1. Science strives to use logic, data, observations, facts, aka the scientific method. Others try to use emotion, lies, arrogance, ignorance and division. Choose wisely.

    1. @Mahamudra I enjoyed your perspective. It was measured and open. I like YouTube, I DO find a lot of meaningful discussions in the comments. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to breakthrough the natural defensiveness online. I find the anonymity most functional, because people can air their actual views.

    2. @I Wonder I couldn’t agree more. “I wonder” who is on the other end of this communication, though, but, as you eloquently wrote, “I find the anonymity most functional….” It also reduces many of our unconscious biases e.g. you are potentially a 14-year-old. I believe I would listen to and consider the viewpoint of a 14-year-old just as I would any other age group, but that is precisely why we refer to these as “unconscious.” The only potential drawback I see is that non-verbal communication is often important to understanding one another and there is still nothing, IMHO, like sitting down with others and having a face-to-face discussion. Best wishes on your journey, I Wonder.

  2. My fully vaccinated and boosted extremely healthy 22 year old son got Covid last month, was bed ridden for 3 days peaking at 104 degrees. Anecdotal, yes, but cautionary.

    1. @BRANDON I have had all 4 shots, no Covid (yet); ppl I know unvaxxed have got it once or twice, depending (somewhat mild cases or severe). But I also know ppl quad vaxxed, who have just got it (mild cases). By now, there is no particular pattern to getting it, but the vaccinated people still tend to have milder cases.

  3. My DIL was sick with a cold/cough a couple weeks ago. She went to the ER 3 times and they would not give her a test. She had to get a home test. A nurse friend told her that the ERs were not doing tests because they didn’t want to deal with the paperwork. How can this be after all we have seen?

  4. I finally got this variant about a month ago, fever was never crazy, but the body aches were pretty miserable, developed hives, and my lungs are still not back to normal. Was boosted, but that was back in November, so probably worn off by now. Be safe out there.

    1. @DMV 420 same here, no shot no mask no lockdown travelled the whole time haven’t been sick since 2018. Same old story

  5. me, and 2 other people I know tested positive last week with minor symptoms. So yeah I promise its being way under reported. if your are Immunocompromised please be careful out there. East TN.

  6. “The real difference between a man’s scientific judgments about himself and the judgment of others about him is he has added sources of knowledge.”

    –Edward Thorndike

  7. ” But the vaccine still protects “, praise WHO and the Pharma. That is the point of this news.

  8. Yes, the synthesised kind does. Not the naturally acquired one. I am unvaccinated. I haven’t had as much as a cold since January 2021. My fully-vaccinated mother-in-law has had it twice already!! My husband, also unvaccinated, caught it from her this time around and experienced nothing more than the same symptoms as the flu.

    1. Wow, then all the world’s doctors must be wrong and you are right based on the experiences of three people. I’m fully vaccinated and I haven’t had covid or a cold either. But I don’t use my own personal experience to decide what is best I use the data of literally billions of vaccinated people.
      What is amazing to me is that you believe that all the medical experts wouldn’t have noticed that being unvaccinated was better. In France, Germany, the UK, USA, Japan etc they all missed that vaccines actually make you more likely to get sick.
      You genuinely think that’s true based on your personal experience. Maybe “mad woman” is an accurate name.

    2. @Adventures with Frodo No, that would almost be as stupid as getting the jabby jab. at least Lysol is open about their ingredients. You on the other hand got yourself a mystery mix of big pharma juice and unknown long term side effects. Good luck.

  9. Hold on a second – this guy got infected, right? He can’t treat himself yet he insists to treat other people

  10. Had a cold for 2 days a month ago. I still can’t breathe, tho before that my breathing has never been 100%. Never had covid, thankfully. It’s not worth the risk, feeling like you’re drowning on a day to day basis is bullshit, stay safe all.

  11. What’s sad is YouTube is being heavily censored. If you don’t ever get a comment or like on one of your comments, It’s likely due to the fact that you’re the only one who’s able to see it. I know this because I’ve switched over to alternate YouTube accounts and realized that I wasn’t able to see comments of mine. The comments that are being censored out are just any comment sometimes harmless comments.

  12. Seriously? A year ago he said the shot will protect us from even catching it. I’m sorry, I can’t believe in this guy anymore.

  13. Question: when virologists alter a virus’ RNA (by inserting a artificial sequence), do they know what effects it will have ? We seem to have a conundrum here gain of function confers many benefoits-but some virologists say this research is extremely dangerous. It seems like playing with matches.

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