Dr. Herbert Gayle – Women Gangs | Kerosene Oil Women | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Dr. Herbert Gayle - Women Gangs | Kerosene Oil Women | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


  1. I am amazed that person’s eyes can be open after Sir P talk about these issues on his platform and as a result person’s in the media start using his analogy how he describes person who are criminals. We must learn to give credit to people, one thing for sure the way we fight crime has change since Sir P start highlighting these issues and stating how some of these problems can be solve. We the people who listen to Sir P Channel knows where they are getting there information, the people recognized and thank him for the service he is doing for Jamaica. Sir P and the PIA and the people of Jamaica need results to make Jamaica a better place to live and raise their families

  2. On behave of TVJ I would like to thank “POLITICKS WATCH” and SIR P’s special ops team for bringing forth this topic, hence the term “Kerosene Oil”

    1. Neva hear unoo mention where d term came from:: unoo coulda gi sir p a one shout out.. rather Dan typin Jan Jah ol’ pirates

    2. Respect is a must to Sir P, politricks watch movement loud and proud..They all watch and listen but some won’t acknowledge his platform.

  3. So all of a sudden everybody now has data but not even a thank you to Sir P. Shame on you people! Big up the man’s movement every chance you get.

  4. Bless sir p and all class mate you see how our work can catch people like dr gayle and look how long him said him study selah

  5. Sir P term and he must be recognized for it, do the right thing TVJ please do the right thing. Vulture squad keep circling

  6. Sir p does a lot of profiles on gangster women he’s the one who called them kerosene,sndnhe does a good job he deserves some credit TVJ news.

    1. I agree with you a hundred percent. “Much respect to Mr Sir p as always on point no one can duplicate you “👏👏👍👍🙏🙏🇯🇲🇯🇲

  7. Big up Sir P/Politics Watch for coining the term “kerosene women” years ago. Sir P deserves way more credit.

  8. None of this is news to Sir P followers but the visible shock of the Smile Jamaica hosts with one them suggesting that the topic could easily require 3 hours coverage will hopefully lead to a documentary on the roles that women play in crime. Our murder rate will never go down if women, members of the upper class and others continue to go unpunished.

  9. Let me add my two cents. I know you guys did NOT do a “research”, and not give credit to Sir P… Really??? Every time he gets any news from any of you guys he ALWAYS gives credit. Before him, women were never held accountable. No one before him highlighted, the Kerosene, nor Kerrys… Oh I forget, he just does things for views, badmind scammers and artists. Sir P big up yourself. A man of integrity.

  10. Even after 28 years of research and Sir P talking about Kerosenes for years on his channel… Let’s see how much more dialogue will be had on this and how much action will be taken due to this. The facade of weakness is women’s strength.

  11. For a seasoned researcher, the act of blatant plagiarism should not be a concern in these “revelations.” Maybe it’s the pride of politicians, media personalities, or journalists to not openly acknowledge the impact that a small platform pioneered by Sir. P. can have on the social construct of the Jamaican society. However, the people are aware of his immense contributions to socio-political reformation and violence awareness. Much respect to Politricks Watch, PIA, and Sir. P.

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