Dr. Gottlieb: Virus Now Is Largely An Epidemic Among The Unvaccinated 1

Dr. Gottlieb: Virus Now Is Largely An Epidemic Among The Unvaccinated


Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins Morning Joe to discuss the rise in coronavirus infections and hospitalizations across the U.S., why he says the virus is now an epidemic among the unvaccinated and what he thinks about booster shots.

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Dr. Gottlieb: Virus Now Is Largely An Epidemic Among The Unvaccinated


    1. If they really wanted us to vaccinate, they would make sure that people were dropping dead on the streets and that the hospitals were over-flowing.
      BTW there is nor better recipe for catastrophe, than to introduce 7 or 8 different vaccines (which are not really vaccines), during a worldwide pandemic of a highly contagious — but not very deadly — virus, with a proven track record for mutation.
      Why worry? The NEON GAUD will be unveiled at the Re-Set on 09/23/26 — the autumn equinox of the US’ and the illuminati’s 250th year. The Luciferians are still expecting the Real Lucifer to appear in the Temple, and not some A.I. code-named the NEON GAUD.
      They are JUST NOW finding out that Jesus already Triumphed. Lucifer and Satan were detained after Pentecost and judged by the Ancients of Days, far from Earth, in 1985.
      The devil and dragon remain on Earth. And their judgement is set for 10-12/26 — one heavenly-hour later. Don’t expect to see anything — men and women never do.
      Epochal Eclipse April 8th 2024. Don’t stare at the sun, speak with thy God, if you want to “SEE” anything besides an eclipse.
      Matthew 16: 4 Jonah 3: 5-8 Jonah 4: 11

    1. Not the _real_ Richard Thomas. Just the pathetic troll impersonating him to try and get him suspended.

  1. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. @omi god Still fresh in my mind, given the pure ridiculousness of Gaetz and the uneducated amoral demagogue from whence he spawned.

  2. I double masks the children are not vaccinated I feel the need to protect them. People should stop being selfish we are in public health crisis and masks are really no big deal to protect the one’s your love.

    1. @CJ K guess pro life is only while in the womb. The children on ventilators can die then. Happy breathing while you can.

    2. Masks do nothing to protect anyone from disease, it is to keep you in fear and doing as you are told. I never bothered with masks, distance, shots or any of it and I am still 100% healthy and so is everyone I know and socialize with including my 92 year old grandma.

    3. @Love Joy We didn’t have the flu or cold virus in year and half so masks do work. So far you are lucky enough not to catch it with Delta variant coming won’t be good especially for Grandma I hope you both stay safe.

  3. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @Jerome Lund Sure, but you will not have an insurrection with a broomstick and bear spray. What you had was a riot and it’s looking more and more that it was initiated by provocateurs.

    2. @Love Joy The planning of the Jan 6 INSURRECTION AGAINST OUR DEMOCRACY, was conducted by republiKKKan TRAITORS STILL EMBEDDED in OUR Congress [hawley, ted cruz, matt gaetz, ron johnson, marjorie taylor green, jim jordan, andrew clyde, boebert, gosar and many others]…Hence republiKKKans in Senate and House VOTED AGAINST a January 6 INSURRECTION Commission to INVESTIGATE WHO the PARTICIPANTS are currently working in Law Enforcement, GOVT AGENCIES, CONGRESS, SENATE, Intelligence Agencies, and Military that are part of the attempted coup. [Trolls: CAPS are for HIGHLIGHTED points, not shouting].

  4. The Fox Propaganda Network is busy killing it’s own…….. Scary time to be a Trumper!

    1. @Casey Sager SO WELL Said.. The GOP has become the Party of Anger, Hate, Conspiracies and Division.. and Trump just added to it all. The Party of Family Values is long gone to the extent it ever existed.

    2. @Love Joy oh is that why the 8 years old died from covid? Cause she wasn’t healthy? You give new meaning to stupid comments made by stupid people!

    3. @Mimi Wallman Your health is your own responsibility not mine. That may sound cold but it’s the reality. If you are very sick it is up to you to take precaution and get yourself healthy. The world cant come to a grinding holt forever, that is also reality.

  5. I never stopped wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizer. At least the white house is no longer a hot spot.

    1. @Tom Rockhill Unfortunately when you look at the national map most of the country is covered by idiots.

    2. @Donald Airey complete a sentence??? Are you watching the same president I am?..he can’t do anything without his handlers writing everything down for him to read .

    3. “All the thoughts that you’d be thinkin.
      You could be another Lincoln.
      If you only had a brain”

    4. In March 2021, when the rest of the nation was beginning to reopen… Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club had to close due to a COVID outbreak sweeping through its unvaccinated workers that don’t wear masks.

    1. @MrSpeedDemon72sure you do, because of the sacrifice of others in the past
      – then why to Republicans hold the FLAG SO DEAR, to the point where the ORANGE KLOWN BASICALLY SEXUALLY ASSAULT IT
      – worship your government, NO, but respect it YES, because it is suppose to be YOUR COUNTRY, but you obviously don’t care enough for it, SO WHY DON’T YOU GO MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE WHERE YOU CAN TRUST IT ENOUGH TO SHOW YOU CARE FOR IT’S FOUNDING PRINCIPLES!
      – plus I won’t want North Korea, cause Trump’s LOVE INTEREST RULES THERE!

    2. @mike briganti I want you to go look up the term _tu quoque_ and come back and tell us why I suggested that you look it up. Then let’s talk about democrats.

    3. @John W. Roth so you side step my question as why a fully vaccinated person still got the Delta variant yet the news media solely blames the unvaccinated.

      The debate isn’t who loves their country more, it’s who’s being lied to and who’s blindly believing what their told as opposed to reality.

      A person who is fully vaccinated yet still gets the Delta variant proves my point that doing what your government tells you and feeling all patriotic about it as if you’re doing your part to save the world is pure bullsheit. That’s exactly what they want you to believe to get you to roll up your sleeve and get pumped full of their go go juice.

      Not me brother, I’m smarter than that. I’m doing my patriotic duty by not be lied too by my corrupt government.

      Somebody has to save this country from you people getting shot up by zombie juice. LOL

    4. How about the elected Democrats that fled Texas on a jet,didn’t waer masks,and now test positive!!!! Kinda serves them right.they fled their duties to spread covid!!!!!

    1. lol, I purposely exposed myself many times, no mask, no distance, and no shots – no problem 100% healthy 18 months later. Same with every single person I have ever known.

    2. @Love Joy I’m completely fine multiple family members got covid and recovered like any other cold or flu. I’m not getting the vaccine ever!! These terrified, adult children can follow orders all they want. I’m a free man and I’ll die that way too

    1. @Emma Jones try showing a medicaid or disability or veteran’s card as an ID..GOP will send you back as fast as they are to close polling booths in black majority zip codes..

    1. Trumpist Florida Gov DeSantis was busy signing laws during this time. One law requires staff and students of higher education institutions in Florida to report their political party and submit a statement of their beliefs to be considered for any government funding for education. DeSantis goal he claims is that he intends to censor or eliminate any liberalism that goes against his Trumpist conservative political beliefs by defunding educational institutions or students that may oppose him.

    1. @Ian Christensen lmao!! On the contrary, I love those with something to actually say..Someone who has thought or wants to discuss..
      You just want to rant and have an emotional tantrum and breakdown..
      When you grow up, maybe we can chat..

    2. @BC Rat Bikes He only responds to egg on people for more responses, I’ll bet he has a golf star on the whiteboard and enough Rubles to pay for his beer. We gotta stop paying their wages for them.

    3. @J W 30 plus stupid comments on one thread alone makes you tiresome and redundant. It that’s “striking a cord” then yeah you’ve struck a few. Stupidity has a way of doing that

    1. @Ricky Warner nobody can control death. Remember that. And no im not worried about any of this nonsense

    2. @jaime patena unless there are punishments for not getting vaccinated or otherwise vaccination is made mandatory, the original comment is basically looking at the silver lining.

    3. Your thought is tempting, I admit. Unfortunately those people infect innocent others around them.

    4. My son has recently started living with his dad because of my serious medical problems. Once the vaccine was approved for teens, I’ve been doing everything to convince my ex to get my son vaccinated, to no avail. The children of the antivaxxers are innocent victims & we mustn’t simply write them off.

  6. Seems this problem solves itself.. and strengthens the voting rolls of those who have a clue.

    1. My son has recently started living with his dad because of my serious medical problems. Once the vaccine was approved for teens, I’ve been doing everything to convince my ex to get my son vaccinated, to no avail. The children of the antivaxxers are innocent victims & we mustn’t simply write them off.

    1. The number of Low IQ fox viewers is dropping like flies in States trump won. By midterms, trump and HIS deep state agents will have killed off many republiKLANS.

    2. Verruca, that wasn’t nice. We must be good examples for the less fortunate. (struggling to control laughter at a hilarious post)

    1. Since Canada is now almost 80% one dose and 50% fully vaccinated over the age of 12, I would agree. USA needs to catch up.
      I already know of 8 people that have the varriant here in Canada after being fully vaccinated. All elderly and but at least none died. If we let the variant numbers increase we will all be taking vaccines or boosters again by Christmas.

    2. @Dysfunctional Vet Dysfunctional music. Travel from all over not just the dam border planes trains busses boats are traveling period not just the dam Boarder people.

    1. @William Crowley Whoa, Bud. What does middle America have to do with anything? Didn’t they just say infections are rampant in LA? Is wallstreet in Ohio? Does Congress meet in Indiana? Is South Dakota the center of wealth and power for the world? Are the suburbs that elected Trump and feed the GOP only around Detroit and Chicago? Is Florida farther north than I thought? Did the last hurricane throw all the oil rigs into Missouri?

      Do you not like having food to eat? What have you bought that was made in middle America this week, or are you also benefiting from the destruction of middle America for your cheap goods? Have you employed an undocumented seasonal laborer or do you or do you just eat the food and blame Midwest farmers for DC politics?

      How on earth did coastal billionaires manage to convince you that poor people in the Midwest are the ones responsible for you problems. Because if your going to fire shots at my home you better get your facts straight.

      Oh, just realized this is MSNBC. That’s how the billionaires convinced you poor people are the problem.

    2. @Kevin Holmes easy sensitive sally. First off, I said I have zero sympathy for them, not that I wanted it. I would prefer they get the vaccine and not spread the virus around. But, the fact is, they prefer to listen to the tangerine traitor and his propaganda network. They are going to get hard because middle America has an obesity epidemic. That sucks, but it is the situation they have created for themselves.

      As it is, climate change is already starting to decimate crops, yet they continue to vote for the party that refuses to address the crisis.

    3. We The People just proved, beyond a shadow-government of a doubt, that we will Lie and We will Cheat, and We will Steal, if allowed to govern ourselves.
      The writing has been on the wall in this Babylon since the CHRISTIANS proclaimed Trump “Chosen by God.” WEIGHED — FOUND WANTING.
      Borrow + Bomb = the False Profit we still follow since 2001, when that Born Again Conservative President saw an Angel riding a whirlwind. Jesus Never taught war (Matthew 5: 44-48) but we wage war in the Name of God
      (Matthew 7: 21-23).
      Epochal Eclipse a CROSS the US April 8th 2024. Don’t stare at the sun. Exercise faith, speak with THY GOD, if you want to “SEE” anything besides an eclipse. Matthew 16: 4 Jonah 3: 5-8 Jonah 4: 11

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