Dr. Gupta Says Coronavirus Situation ‘Reminds Us Of 12 Months Ago’

NBC's Ellison Barber and Kerry Sanders joined Chris Jansing from across the country with new updates on the recent spike in Covid-19 hospitalization rates in southern states. Pulmonologist and global health policy expert, Dr. Vin Gupta, shares his medical expertise.

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Dr. Gupta Says Coronavirus Situation 'Reminds Us Of 12 Months Ago'


    1. Well today you would be taking cow deworming medication. How many people have died due to the Republican “BS”?

    2. @Hollywood Dodger Republicans are rushing to feed stores and buying up their stock of veterinary grade Ivermectin (a drug used to treat parasites in livestock) to treat Covid. They’re taking horse medicine bought from a feed store in order to avoid taking an FDA approved vaccine. Let that sink in for a moment. Republicans have lost their minds.

    3. @Dan Sanger That’s not even happening. You believe that nonsense because you took the vaccine haha

  1. All insurance companies and HMOs carry back up insurance policies to cover cases that are extraordinarily expensive. It’s called “reinsurance” and is ideally suited to these extremely expensive Covid cases. Of course, without a National Health Care System, the financial burden of this pandemic has fallen largely on America’s employers. The “reinsurance” burden that they have been asked to add to their normal employee benefit package is part of the “cost” of those employees declaring their personal “freedom” to expose others to Covid and not vaccinate. The employers are being generous in allowing the unvaccinated to continue to work and only charging a monthly fee since they are liable to be infecting their coworkers also.

  2. I save my sympathy for those who have a valid reason for not being vaccinated, especially the children who didn’t get to choose their uncaring parents.

    1. @mcostagirl123 Well I can’t disagree with alot of that, we do all have to decide. You’re very level headed and reasonable you’re too sweet to argue with anymore lol what

    2. @Brandon West lol I appreciate the compliments and you were very polite compared to the usual naysayers I encounter on these videos.

    3. @Brandon West That’s a drawing so no lol, but for what it’s worth yea I don’t mind an exchange of ideas when people are able to be respectful and mature about it.

    4. @mcostagirl123 oh haha I couldn’t see it very good I guess your name isn’t really mcostagirl123 then either.

  3. Welcome to America, where you pay taxes AND health insurance premiums. And now free market fees! Woo freedom! 🇺🇸

  4. Glad I’m not living in the US Banana Republic, but in the Dominican Republic with a higher number of vaccinated people.

    1. @Bert Nijhof More likely, Paul is being sarcastic/ironic. The previous oh-so-very-competent-stable-genius US president referred to other countries (with predominantly non-white populations) as “shithole countries” while he actively appointed the most incompetent and corrupt cronies he could find, leading to the mess we’re in now, and doing his damndest to make the US a “shithole country”.

  5. We got the jab back in Feb: Ric at the local VA here in New Orleans, and I had mine round the corner at the local Walgreens. At 73 and 78, me and hubby are old enough to remember the catastrophic polio epidemics in the 1950’s. Just before the Salk (1955) vaccine came into common use, kids wound up in polio wards, in iron lungs, and with heavy leg braces they had to drag around. We have two friends whose parents steadfastly REFUSED to get them Salk-vaccinated back then. Our lady friend has hip and leg issues that persist to this day. My male friend has one leg shorter than the other. Wouldn’t have happened if they had simply received the vaccine…I have zero patience with people who bray about their freedom of choice – God protecting them etc etc. And then, we find them in the hospital, on ventilators. Or worse yet, they have willfully exposed their UN-vaccinated KIDS. How stupid does it have to get out???

    1. @Jason Daniels in ok with u being nude and possessing drugs just so I can see where u would hide them. In all seriousness well said.

    2. @PRAISE GOD thank god we didn’t have people like you in the UK during ww2, imagine the crying and whining when you were told to turn out your lights at night to save the country from German bombs.

    3. @PRAISE GOD
      Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court upheld the authority of states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. The Court’s decision articulated the view that individual liberty is not absolute and is subject to the police power of the state.

    4. @PRAISE GOD
      Vaccines are already “mandated” in the U.S. Here are some that many need just to get into a school system:

      Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis + booster.
      Measles, mumps and rubella
      Haemophilus influenzae type b
      Hepatitis B
      Hepatitis A

      I know I had to get a sh*tload of vaccines (and that was in the 1970’s). And more vaccines if I traveled to other countries that require them there.

      We’re part of the animal kingdom and harbor diseases like the rest.
      We’ve lived for centuries going through plagues. Part of our (unfortunate) reality.
      Stay safe.

  6. I wonder if after this kind of disaster, the national draft will include training to be a national nurse or doctor, since people don’t go to medical school due to costs who might want to. It would be great if our defense budget were actually about saving lives, not taking them abroad.

    1. If only that way was also free and easily accessible at thousands of pharmacies and supermarkets too.

  7. My heart goes out those kids with Anti-vaxx parents.

    Those poor babies didn’t deserve this.

    1. @Wendy WHos’ fault is it in Isreal where the majority 70% in hospitals are FULLY vaccinated? Just curious.

  8. I still wouldn’t want anybody around me that’s not vaccinated.
    In order to travel the passengers on the plane need to be vaccinated No? Yes?

    1. this is not a sterilising vaccine ie others being vaccinated has no impact on risk to you. This vaccine protects ONLY the vaccinated person, it does NOT provide herd immunity/protection to others

    2. Please educate yourself about the virus. Your vaccine protects you. The vaccinated and unvaccinated are both spreading the virus.

    3. Vaccinated people are not spending the virus as fast as unvaccinated people. That is a fact. Now go and educate yourself.

  9. Diablo DeSantis is the winner at 90,000 cases – double the nearest contender. So much winning, betcha Floridians can hardly stand it. Maybe he can issue an executive order forbidding anyone from dying of COVID.

  10. A sad demonstration of Darwins theory of the survival of the best adapted. He hypothesised that in a changing environment those that adapted best would be the ones most likely to survive.

  11. Who didn’t know that this was going to happen when you have a society that act’s like it never happened

  12. As usual- we in Georgia are bringing up the rear- in CoVid— right there next to Florida– I just WISH some of these folks in my home state would get it together!!!!!like we say- LAWD!!!

    1. I live in GA.
      I haven’t worn a mask, since any of this started. I haven’t gotten the vaccine, either. I have been perfectly healthy, this whole time. I haven’t even had a cold.

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