Dr. Gottlieb: Parts Of The U.S. Right Now Are Experiencing Virus Outbreaks | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dr. Gottlieb: Parts Of The U.S. Right Now Are Experiencing Virus Outbreaks | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. The Bible Belt has actually been doing quite well. I don’t know what’s going on in Michigan but that’s an insane increase.

  1. Michigan idiots wanted to kidnap the Gov over corona prevention measures. And now they are at the same number of new cases per day as the highest peak of the pandemic. I’m sure those two things aren’t related at all, not one bit! 😅😂

    1. @Josef …and again you forgot to provide evidence of your claims, what a surprise. Assuming everyone is as uninformed as you folks are, is where you went wrong, friend.

    2. @Josef Of course, son….Anything that would make Trumpist / Anti-information freedom fighters look bad, is automatically false….send your money to Trump and keep supporting Matt Gaetz. You guys are AWESOME….

    3. @Josef What is fake news? The part where Michigan militia gun nuts wanted to storm the capitol or the part where they’re too dumb to know how viruses work? 😅😂🤣

  2. Texas and Florida will soon follow with them still flaunting mask rules…. by June there will be significant uptick in cases across the USA because of because GOP STATE leadership.

    1. @DeFi Man Stop! Open boarders or not, real or just hyperbole’ …. you dumbasses relaxing rules are a bigly problem with increasing cases!

    2. @votes- have consequences Why don’t you ask Kamala Harris? She hasn’t done jack about the border.

  3. I hate to think what the Country would be like with Trump dealing with red and blue States not people and ignoring even denning it to serve himself. God Bless Brizal they and we were neck and neck watching Brazil is watching US Trump style

  4. Look at the Fact that places like Texas and Tennessee are only Testing U for Covid in the hospitals IF If U Ask Them to even when u have all covid symptoms 🤨🤨🤨🤨

    1. I wouldn’t use that, because California is Deep Blue, and it has the lowest COVID rates in the country. But that’s probably because we Californians have been ignoring the mandates to stay home and keep socially distanced. Many parts of California are like Texas, so we are in herd immunity already.

  5. From across the pond, when you have the likes of Texas, Florida showing the finger to the pandemic add to that no travel restrictions the forth wave will come, you will know where to point the finger.

    1. @Jerry Cole you would be on to something if it wasn’t for the fact that those countries have better covid numbers than us in fact those countries tend to do better when it comes to vaccinations across the board

    2. And yet it’s NY and NJ other liberal states that are leading the numbers. You want to rethink that statement Bob?

    3. @Ima Doll and how many times does Florida have to get caught falsifying their covid numbers before you get the hint cultist?

  6. When you let people into the country by the 1000’s what do you expect . Everyone talking about florida and texas what about Michigan , minnesota , and indiana ? california 59,993 deaths . new york 50,843 deaths , and florida with 33,822 deaths. New york population 19 million , florida 22 million

  7. OMG! 🤣🤣🤣. Is that the same “doctor” who said “OPEN UP” the country earlier this week? WHAT AN ABOUT-TURN that is then??
    Oh OK, let us divert attention to “other countries” – – – aagghhh , those poor-poor countries holding us back from “OUR” freedom”!!!
    I need a NEW BINGO CARD for this show, I hate getting a winning line so early… nothing too look forward to all day…

  8. He’s a liar. “People not vaccinated were never worried about covid”, where has he been ?!..

  9. You’ll NEVER get rid of this disease as long as you have doctors treating people who are denying having covid even as they are being treated and getting sicker.

  10. FREEDOM AT LAST.. FREEDOM AT LAST! Alabama is no longer under mask mandate. We welcome Concerts, Festivals, Gun Shows, Expos, and Restaurants/Bars !!

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