Dr. Hotez Warns ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Dr. Hotez Warns ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1


Dr. Peter Hotez, founding dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor University, cites carelessness by the Trump administration as the reason behind the spike of cases in Midwestern states and why many areas are now seeing their highest 7-day averages. Aired on 10/26/2020.
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Dr. Hotez Warns ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ | Deadline | MSNBC

85 Comments on "Dr. Hotez Warns ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’ | Deadline | MSNBC"

  1. Daily Reminder: Trump called Corona Virus a Democrat Hoax that will “magically” disappear.

  2. trump- “ I say, masks are fine” – “look at that guy over there, he has the biggest mask I’ve ever seen! haw haw haw haw! “

    • Whisky Drinker | October 26, 2020 at 8:38 PM | Reply

      @efs 1066 yep if it wasn’t for testing no one would know

    • @CD dincha know it’s all a hoax. Doctors are being paid by the body count. The more people they murder and pretend they had Covid, the more money they make. That’s why they have to sedate them to intubate them, because they’re only at the hospital for a stubbed toe. Docs gotta intubate em fast so they can get their quota of dead bodies.


      of course I don’t believe that. The county where I live has had THREE fatalities, but I’ve heard a lot of the nutjob trumpers in the area keep saying that doctors will say you have Covid even if you come in with a broken leg (Been to the doc six times since Covid, four times with Covid symptoms, but never diagnosed with Covid)…… and if you die, they say, you’ll be instantly marked as a Covid death. I keep wanting to ask them if three fatalities in 8 months is normal, because if they’re right about what the doctors are doing, and we’ve only had 3 deaths, then our county is doing pretty darn good. Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s all a bunch of hogwash.

    • @Sasheena
      Good LORD, you scared me. I SERIOUSLY was going to write “WTF did I read”

    • his followers , his loss, our gain

    • https://gtv.org

      You may want to reconsider for whom you want to vote

  3. brilliantly aid, ty dr hotez and ms wallace. trumputin made it clear early on that he wanted to go for herd immunity, even though the doctors and scientists warned that not only would it cause the deaths of several million Americans but that it wouldn’t work. we have learned since that time that there would undoubtedly be many millions more who would suffer from debilitating long-term health effects, termed the ”long haulers’. it is time to get off of this crazy merry-go-round. vote!!!

  4. When his proposal reached the White House, Trump probably saw that he was dean of a school of “tropical medicine” and thought he was some bohemian hippy trying to find a cure using incense and a ouija board.

  5. Christopher John | October 26, 2020 at 7:14 PM | Reply

    Its called “surrendering”…
    U know that thing I do when your over your head.
    And Republican’s want more of it because what means more to them than life itself is the suffering of “others”…
    They’re the same type that wore their sunday’s best to lynchings

  6. NYC people are and have been wearing their masks ,it’s been so much better, we have no money, but we are alive. Biden/Harris 2020. Stood in line, masked for 5 hours on Saturday, happy to wait to vote and not a Trumpster in sight.

  7. Do yall REALLY see trump winning?????I meeeeean,HOW SWAY???🤔🤔.he eradicated America

  8. Irresponsible Trump the one of no leadership abilities needs to be brought up on manslaughter charges, who cares if he is masquerading as a president, he needs to be brought up on charges . This is the way to make him realize there are consequences for his total lack of leadership.

    • @Larry Trump has actually made America a laughing stock around the world

    • @Huw Turner really laughing stock?4 nobel peace prize nomonated. Brought countries who hated each other together ans have people chantong his name.
      Stop the crap. Trump2020 reelected

    • @Huw Turner 5 stops today and did a swearing in. Biden lost and confused
      What are his plans?HE DOSSNT HAVR ANY

    • @Larry I have real experience of how much a laughing stock he is. I don’t live in the US. I think he was nominated for the Nobel by white nationalists in Norway.

    • @Larry you are doing exactly what Trump does – projecting. Biden has lots of plans. Trump, none.

  9. Clorox University | October 26, 2020 at 7:25 PM | Reply

    Kimberly Guilfoyle: “The best is yet to come!”
    Prominent physicians: ………

  10. If we’re going to do this whole “blue state” vs “red state” BS then “blue states” need to impose a mandatory 2 week quarantine on anyone entering from “red states” with governors who refuse to mandate masks and physical distancing. If they want to win the Darwin Award, let them! Keep the rest of us out of their death cult!

    • I kinda think that it will happen with Blue support. Red to blue quarantines. COVID-19 you’ve yeed your last haw.

    • A Covid civil war. I would bet the Blue would win again! The red states would wind up killing themselves. Wouldn’t have to fire a shot….

    • South Dakota’s event really did a number on the country. As so many gathered and then went back home all over the country. They sure are not doing well now.

    • Blue states need to stop giving their money to the feds and let red states take care of their own with all that prolife crap.

    • Good idea however, I live in a red state, and I’m all blue, including my mask.

  11. United States citizens – your government has nothing but contempt for you.

  12. Rauchel Steele | October 26, 2020 at 7:32 PM | Reply

    I wish all the reporters would walkout on Trump when he says you are fake news 🤔

  13. Rounding the curve should mean to the right going down, not left going up. Unfortunately this administration doesn’t have a plan. Never did.

    • Sebastian Michaelis | October 26, 2020 at 8:09 PM | Reply

      Rounding the curve means the grim reaper is behind the wheel

    • They literally threw away the Pandemic Playbook that Obama left for them.

    • Hazel Em he did have a plan but as Rebecca Jones said (in these comments) he threw it away, and he threw it away because he’s so dumb he didn’t understand the actual meaning of the word ‘plan’.

    • stephan burgess | October 26, 2020 at 8:58 PM | Reply

      Hazel Em he has been saying rounding the curve for so long he’s formed a circle. So in actual fact America is going around in circles. America to really get ahead of this virus you need to lockdown state borders, shutdown long enough to control its spread then open with a plan. It has worked in other countries. Countries that had no plan are back to the beginning again. American really hasn’t got the the starting line.

  14. Wearing masks is not just a health issue. It’s also an intelligence test. No surprise that conservatives are failing that test.

    “Although it is not true that all conservatives are stupid people, it is true that most stupid people are conservative.”
    John Stuart Mill – Famous British Philosopher

    • I loss, an very close friend Saturday night in Texas, went to the hospital was sent back home, no beds available a week later she’s demise .This Virus is real and not just around the corner of diminishing. Its spiking in a lots of states , I quest when it hit home with these people in authority and they know the pain of losing an love one, will bring them back to reality of a killing Virus. 😪🤔😥

    • That’s a funny analogy….I live in Tennessee, I have a degree in mechanical engineering and a career in the field…I like to think I’m smart/educated. I’m mostly conservative when it comes to money and the economy(I don’t believe Democrats or Republicans do very well with economic issues today) I stumbled upon a post from a lady my wife knows on Facebook, she was talking about how if you plan on voting for Trump she hates you and wants you to unfriend her(childish right?). I read through the almost 600 comments, people bashing conservatives, Christians, and any and all Trump supporters they could find. They called people every name in the book that you can relate to stupid, ignorant, bigot, etc. As I scrolled through clicking on these people that were being so nasty, but thought they were brilliant….they were all younger than myself, but I couldn’t find a single person with a college education. I’m not saying that makes you stupid, my father doesn’t have a college degree and he is one of the smartest people I know….I call him with problems I run into as an engineer when I need to find a practical real world solution, so I don’t think these people are stupid I am just saying that the narrative is that uneducated white people are conservative, but like I just found 600 uneducated white people who were liberal as it gets. It’s funny is all. By the way the science says masks do not work! They work slightly better than nothing, and they may be the best choice we have, but don’t get a false sense of security. I play with a slow motion infrared camera at work and I will tell you a cloth mask doesn’t stop anything.

  15. America is a nation of narcissists who REFUSE to take even the tiniest step to prevent those around them from DYING from their carelessness and selfishness. I am deeply ashamed to be an American. We live in an utter hellhole of toxic individuality.

    • They don’t WANT to control the pandemic. They want to make money, at our expense. More infections = more money

    • Charlene Brash-Sorensen | October 26, 2020 at 10:40 PM | Reply

      The saddest thing about America today is how much pride my fellow citizens take in their TOXIC INDIVIDUALITY. One part of me wonders if the deaths of half a million or more is actually needed to teach us about humility. The other part of me wonders if even 500,000 deaths is enough. I just don’t know anymore.

  16. Seeking Truth&Facts | October 26, 2020 at 7:37 PM | Reply

    Trump is “The Covid-19 Murder Hornet”. We need a leader that looks out for Americans and sets an example.

    • tell us what you would do.. joe has no answer.. he said the same thing trump has done.. how dumb can the dems be

    • ByeDon Twenty20 | October 26, 2020 at 10:00 PM | Reply

      @Jeff McGowan
      What has Trump actually done other than make covid-19 and wearing masks political, so Trumpublicans don’t take the pandemic seriously!?! Trump is the kind of person if truth were a pit bull chewing off his face, he’d still not deny he’s wrong and rationalize the bloody mess atop of his shoulders as proof he’s smarter than everyone else!

    • This is a month before Thanksgiving, maybe it will eliminate most gatherings. I can see over 200K cases a day 2 weeks after Thanksgiving with a lot of older people getting infected. And lame duck Trump could let his true sociopathic hang out at that point, you could get a they all deserve it because they did not reelect me. Remember if you go out once a week for groceries with 10 minutes inside with a mask and everyone in your household avoid contact with those outside including family, you have a very remote chance of getting the virus.

  17. Confounding and disheartening to see how the pandemic is being handled in the USA. On this point alone, Trump should be excised from the body politic. He is a five-alarm fire, burning up the country like flames through dry cedar.

  18. 2021 TRUMP family criminal trials begin !

  19. “THE WORST…. IS YET… TO COME!!!!”
    – shrieking Banshee.

  20. Trump knows that he is killing people with his rallies.Trump should be held accountable for murder

    • @Gnorr Morr
      God speed to you.👋

    • @Eileen Mcgovern yep therefore no empathy for the Trump-losers, they chose it and it can only improve the average intelligence level of the country when they’re gone.

    • daniel morningstar | October 26, 2020 at 11:03 PM | Reply

      @WeaponX 5691 awwwe shucky ducky.

      Thats one .

      If there’s one, there’s more.

    • daniel morningstar | October 26, 2020 at 11:03 PM | Reply

      @Gnorr Morr tell that to herman cain… Oh wait. You can’t he died from it.


    • @daniel morningstar are you too weak to fight it off? Did you ever wear your mask during flue seasons prior to 2020? Why not? Flue kills about 60k americans each year. YOU’RE A SUPER SPREADER

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