC), CNN and every one of the lefty rags…as you say…nuf said.

    2. @mechanoid2k that’s true but BuzzFeed reported it to the left. For once I’m happy they reported on it even though they were still mostly dismissive.

    1. @K. West yes he is. Government lifelong bureaucrat who made the president, the head of the cdc and a Nobel laureate virologist all seem conspiracy theorist, with the help of the media. And now we know he was funding the lab. This whole thing, all these deaths, for a coverup and a book deal.

    2. @John Clarke they removed my comment to you where I actually posted the document cloud source to all 3,000+ pages of his emails to read … they really don’t like the truth coming out.

    1. @Gary Eser he probably won’t face any criminal convictions, but that’s normal for corrupt democrats…

    2. @Kaargil Hills that’s true, pretty much anyone from the establishment. Thanks for the correction!

  2. “There is ‘no doubt’ Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency” -Dr.Anthony Fauci

    1. Rell 1984 – He should have said there is no doubt he will fund a Chinese bioweapon lab, and stage a coup detat.

    2. @Jamey Lane Yeah, Fauci is a modern day Jim Jones trying the turn the USA into Jonestown Guyana.

    3. @garykap yeah but yet he tells people the virus is the flu. Why would you take ivermectin for the flu?

    4. @Justin Weber You learn from history and the history of new virus and disease outbreaks emerging for decades. There were several outbreaks occurring during the Obama administration, Swine Flu, Zika and Ebola. They had to be recognized and “confronted.” If you only focus on coronavirus though and don’t use your brain that much, something that happens regularly will seem “planned.”

  3. This clowns emails just came out and y’all put him RIGHT BACK on tv. Unbelievable.

    1. All I’ve seen from some mainstream news is that his emails show he was “under pressure”…it’s like they took a few short emails and ignored the ones that show he lied in his interviews. When his emails are lined up by date to his interviews they are completely contradictory to what he told the public.

    2. They spent too much money to take a financial hit and stop the vaccinations. It’s about their wallet in the end.

    3. It’s MSNBC. They’re a sociopathic circlejerk. (And before someone says “Muh FOX News!”, they at least have people of varying politics.)

  4. Kind of makes you wonder what the next planned event is, how does he know that it is an over yet I mean we have facts put in front of us, magically our meat processing plant gets hacked what’s it gonna be next

    1. Him, Klaus Shwab world economic forum, bill gates have all been talking about next outbreak, of course they have next release of a stronger virus planned

    2. Those who took the jab will get really sick and pass away in a few months / few years. That’s the next one

    1. Do you know what the difference between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven is? Most believe that those are interchangeable terms and they’re not far from wrong. Jesus reigns until he has defeated all of his enemies which are all power dominion and authority and then death itself. Then he returns the kingdom back to the father so that God may be all in all. I happen to know that death will be defeated before the asteroid hits that creates the bottomless pit AKA The abyss. This is mentioned in Revelation 9. So the end of death begins the kingdom of God. In the end the New Jerusalem will come down from space and load into it select individuals and the glory of the Nations. Then it will leave this earth and it’s destination is the new Earth. And there is a list of different types of individuals that are not allowed into the New Jerusalem. Revilers and blasphemers and sexually immoral and greedy etc. The point is that once the New Jerusalem leaves this Earth it will then be the kingdom of heaven. I’m just not sure if it takes a thousand years to get there or 10,000 but regardless by that time we will be immortal. But those who are killed for the word of God and bear the testimony of Jesus Christ which is prophecy, will not face the second death. The way to win is only through the grave. But these people nowadays wish to live forever in this flesh. Anyone who seeks to save his life will lose it but anyone who loses his life for my sake will find it. This is where the parable of Lazarus and the rich man comes into play.

    1. @Cookie McBoingBoing tbh I only watch the News For weather information about today or tonnorow I wonder if that’s a lie too

    2. As everyone knows now, the media no longer reports the news. They are a propaganda machine bought abd paid for by the criminals who we allow to run this country and world today.

    1. Hillary and Bill did a good job of “Offing” Vince Foster (who had a lot of dirt on the Clintons) so Fauci might be able to get someone to commit suicide while alone in a cell like Jeffery Epstein did.

  5. I love that the ratio has so many people who know what’s happening. The media has failed. You have lost.

    1. @Patrick A
      What would you like me to bring fourth, sir? I have a wealth of information and knowledge. Ask away

    2. You’re still able to see the dislikes? The communists at YT have hidden them from me and many other people. I wonder how the “algorithm” determines who gets to see dislikes and who doesn’t.

    3. I disagree a lot of people don’t even watch the news or care that’s the majority. And they can also vote

  6. All the so called “health” officials around the world are getting ready for, Act 2, scene 33 of getting thrown under the bus to appease the peasants.

    1. @Biden has Dementia Or door number 3 that Covid doesn’t exist therefore it couldn’t have come from nature or a lab……

    2. @Patrick A Fauci is just a character we see on tv. Any major person you see on tv is just an actor including all politicians. Kind of similar to the characters of Osama Bin Laden, Epstein, etc. Useful for the setup and excecution of the psyop, and then turned into public enemy #1 in the eyes of the public when the usefulness has past. The Law of Diminishing Returns. I’m not an epidemiologist no but can you say with certainty Fauci is as well or will you parrot what the media has fed you?

    1. @Ronette Meyer “iTs JuSt a ViRuS” I bet that’s not what you were saying a year ago. Don’t you have to go and cook dinner for your wife’s boyfriend that’s coming over tonight?

  7. After reading all the emails this guy shouldn’t be listened to anymore and should be in prison took all day to go though 3200 of them

    1. Kudos for being a true patriot. Now if MSNBC will finally admit that they’re just paid propagandists, then you’ll be a shoe-in for chief editor.

    2. @OFFONE I don’t agree with it. I’m laughing cuz it sounds like a major tin hat conspiracy theory.

    1. Lying Dr. FAUCI EMAILS ARE A trove of 2020 emails from top epidemiologist Anthony Fauci have been released to the public. The emails detail Fauci’s skepticism about masks protecting healthy people from COVID-19, and how he discounted the notion that the coronavirus had escaped from a lab in China. Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, said the emails prove Fauci lied multiple times to the public. Dr. Fauci should be fired.

  8. The pandemic isn’t over until they say it is and comes back whenever they say it does. “How many fingers am I holding up Winston?”.

  9. This is America. We The People decide how we want to live.
    Anyone who disagrees with that is not a true American at heart.

    1. If that’s the case why don’t you guys have this same energy towards abortion

    1. @Jamey Lane wuhan lab was studying coronavirus prevention not surprising if something accidentally leaks out from a place like that. Doesn’t make it an intentional bio weapon

    2. @Nathan Staats Coincidentally that includes gain of function research, which coincidentally is what biowarfare requires, and coincidentally that lab has connections to the Chinese biowarfare program.

    3. @Nathan Staats Learn the history — the ChiComs have been bragging about creating a bioweapon using the research from Wuhan

  10. Sounds like a threat now that we know what we know. “Conspiracy Theorists” were right all along

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