1. @Norton Newmann How’s the war against the Taliban going by the way?
      Have the Americans won yet? It seems to be taking a while…

    2. Not wanting to face the truth (dead bodies) in real time is part of the problem. We are so caught up in this social medium world, where 90% of peoples profiles are fake, that we cant accept concrete obvious core reality anymore. So the consequences are; Dead bodies. Collapsed economy, starvation (more dead bodies), then the shut down of social media. Then the crying starts. We have really become a civilization of absolute idiots. This will be made perfectly clear on the fourth of July. Yeah, throw another burger on the grill. Sad days ahead, very sad days.

    3. @ShadoeLandmansoon they’ll be laying in the streets stinking because the hospitals are overwhelmed. Then those conspiracy theorists can literally walk up and smell them.

    1. Tom Modeski protest are outside and many wear masks. Still, it’s not the safest place to be but indoor rally’s where few are bothering to separate and cover….

    2. Covid 19 is not a death sentence for 99% of the population, I don’t disagree with mask wearing but you are being dramatic.

    3. @Tom Modeski if you are talking about wearing masks..I saw more people wearing masks at protests than at trump rallies plus those were outdoors

  1. You can tell trump is president because he is running the country just like his business. #bankruptcy

    1. Rather have Trump n not
      “SLEEPY JOE” soft, push over, will accidentally sign a stupid law or hit a dangerous button cause all he would want is mutiple naps through out the day😁

    2. David Huet You’re right. A lot of the buildings that have his name on it aren’t the ones he builds. He has his name on it only for naming rights. Shows you what type of scam artist he is.

    3. Reading these comments saddens me. With everything going on the never ending back and forth between the left & right / dems vs republicans is exhausting. Seems to me that everyone is so busy calling each other names or trying to prove who’s side is right / better that we miss all the things we have in common.
      They want people to be so busy fighting each other we don’t see how the entire working class is getting screwed over while the rich get richer.
      If people came together to hold all in government accountable (both Democrats & Republicans) maybe they’d finally stop giving everything to the corporations & 1% and finally start working for real working class people.

  2. I believe the technical term for our current situation is, “Clusterf*ck”, which is defined; “A disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking.”.

    1. @Toni Aguilar Trump ordered the manufacture of millions of masks when 3M was ready to ship them overseas. Gave Cuomo all of the respirators he asked for, , converted 2 navy vessels into hospitals, facilitated the FDA approval of tests and medications that would’ve taken months to get approved otherwise. Stopped travel from China and Europe when Pelosi was inviting people to Chinatown. So it looks to me that the criminally incompetent WH occupant actually saved the US from an even worse disaster. Your logic is pathetic at best. You should be thanking Trump for saving American lives instead. Fool!

    2. @Toni Aguilar how about you get real and blame the media for justifying the riots and the looting, and never once reminding the people that we are still fighting a pandemic…

    3. That responsibility lies with the American Public. We allowed this
      ” Chickenhawk” to become president.

      ” chickens are coming home to roost”

    1. I agree but Biden is no better🤷‍♀️ Biden just said we have had over a million covid deaths in the U.S.

  3. If only people knew of the long-term health consequences of this novel coronavirus they would listen.

    1. @randsterama Before condemning someone for their poor writing, make sure you haven’t added extra spaces.

    2. Elaine Gilbert: They don’t listen because Trump stated it was a Hoax to make him look bad. His supporters listen to that !, not who they should.

  4. “The wise one is cautious and turns away from evil, But the Stupid one is reckless and Overconfident.”
    (Proverbs 14:16)

    1. So, so true. Unfortunately …. There is no known cure for stupidity. i.e. our current potus and administrations handling of this pandemic.

  5. “And again, when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done” ~ Donald Trump, Feb 26, 2020.

    1. Well count me as insane I knew it could happen,, I was just hoping and praying tRump could get out of office first, Lord forbid an Astroid, Volcano, or Aliens 👽 finally arrive…

    2. Actually, some of us expected many Americans to deny the science and to act selfishly and recklessly, and therefore put the rest of us at risk. Perfectly reasonable assumption.

    3. Lots of educated, sane Americans knew we could see a nightmare like this. Many others assumed we’d have competent leadership. And lots thought we had some kind of supernatural ability to contain disease because we’ve beat a few before or because we’ve been taught America is the greatest place in the world. At least the middle group was probably just being reasonable, because the latter group has been hiding under a rock for decades.

  6. July 2020. 7 Months into the pandemic. The United States of America.. Should we wear face masks or not? 🙄

    1. @Dale Blake Unfortunately covid has become political, and the virus doesn’t care if you vote republican or democrat.

    2. @Dale Blake
      I saw that graft on ABC World News with David Muir tonight.
      It’s crazy! I thought America flattened the curve.
      And heat was supposed to kill it. Maybe we should have questions and answers with Fauci and Birx. Like, what’s really going on?
      Everywhere I go, people are wearing masks. Something just doesn’t add up. That’s Ohio.

  7. All trump had to do was let the professional doctors lead the way in how and what the people should do in protection. In his recent rally he reminds us again that the testing only hurts him politically. Its always been about himself.

    1. When will folks wake up and realize that Trump is only for Trump? When? America, it’s okay, you don’t need a test, if you die, you die. Besides if the rest of you are testing positive, that is not in my favor to win in the next election. So, let’s keep it hush hush…..No More Testing , Period…..

    2. ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions You Just stole my thunder. I’ve been saying that to everyone I know. This is the reason we got this mess on our hands.

    3. these professional doctor were afraid that Trump could fire them, as he did with many others, blame Trump for all the deaths

  8. Ironically, some of the biggest groups resistant to the health guidelines are/were business owners! Without customers, you have no money!
    Voting BLUE across the board in 2020!

    1. Kevin Willis yes they should realize if people or sick, or scared about getting sick they won’t go to businesses. Where I live there is a plexiglass between the customer and cashier, gloves and masks and everything is wiped down between customers. Wearing masks are not mandatory, except when on transit, in elevators and anywhere you can’t social distance you are asked to put one on. We are in Stage 3 of opening up and we had 14 new cases yesterday and 20 today, which is up. Our head Public Health Officer will stop anymore opening up if numbers rise.

    2. Exactly…a doctor told us today” governor abbot won’t shut the city down again because higher ups(doctors, business owners, etc) are keeping pressure on him NOT to…im so annoyed with ppl in houston…disregard for social distancing, no mask, not covering mouths when sneezing and coughing….i hate everyone for their careless actions!!! I’m raising a kid….we have to protect the babies….🤦🏾‍♀️

  9. “We are the greatest country on the earth” – Dr Gupta.
    There is no doubt that the US is the most powerful country on the earth, both militarily and economically. But on most other measures of “greatness”, the US is far from the best. On most social measures, the US is lower than many other countries.
    The fact that the US is only Western country on the planet where health care is not a human right is simply amazing. The fact that in some US states, a person can walk down the street with a semi-automatic assault rifle over their shoulder is dumbfounding.
    As an Australian, I wouldn’t move to the US if you paid me.

    1. @Cecil Brisley
      I’d reply that it is leftist policies that have caused many of the problems you mention.Fortunately ( my conservative opinion) if the vote continues conservative this year, and in 2024, we get a President in like Ben Shapiro and a Vice President like Ben Carson or Candace Owens, and a conservative Congress , mayors ,governors,…the violence would go down drastically, education would improve immediately ( although to get these values into the education system is gonna take a bit of patience) , economy would flourish , which would help in healthcare as well, and a few of the problems you mentioned would be solved by realizing they’re not as big of problems as you think: Theres NO systemic racism at this time that needs major addressing, as compared to CULTURAL issues.The amount of what we are hearing from the fake news and leftists about Police brutality is a JOKE! Can the police improve? Of course EVERY profession can. But for you to put on your list police brutality immediately makes me think you dont quite look at the Police as heroes, and you dont seem to have Pride in your Men in Blue who 99% of them heroically put their lives on the line to protect you in a big way…and once the Police are respected once again, and are given the power to do their jobs right, then together with good conservative values and education, we can have less people in jail.

    2. @Ira R US is great for visiting, but people from progressive country like Australia, Canada, Germany are more than happy to return home afterwards. It’s people from poor and corrupt countries who have nothing to loose who wants to live there. Youre biggest problem is you have a lot of low educated people who are racist and a lot of rich people who are egoistic. Dont get me wrong, if I had to choose between US and Iran or North Korea I would choose the US. So when I hear people say America is the greatest country in the world I only think of a good marketing strategy but great it was never, it is not and I seriously doubt it will be unless there is a big change.

    3. @Morning Sky
      Not quite😎…Are there those who “exploit” others? Yes. But I hope you’re not telling me you’d rather have socialism over capitalism?
      And the “obscenely rich” that you mention may have gotten there through an idea, an invention, a business , investments, with some work ,effort, and risk involved. Now if this capitalistic system CREATED POVERTY together with making people ” obscenely rich”, then you can complain about the system. But the ones we call “poor” in this country of ours ( this GREAT country of ours 😎) live with a higher standard of living than any King of previous centuries ( in the History of the Universe🤩)
      As far as “deranged narcissist” manipulation of government, I think you’d agree that a President of the USA has less manipulative powers than a dictatorship or places where theres no democracy. ( In our country, the President has so little power, that he could go through 4 years of BS impeachment garbage , which was basically a coo, andthey not only weren’t killed, but they werent even jailed!😉)

    1. @Debra Cottrill why do people want put Mr OBAMA in this stuff. He not the president and Mr Joe Biden is not president yet but Mr Joe Biden going to be the president in November . Trump is on his way out that white House Joe Biden is in the leave and when it time for me to vote I’m VOTE for Mr Joe Biden. Trump got everything All mess up and it sad. The way trump put down people in the United States

    2. Bennie Crawford …exactly!!!! Most selfish human….well human is questionable….EVER!!!!!!

    1. @DontHoardAsswipe The Arizona Church rally had big warehouse fans with misters to cool all the idiot crowds. It should Spread Corona alot faster!

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