Dr. Gandhi On Businesses Requiring Proof Of Vaccination 1

Dr. Gandhi On Businesses Requiring Proof Of Vaccination


University of California San Fransisco Professor of Medicine, Dr. Monica Gandhi, explains the role that private companies can play in increasing coronavirus vaccination rates and breaks down how Covid-19 testing should change as the Delta variant spreads. "Everyone is so tired of the pandemic that you will see that places like businesses can have a huge impact," she tells Stephanie Ruhle.

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Dr. Gandhi On Businesses Requiring Proof Of Vaccination


  1. Sister in law is a fully vaccinated ICU nurse.
    The hospital she works for are using rapid antigen testing for staff and have moved away from PCR testing.

    1. @David Wrong….just doesn’t accurately give the data in this stage of the disease with vaccinated people.

    2. They skip aspiration, see in the muscle. Ask her what bio active is, or spike gene…That isn’t called vaccine.

    1. @T.harr unfortunately it’s not Republicans. The majority of unvaccinated people are the ones not registered to vote and don’t even pay attention to politics.

    1. @Freedom And the majority (which are the non-“vaccinated”) wil go to businesses that don’t have modern-day NAZI tactics…”papers now”

    2. Nope. I would definitely support that business and so would the rest of the vaccinated people. I want
      You idiot’s to say away from us

    3. @Freedom restaurant full of liberal zombies…. ewwww I’m good on that 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    4. ++What a PALLET LOAD of BALONEY from this Doctor.
      You are still infectious even if you’re showing no outward symptoms. (A-symptom-atic)
      It doesn’t matter if you are Vaccinated or not or showing outward symptoms or not.
      Regardless of whether you show signs of infection or not you SHOULD be tested.
      The testing is to ascertain whether you are CONTAGIOUS to other people (Vaccinated or Not).

      Shes a quack who is trying to have her cake and eat it too.

      Advising arbitrary lines that have nothing to do with prevention but instead on public comfort.
      It would pi ss people off if Vaccinated folks had to be tested regularly along with the unvaccinated.
      To find which of both statuses are infectious at any given date and time.

      It would be devastating for Vaccinated folks to not only “mask up”, but also undergo routine testing for being contagious. Then being told (when they are contagious) that they have to quarantine for 2 weeks.

      The Vaccinated would become deeply outraged and discouraged and the MEDIA would not be able to hide such a thing. These half measures are the main reason why the MEDIA isn’t taken seriously.

      You’re not going to tell me the reporter wasn’t smart enough to detect this with their level of education, right?

  2. Those who can, get vaccinated for your loved ones not just for yourself, and help to build herd immunity that protects the vulnerable and children. Otherwise, natural selection should go forward for the rest!

    1. Herd immunity can’t be built with covid. The antibodies disappear. We tried that already and it didn’t work because you can contract it multiple times.

    2. Do you have an answer for why the PCR tests we have been using are unable to differentiate between influenza and covid? And how does that effect everything?

      Also can you explain why throughout this entire pandemic, no doctors or scientist have actually isolated the virus? With all the patients in the hospitals shouldn’t we easily be able to obtain that?

      Lastly, how come there was a 76% drop in influenza cases during the flu season last year? Does that have anything to do with the PCR tests not being able to differentiate between influenza and covid?

  3. In the UK we are given FREE Lateral Flow tests (throat and nose swabs) results are given within 30 minutes. If negative, we log it on the NHS app, If positive we then have to take a full PCR test, and have to isolate before we get the PCR test result. We get seven tests at a time, delivered within 24 hrs of ordering. Lateral Flow tests are specific for asymptomatic Covid carriers. I use them a few days after I’ve been out in public indoor places (supermarkets etc). I’m double vaccinated and still wear a mask. My daughters who both work for the NHS in England use them too, and they’ve both said they work, as lateral flow tests have picked up the virus in some of their asymptomatic colleagues. Everyone in the UK is encouraged to use them, and in some Chemists you can pick up a box from the pharmacy counter. I order mine from the Gov website.

    1. @MrLobo1776 This is not the Mark of the beast. The mark of the beast will have something to do with money or tyranny. This ain’t it

    2. @Lisa Ruth It will be in the future booster shots. This is conditioning people like you and others to accept this mindset.

    1. Right!? Also not to mention the fact they keep sayin exactly how many people have gotten the 💉
      Like how can they have that info, and say that without breaking the hippa law??? Unless they’re estimating/making it up.

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