Dr. Gottlieb: I Predict Boosters For Individuals Who Aren't Immunocompromised 1

Dr. Gottlieb: I Predict Boosters For Individuals Who Aren’t Immunocompromised

The FDA is poised to approve a third vaccine dose of the Pfizer and the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines for immunocompromised people. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb joins Morning Joe to discuss the announcement and why he believes non-immunocompromised people may also need a third dose.

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Dr. Gottlieb: I Predict Boosters For Individuals Who Aren't Immunocompromised


  1. Thanks for discussing the potential definition of Immunocompromised. I’m going to see my oncologist next week and I’d expect him to let me know what’s happening with boosters.

    1. US medical opinion is way behind unfortunately. You would do well to push for a booster shot as soon as possible, if you have been vaccinated more than three months ago especially.

    2. Definitely check with your doctor. It would depend on when you were vaccinated, the medication you’re on, etc. Only your doctor can make that call.

  2. 2 of my kids are special needs. One was born at 5 months . They allowed my family to get vaccinated because of them. I really felt bad I was able to get the vaccine before others but the doctor made it clear we had to get it for the sake of my kids. I wonder if they will also advice all of us to get the boosters.

    1. Right but it will resurgence at various times annually like influenza. Medical journals have already stated it’s endemic & has an animal reservoir like influenza strains do. One example: Covid has been found in multiple deer populations in America.

  3. I am waiting for a booster shot- I am seriously immunocompromised (cancer survivor, kidney transplant recipient, multiple autoimmune diseases, Type 1 brittle form IDDM).
    And I am increasingly frustrated by seeing vaccine clinics being set up and having unused doses needing to be thrown out at the end of the day, instead of those of us who want or need a third shot not being able to get one of those wasted doses, because the FDA has not authorized boosters yet.

    1. @BathoryAriaaa My PCP and none of my specialists have them to give. In my area, it is hospital systems and pharmacies that have them, or vaccine clinics. Since they need to be stored frozen, many doctor’s offices here do not have a freezer in-office to store them, while larger facilities do.

    2. @Someoneelse right Just ignore them. 4 day old account, likely made just to troll and bully others in the comment sections. Just go to their account and block them, rather than feeding them.

    3. Is that for delta,
      Or booster for lambda,
      Or booster for the next?
      Maybe better food that dont cause HD and diabetes to half of americans? NO not that!

  4. Gottlieb is the same guy who was saying just a few days ago that this was just a minor surge and would be over quickly.

  5. I’m not all questions the need or effectiveness or a booster shot, but having a guy who sits on the BOARD of PFIZER (a major manufacturer and thus profiteer of the COVID-19 vaccine) isn’t the most reassuring voice to hear on this subject. Bring in experts who don’t stand to gain one way or another to discuss this topic. People have little trust in institutions because of stuff like this. Even if it all his advice is above board the optics are pretty terrible…

    1. This is how Amerika works. It’s how drug companies sell. So, why do people fall for it? Because they don’t know how to think for themselves.

    2. Optics? Reassuring? Girl! What are you talking about? The optics of dying loved one not convincing enough for you?

    1. @Paul Wilson Well, actually, the CDC admits to exactly ONE healthy child who died of COVID and not from another comorbidity. But your point is well taken.

  6. Woah. That’s a lot of info. This dude doesn’t breathe in between sentences. I wonder what’s his zodiac sign, especially his Mercury… Info, data, analysis, communication… I appreciate his experience though.

  7. I WANT a booster. I had the J&J shot. I am 64, have diabetes, HBP, & asthma. We need to have a booster. We can’t take steroids & those are one of the main treatments for diabetes.

  8. Don’t forget that the vaccine-hesitant and the anti-vaccination communities typically delay visits to the ER, resulting in treatment starting when symptoms have already advanced too far for the first line treatment to be fully effective. That way the Delta variant seems more aggressive than it actually is.

  9. You guys know that Gottlieb doesn’t work for the government anymore, right?
    Where is the current fda commissioner? I am done with this fraud.

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