Dr. Gupta: We Aren’t Flattening The Curve; The Curve Is Re-Expanding | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trumps criminal incompetence is still wreaking havoc in America.
    Trump actually has moved on from this disaster ??
    , even as it gets worse.
    More fun gassing protesters I guess

    1. Randy couch and you wonder why there are protest you my dear and racism It doesn’t matter what George Flyod did in the past murder is a crime and honestly it’s to often at the hands of the police Why are you so full of hate sad I wouldn’t like to know you not a nice person

    2. @Churchill9050 They knew each other from a previous job. They had a beef. That officer does not represent the police in general. He was out to get Floyd for another reason. The other police should have stopped him for sure. sometimes everything is a lie to provoke and divide, like “hands up don’t shoot” was a lie and now no one believes the boy that cried wolf.

    3. @adamf663 Like who? Name someone who condones that? Strawman much? Show me a racist that said that was all good…….Waiting…….

    4. @adamf663 I did not quote you I guess. So here is your quoted text for context..”It’s utterly horrific. The only thing I find nearly as disgusting are the racist magats who condone it.
      ” Do you not remember saying this? Joe?

    1. @Michigan Wolverine There was no riots outside the White House that day. There were peaceful demonstrators who were beaten and tear-gassed by police ordered by Trump’s AG Barr.

  2. The pandemic curve has started to inflate because people can’t even practice common sense advice of health care experts on sanitation/social distancing in opened states.

    1. @Football Nerd This is not a second wave. It is wave Think of it like a program build update, you’ll never get 2.0 for free.

    2. @Freedom & Liberty Bot Trump wants to turn the US into China. Why does he want to use force like China if he does not?

    3. @David Drake Because the criminal mobs were violent thieves and arsonists? You Tube it and learn something for a change

    4. @Wild One and what would you rather have would you rather have say people opening their businesses with the okay of the state governments andthe mayors or would you like to see them rebel and open them without?I don’t know it’s up to you.

    5. Trump pushed for ‘re-opening’… dropping all defense measures.. in the *middle* of a pandemic’s spread. And the Republican senators and congressmen said not a word in defense of their people. Shame on all of them.

  3. This virus is getting out of control , how many deaths are acceptable AMERICA ?

    1. Get rid of one man and the country will heal itself and many will retire and prosper without fear of dieing in a senior citizen’s home ever again.

    2. If you cared that much, you would have been screaming for people not to protest in large numbers…did you do that?

    3. We’ll never know the real body count because of Ebola and many other viruses eating away at humanity daily !
      It’s a good thing the current president takes no responsibility for anything in the last 4 yrs when a real leader wouldn’t run again because the job isn’t for everyone.
      Only a monarch hides behind religion and lawmaker’s so it’s convenient to over power the people !!

    4. @Tosca Tattertail but the thing of it is no one will support a second wave of lockdowns if they try it the the people will protest, rebel ,they will simply refuse to shut their businesses down again I think.

    5. @UCqjoKODOiQRvyTalMrOEPng sadly.. I dont think this time it will be a choice when American’s are dieing when returning to work besides this federal government has made 5 of the 8 richest men alive on this rat wheel platform of taxation so they can afford stimulus check’s for year’s, it’s the American elite petroleum based stock market let’s invest in ourselves and all be wealthy without government assistance to anyone because they are paid to be civil servants for the people.

  4. Republicans only care about the stock market trumps puppets don’t care about human life. Sign the waiver folks!

    1. @Jake MacHine Underrated for sure if you compare it with the excess death rate of the undertakers stats. You only fool yourself, reality is hard.

    2. Same with corporate Democrats. Which is most of them. There is no Democratic party. They sold out to Wall St decades ago. The people can only rely on themselves. I won’t vote for either criminal party.

    1. @Jake MacHine Why does everybody going to the trump rally has to sign their rights away? Because it is a hoax? Not according to trump!

    2. @NOT YOU 100 is optimistic considering many Americans believe Trump has any expertise when it comes to viruses, infections, vaccines, pandemics, disinfectants and/or medicine.

    3. ​@Freedom & Liberty Bot Yeah because covid-19 is less infectious when it’s carried by any of the 40,000 white, black, brown and/or asian Americans who brought it to the US from China …than if it had been brought by a Chinese national …right?

  5. Well… Yeah, the people are tired – The virus don’t care…
    But taking care of the people is like socialism, right?

    1. People would rather die than to have any type of socialism. You know like medicare or medicaid. lol. Bernie Sanders had it right all along.

    2. Actual democracy is not allowed in the US since people might suddenly vote for all that good stuff, and kick the butts of lots of WS puppets.

    3. @D K By definition help is giving. If someone already has what they need, there is no benefit in giving.

      Labor shortage in the US ended in the 1970s. Since then the American working class is playing in a giant musical chairs game. Every day there are less and less real necessary jobs available for more and more people who need a job.

      A sane society would take that number of required weekly work hours, and divide it equally among all the job seekers.

      But America is not sane. It is capitalist.

      Hence, some people are condemned to be overworked. While others are condemned to unemployment, poverty, and being ridiculed as lazy.

  6. Just wait until Trump starts having his rallies .You think it is bad now. Any one that goes to his rallies is as crazy as Trump.

    1. @mary jones Cato and Hercules, two men, two great patriots, black and white, the true stories we all need to know in times like this. Not only did they save Washington once, they thru their bravery saved him twice. Both equal sons of the revolution. Cato and Hercules.

    1. Hot air does slow the replication of this virus, lab tests have proven it. When the air temp gets 95 or above the virus even stops replicating. If you can stop the viruses from replicating replacements, in 48-72 hours their life cycle will expire and they all die, which means zero viruses left in the body. The only problem is, it gets cool at night and the viruses can resume replication, so you have to maintain that constant air temp for 48-72 hours. The transmission of the virus is still happening in the warmer air, but the deaths are way down, because it’s not replicating as fast in people’s respiratory tracts and the body’s defensive cells have an easier time killing the virus. I hate to see what next winter is going to look like though.

    2. @jimmy johnson You forgot the virus mutation algorithm. This virus will not be the same as even last month.

  7. The difficulty with intelligence briefing the President is that intelligence and Toxic Trump are mutually exclusive and radically different concepts.

    1. I love Toxic Trump!
      Maybe you can use if you want
      Toxic Trump Twitter Twit!!!!🤣✌🇺🇲

    2. @Victor Vazquez ~Toxic Trump is the twit totally trampling Twitter, trying to trash US down the totalitarian toilet!
      How’s that work for you?

    3. @Kevin K. ~They say you are what you eat. Well, it does appear from his bovine mentality that all those burgers Toxic Trump consumes has had a very negative effect on his acumen.

    1. @Toene Frauchi which is why Trump wants you to sign a waiver before you attend his rallies! He’s telling you you’re expendable.

    2. Cherry Cola. I’m certain the horrendous state we are in isn’t caused “by Trump not knowing what he’s doing.” The cause is China let loose a monger of a virus. Trump shutting down the country has made it not as bad as it could be, China’s response of a complete shutdown made their death rate low. However, they could do that more effectively than in the US because they are communist and the population reacts to this because it’s what they’re used to. I guess if you really think that, then go mask and glove free, open-mouth kiss and hug everyone you see. You’ll get something hideous fast which will diminish your population of idiots thinking no one knows more than you. Or if you really think you know more than others, then you should be completely healthy by whatever you’re doing. Don’t sit around on your a** saying someone didn’t do a good job and blame them. There’s a new thing going around…it’s called thinking for yourself, taking responsibility for your own actions, and own your downfalls.

    3. Democrats are the ones rioting and protesting.. U just wanna ignore the facts..go back to CHAZ I filthy animal

    4. He knows how to lead his sheep. No masks and a mark on their foreheads from wearing red caps following

    5. @Mathieu Clairoux They predicted a million deaths. I don’t think it will go above 120,000. Big difference from when Obama did nothing about H1N1, like NOTHING when more than 150,000 died. Reevaluate yourself in reality.

  8. “Attending the rallies will be just fine for anyone that wants to attend! Free disinfectant syringes will be made available at all entrances!”

    1. it is perfectly safe – as long as you sign this wavier not to sue…- very safe
      if it wasn’t such a morbid thought, it would be tempting to say the rallies will reduce the Base support by Nov

    2. Yes the swamp whisperer has a waiver to sign so HE will not be responsible for anyone that could get the covid… So,,, choices do have consequences. Good or bad but be responsible for the choice YOU make. Good or bad

    3. This is just another example of Trump not caring about American lives! Even his own supporters are lives that can be thrown away for his reelection. 116 thousand dead from covid 19 on Trumps watch!

    4. No, what you get is a waiver form. He and the Republicans and the rally organisers all know they’re putting attendees in harm’s way just so Trump can continue pretending that what he can’t cope with isn’t real.

  9. We’ve been voting by mail for a very long time and have almost never had any problems, so now we need to be able to vote by mail to save thousands of lives, but the republican party will do everything in it’s power to prevent this from happening, because they fear that the more people that vote, the worst off they are. They will gladly have thousands of Americans die, if it will increase thier chances of winning. How sick is that?

    1. They never have cared about the average man or woman. All they want is power and money for themselves and their cronies.

    2. I had to vote in person because my application wasn’t processed and it was very germy. The new machines in georgia require several steps So i was in contact with 9 poll workers. Plus they reuse pens and clipboards. That was more people than I’ve been near since March. Its very unsafe.

    3. @Calpurnia Bruchi Why is it Trump tells us to pack the churches with people, but you won’t see the Trumps in church. They say to come in and vote, but why doesn’t Trump? Now he needs his rallies, where they will sign away their lives, just so Trump can be happy wallowing in his hate. How many deaths will that cause? He said in church that he see his violence as something beautiful. Who says that?

    4. Paul Wilson gosh you don’t mention the protesters with guns no masks protesting to open up Trumps fans and him encouraging them to liberate the Democrat states good people great people he said Wow

  10. Are you kidding me? Go get tested?! You can STILL ONLY get tested if you’re nearly sick enough for the ER!

    1. That sucks Adox. Where i live (CT) you can get a test through your pcp. i hope that becomes available everywhere soon.

    2. Trump allocated federal money to all states for free testing. In Oklahoma all county health departments give free tests and you don’t have to be showing symptoms. I called and got a test 2 hours later. You stay in your car and they come out and give you a test. Sounds like the governor in your state is slacking on the job, or stuck the federal testing money in his pocket.

    3. @gloria womelduff Trump gave federal money to all states to provide free testing. In Oklahoma all county health departments give free tests and you don’t have to be showing symptoms. Call the county health department in your state, because you should have free testing.

    4. Greg abbott told everybody to wear masks they arent our cases are spiking again glad i wear one i dont trust any republicans

    5. In my county anyone can get tested and it’s free. The county is paying, you don’t even have to go though insurance at all.

    1. @Kevin K. ~That’s because Toxic Trump’s extremely stable genius is making the enemy easy for us to identify! (To be terminated, their assets liquidated.)

  11. It’s not “how many have to die” before the government does something, it’s “who has to die.” 300/330 million Americans can die but if it’s not trump or pence or McConnell it won’t make a difference.

  12. Remember when the US was Healthy, Wealthy and Wise? All three long gone now. Trump bankrupts everything he touches.

    1. Lost & Found Travel: Wise was first to go, quickly followed by healthy. Wealthy is grasping at the door frame with desperate fingernails on its way out.

    2. You believe if Hitlerry Clinton would have been president that the corona virus would not have happened anyway?

    3. No, moron, pandemics are by definition worldwide, but Hillary’s hair dresser would have responded to it better. Lives have been lost because Trump is your president, that’s it. And no president would have sent essential materials abroad (ventilators to Russia???) before taking care of their own citizens. What happened to “America First”?

    1. “like a miracle” you forgot lol. Same guy whose planning rallies in the middle of a pandemic. And he will still get re-elected watch

    2. Stephen M so in the news means it does not exist…yet here it is again!!! Lol you just showed yourself AS stupid as Donald… LOLLLL

    3. @Johnny Casteel Or things in the news do not exist, believe what you want to believe without checking it? Who is stupid?

    4. Stephen M you are obviously stupid, I guess 120,000 deaths in the United States alone is a hoax lol wtf is wrong wrong wit you

  13. We let 50 governors all decide for themselves what to do for their states instead of shutting down in unison like every other country… We are the Forrest Gump of sovereign nations.

    1. Absolutely right. A coherent, unified program of defense against any pandemic is the first and most basic factor in success or failure.

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