Dr. Fauci: We Don’t Want To Declare Victory Against The Virus Prematurely | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Roger Carpenter Science has discovered that gender is a spectrum that is socially constructed. You’re the one denying science by pretending that gender is determined by biology. It’s funny how many Republicans claim that people who actually study science need to be educated because the republican political opinion is not affirmed by empirical data.

    2. @CALI CRIP if nobody is harming asians, is the spike in hate crime due to animal attacks or something?

    1. Oh good one racist, cheating Joe and “the only way I got to D.C on her knees” Harris Fan! What a loser you are 🤣

    2. @James Smith come on man ,your not black if you don’t vote for me, not sending my kids to the jungle, spoken at byard funeral member of KKK ARE you that stupid

  1. “In these unpredecented times”
    “There is a surge”
    “These two weeks will be critical”
    “It ain’t over yet”

    1. We have a 99% cure rate. So long as the leftist don’t withhold or lie about proven treatments.

  2. I’m on day 5 of self isolation tested positive about a week ago. May God have mercy on our souls

    1. Yeah, nobody cares about you texting positive for this bs. And why did we need to know that you willingly lock yourself inside your home? Not everyone thinks that it’s cute, bro. And you have already given up on God. That’s why you have fear in your heart

    2. @Illinois Has Entered The Chat of course it is to you. Fear seems to be your clutch. The pussification of America seems to be working as planned because you are a big PuSi

    1. He was a B Democrat Muslim Farrakhan insurgent that killed a cop while trying to invade the capitol so the DNC and MSM just pretend it never happened.

    1. If you are scared. Please don’t take a vaccine. Hide..please hide. Better yet eat cake. All that eat cake and don’t take the vaccine. Well we have less scared people.

    2. How on the heck do you think they got rid of polio and measles and mumps. Come on people stop sticking your head in the sand. Orange man even had it.

    3. @Lynn Streeter not all vaccines are the same and I haven’t been bunkering down and eating junk. Behavior like that is why covid wrecks some people. I’ve been living as normally as possible and am not afraid of covid. Not denying it’s existence, I’m just in no rush to get a rushed out vaccine for something that would give me mild flu symptoms for maybe 2 weeks if I caught it. Vaccines are not the only path to herd immunity. Casual exposure to small amounts by not wearing a mask and not social distancing will also help a healthy person build immunity to a virus.

    4. @Sean2046 if you ate a healthy as the average person. You should not have any reaction. Old people are getting it and doing fine. The new strands coming out. You have no protection against. None. Plus you could be a carrier and have no symptoms. Yet giving it to others.. please take it.

    5. @Lynn Streeter Asymptomatic spread is based on poorly done studies lol. The new variants are also nothing but scariants. They aren’t different enough that a body that has built resistance to the original, wouldn’t recognize it and be able to defend against it as well.

    1. Exactly. It’s the cure and preventer of so many ailments too, including this nothingburger. Meanwhile people to continue to die of alcohol-related deaths, tobacco, obesity-related diseases, on and on in much higher numbers and they pretend like this is the real problem

    2. Don’t forget all the chemicals now in the environment. Right now Florida is draining contaminated water into the bay…..lots of chemicals. Don’t forget Flint and their lead filled water thanks to the government. How does clean living happen in our chemical filled country?

    3. @Valerie Iceni You are correct and it would be an excellent idea to have a long look at problems like Flint or Florida waiting to happen and take corrective action.

  3. Being force-fed a diet of fear will, no doubt, have MASSIVE negative effect on people’s immune system.

  4. 4 of the 5 states that are rising NJ, NY, PA, MI have among the most strict rules, don’t know what that means but it’s very curious

  5. Trusted messengers???? Clergy, sports figures, entertainers??? That’s a hoot……🤦🏻‍♀️

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  7. 5:35 Holy Moly, did everyone catch this. Willie Geist asks Fauci about Texas numbers dropping, despite being 100% open for a month

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